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0937, 23 Dec 20

Dr. Birx Retires After Controversy


A top public health official on the White House coronavirus task force has said she will retire after it emerged she hosted a holiday gathering.

Dr Deborah Birx, who is 64, cited the criticism she had faced for a family get-together over Thanksgiving in Delaware in her decision to step aside.

“This experience has been a bit overwhelming,” she said. “It’s been very difficult on my family.”


She had urged Americans in the days before Thanksgiving to restrict gatherings to “your immediate household”.

But it emerged on Sunday she had travelled from Washington to one of her other properties, on Fenwick Island in Delaware, where she was joined by three generations of her family from two households.

While in Delaware, she did an interview with CBS in which she noted that some Americans had “made mistakes” over Thanksgiving by travelling and they “should assume they were infected”.

We have seen hypocrisy from our politicians and public health officials throughout this pandemic. Now, people can be hypocritical about all sorts of things. I am, at times. We are human and it is easier to say than to do. But the pervasiveness of it during this pandemic tells us something… what?

Are the politicians and public health officials just flawed humans who screwed up? When they get the call from their family inviting them over, they just succumb to the natural human desire to be together?

Do the politicians and public health officials think that they are truly better than the rest of us? They believe that we are in a serious pandemic, but they can write their own personal guidelines based on their judgement of the risk factors. The rest of us are too stupid to do so. After all, they are the smart ones, right?

Do the politicians and public health officials actually believe that the pandemic is serious? In their hearts, do they believe that the pandemic is a big nothing-burger and they are just feeding into the hysteria because it advances their personal power or ideological goals?

I suspect it is a mixture of the three potential possibilities with a heavy emphasis of the latter two.


0937, 23 December 2020


  1. Jason

    >“This experience has been a bit overwhelming,” she said. “It’s been very difficult on my family.”


    That just shows how out of touch she really is.   Does she think that this “pandemic” has not been VERY difficult on every family?  Doesn’t she realize that the poorly researched and planned actions that have been very ineffective so far, have been DEVASTATING to millions and millions?   All I hear from liberals, the Media, and from “experts” is that the cases are rising due to non-compliant people – people gathering, not social distancing, not wearing masks.  That is such a bullshit thing to say, there’s no way to prove or disprove it.


    I’m glad it’s been very difficult for her entitled family, too bad she chose to run away from it.  Buh Bye.

  2. Mar

    Now, if she could take others with her, like Dr. Fauchi, fake doctors like Jill Biden and head of Los Angeles County health Dept., and the politicians who listen to them like Vice President Biden.

  3. dad29

    Unlike Fraudci, she was not asked to stay on the Presidential team (assuming Biden actually becomes President.)

    So she’s in a snit.

    Her problem?  She cannot lie NEARLY as well as Fraudci.  Wasn’t born with a forked tongue……

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