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0809, 14 Dec 20

Space Force Wins First Battle


The US Space Force has won a transatlantic video game tournament against teams from other branches of the American and British armed forces.

The American team defeated the Royal Air Force in the final of the Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War tournament, while the British Army and Royal Navy had been eliminated in previous rounds – coming third and fifth in the overall competition.

The tournament, which took place on Friday, was created by the Call Of Duty Endowment charity and funded by the games developer Activision Blizzard to help unemployed veterans find quality careers.

While I support the Space Force and think it was long overdue, I question the need to train on tactical squad combat :)


0809, 14 December 2020

1 Comment

  1. Mar

    Hoorah? Isn’t that a Marine term??
    And they won a video game?
    Just speaking as an Air Force veteran.

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