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1951, 13 Dec 20

United Kicks Family off Plane Because 2-Year-Old is Maskless

This is insane.

A young mother says she and her husband were kicked off a United Airlines flight because their two-year-old daughter refused to wear a mask.

Eliz Orban was in tears during a video she shared Friday on Instagram showing herself in the airport along with her husband and daughter, Edeline, after getting off the plane.

‘We just got kicked off a flight because our two-year-old would not put on a mask,’ Orban, who was flying with her family from Colorado to Newark, New Jersey, said.


In the clip, the agent is heard telling the couple that their luggage, including their daughter’s car seat, would remain on the plane and head to their final destination.

‘Our child seat is on that plane. How are we supposed to go home?’ Orban is heard asking.


1951, 13 December 2020


  1. dad29

    This is a blessing.  They will not be in Fuhrer Murphy’s NJ.

  2. Mar

    Stupid liberal policies. No need for a 2 year old to wear a mask.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberals cheer.

  4. Tuerqas

    I tell you, you could point a gun at me and you would not get me off that flight without my luggage and some sort of voucher.  I do not take things like that very well.

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