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1941, 21 Dec 20

Freedom Passports

This is coming. Eventually, it won’t just be about Coronavirus. Fight it now.

Work is being carried out to develop coronavirus freedom ‘passports’ that will allow those who have tested negative to enter pubs, schools and workplaces.

Two firms have been awarded Government contracts for exploratory work on a new app that would allow people to prove they do not have Covid.

The Department of Health said no decisions had been made on introducing the passport.

The contracts envisage a system under which people are assigned a QR code on their smartphones linking to a digital passport that includes a photo of them.

After a Covid test, this would be updated at the test centre and when people want to enter a venue they could present their QR code as proof of their negative status.


1941, 21 December 2020


  1. Mar

    More liberal stupidity.
    So, you get tested and you are negative and get the card.
    And after you get the card, you catch the virus.
    But according to the government, you’re still good because you have the card.
    Lib ett al stupidity.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberals cheer this big government invasion of privacy.

  3. Tuerqas

    This is likely one of the target goals of hyping this virus.  For those few who don’t want Gov’t trackers, er, smart phones, no problem, you can’t travel or enter certain establishments.  And later they can add any info they want to your ‘life passport’.

  4. Tuerqas

    Hey, on the positive side, once we all have our life passports complete with Government credit card, there will be no more credit fraud.  The Government can track your last movements and prove it was or wasn’t you buying tricks in Bangkok.

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