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2031, 06 Dec 20

Red Ink Flows in NYC

But by all means, De Blasio, keep breaking up those Jewish weddings.

The city has doled out $5.2 billion to deal with the pandemic, including paying for ventilators, food assistance, testing and reopening schools with COVID-19 precautions, the New York Times reported, and is facing a $4 billion budget gap.

“We have giant out-year budget deficits. The private sector is shrinking. Businesses are closing,” Levine said. “People can’t pay their mortgages, their rent. Real estate is depressed.”

“If you don’t fix [the budget] you’ll have no city services,” he added. “If we have a city that goes bankrupt, then there’s going to be chaos.”

“We’ve got to reduce the size of the city government in a planned way,” Levine argued, adding that this includes reducing the number of city employees, selling unused city property and focusing on funding for “core services.”

Since COVID-19 first ravaged the city in the spring, Broadway shows, restaurants and other tourist attractions have been forced to shut down, leading to 896,000 private sector jobs lost between February and April, according to the city comptroller’s office.


2031, 06 December 2020


  1. steveegg

    DeBlasio and the ChiComs have brought back the 1970s.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Awful liberals.

  3. Mar

    Maybe if Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb didn’t close everything in sight, they might have more tax money.
    But nope, had to close the City politics sake, so President Trump looks bad.
    Sucks to be them now.

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