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0722, 03 Dec 20

Teachers Unions Really Don’t Want to Educate Kids

They are pretty adamant that their union members are non-essential workers.

“Members of the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association have passed away from complications from COVID-19,” Mizialko said.

She says the union does not intend to comply with the Republican legislation that would put teachers back in classrooms.

“This will not go on on our watch. We will not have our students and families shoved into buildings that are unsafe.”

The bill would require school boards to ensure “all hours of direct pupil instruction are provided by a teacher who is physically located in a school building.”

The Racine Unified School District (RUSD) says they think they can comply with a teacher in the room, but students learning virtually at home, which they were doing earlier in the year.

“They were teaching from their classrooms at their schools in a safe environment while students were safe at home,” said Stacey Tapp of RUSD. “So moving them back to their classrooms wouldn’t be a big switch.”

Bug virtual learning would be a big cost. The bill would require school boards to pay each parent $371 for a semester that is at least 50% virtual.

The Milwaukee School Board estimates that would cost $30 million.

“We would not be able to pay that. We don’t have $30 million. Where would we — where would we get it?”

$371 for a semester is a pittance. When schools decide to close, they are imposing thousands of dollars in costs and lost wages on families who are also paying for the closed schools. Frankly, I don’t thing the GOP bill goes far enough. The purpose of public education is to provide education. If the government schools won’t do it, then shift all of the money to schools that will.


0722, 03 December 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Time to voucher every kid up and public schools have to earn the money.

    Then parents will not have to deal with teachers refusing to work.

  2. dad29

    By the way:  about 2/3rds of any District’s taxpayers do NOT have children in that District’s schools.

    What about them??

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    We voucher everyone up, we can cut their tax burden in half on school district taxes.

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