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1815, 19 Dec 20

Half of States Using Race and Ethnicity to Prioritize Vaccine Distribution

Well then… guess I’ll get in the back of the bus. Imagine if they were prioritizing white folks first…

Every US state has been advised to consider ethnic minorities as a critical and vulnerable group in their vaccine distribution plans, according to Centers for Disease Control guidance.

As a result, half of the nation’s states have outlined plans that now prioritize black, Hispanic and indigenous residents over white people in some way, as the vaccine rollout begins.

According to our analysis, 25 states have committed to a focus on racial and ethnic communities as they decided which groups should be prioritized in receiving a coronavirus vaccine dose.



1815, 19 December 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    SJWs showing their racism.

    You watch, if vaccine has widespread side effects, those of us in the back of the bus will be blamed for not being in front of the bus.

    The woke cult stinks.

  2. Mar

    If they just use the regular criteria, many minorities would be at the head of the line.
    So, let’s put Lebron James ahead of some white people who have comorbidities.
    That makes sense.

  3. steveegg

    You misspelled “under the bus”.

  4. Mark Hoefert

    Worth looking at the cases per 100,000 in Wisconsin:

    Hispanic:  12,024

    Multiple/Other: 10,734

    American Indian: 10,010

    Black:  8,165

    White: 6,735

    Asian/Pacific: 5,697

    Deaths  per 100,000 in Wisconsin:

    American Indian: 119

    Black: 92

    White: 74

    Hispanic: 68

    Asian/Pacific: 45

    Multiple/Other: 44



  5. dad29

    Well, Mark, that explains a lot about the packing-house history on this disease.

  6. Mar

    Gotta love that socialized BIA health care.

  7. Mark Hoefert

    Gotta love that socialized BIA health care.

    Awhile ago I saw where Canada was attributing it’s acceleration in COVID deaths to the effectiveness of it’s health care system. They cited their success rates with heart surgery over the years – many of their COVID deaths were people who survived heart conditions in the past. Basically that they may have died of COVID now, but if not for the wonderful health system, they would have died long ago and not around to die now.

    Here is an article from April (Open Democracy):

    Why is the Canadian healthcare system faring better than its counterpart in the US?

    The pandemic has exposed how privatised healthcare systems fall short compared to their universal neighbors.

    Here is an article from November (Reuters):

    ‘A catastrophic situation’: COVID-19 threatens to overwhelm Canada’s health system

  8. Tuerqas

    2 things:

    This is not an argument against minority vaccine distribution, the numbers say that makes sense, mostly.  Just looking at Mark’s stats above, however, a positive spin for Hispanics and multiple/other is that it looks like their death rates are lower than the other categories (I did not see that the site mentioned that.  Blacks, whites and reds are about the same at just over 1%, but it looks like Hispanics and m/os are closer to 1/2 a percent.  Yay for them).

    The other is that city vs. country dwelling makes a significant difference for several obvious reasons and I infer two relevant things from that.  1st that it is likely a major factor in why Canada has less cases per capita because they have a higher rural population and 2nd it may be hiding that whites may be just as high as any other minority in metropolitan areas. The reason the numbers are artificially lower for whites is that the overwhelming rural population is white where less people get sick per capita (with natural social distancing and limited exposures to large numbers of people) and country hospitals are not overwhelmed so ‘better’ care is given.

    I find it interesting that in the city of Milwaukee, where the percentage of population is Black (37.6%), White (34.5%), (Hispanic) (18.4%), Asian (4.25%) all others (5.25%), the numbers tell a slightly different story that I think backs me up that race is much less of a factor than population density. As of 12/18, there have been 51,894 cases in Mke:  15,261-Black, 15,220 Hispanic, 14,799 White.  Now while Hispanics are double Whites and Blacks per capita, they have a much lower death rate than either and I attribute that to family.  Hispanics commonly live in extended family environments so they have the greatest density, but they care more about each other so early detection and proper care is more common.  Black and white infection numbers are virtually identical in Mke where population totals are about even.  Milwaukee County stats get all the publicity, because it makes minorities look like the greater victims.  It took me several tries to find up to date City of Milwaukee stats and the percentage of population is not mentioned on that site so most people likely think of the much more commonly published Mke County percentages when they read the Mke numbers and misinterpret the information.  Judging by that, the vaccine should be doled out by population density (your address) regardless of race.  Just my take on the stats.

  9. dad29

    You’ll all be pleased to know that a non-binary defund-the-police who claims to live on ‘occupied land’ is the CDC’s vax-plan designer.

    His/Her/Its plan for distribution of the vaccine places the elderly (70+) behind younger minorities because ‘white.’  He/She/It also pushes teachers further toward the rear of the line because ‘middle-class, white.’


  10. Mar

    Well, AOC just got her shot. They said it was the Chinese vaccine but I suspect it may have been a rabies shot.
    But how the hell did she and other young, healthy politicians get the shot before nurses, doctors, firefighters, EMS and other healthcare and frontline workers?

  11. Le Roi du Nord

    “But how the hell did she and other young, healthy politicians get the shot before nurses, doctors, firefighters, EMS and other healthcare and frontline workers?”

    One could ask the same of pence.

  12. Mar

    Because he is the VICE PRESIDENT, dumbass, next in line to be the President.
    Are you really that stupid?

  13. Le Roi du Nord

    Yes mar, I know that.  Do you think something will happen to his boss in the next month that will require pence to fill in?  Tell us all about it….

  14. Mar

    I’d say you are just stupid but instead, you are just a hateful piece of shit.

  15. Le Roi du Nord

    So mar, why would pence, or you, for that matter, need the coronavirus vaccine?  Isn’t the trump promoted cocktail of HCQ, bleach, oleandrin, and Ivermectin working?

    Say what you want, but even I know that Keith Hernandez isn’t a murderer.  And no, I don’t hate anyone, not even you.

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