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0759, 03 Dec 20

Big Business Supports Increasing the Cost of Entry

This is a very old process.

Many of the nation’s top companies, including AmazonGoldman SachsFordGoogle and Walmart, are calling on the new administration to address climate change and come up with long-term solutions in response to concerns from investors, customers, communities and employees.

In a letter to President-elect Joe Biden and the new Congress, 42 corporations urged the government to rejoin the Paris Agreement and enact ambitious climate policies now.

The statement, which represented a cross section of corporate America, said it would support Biden’s decision to recommit to emissions reduction goals under the accord after President Donald Trump formally withdrew the country from the climate change agreement.
“Fighting climate change” = “lots of regulations.” Big businesses love regulations because they can afford to comply with them. Meanwhile, startups and small businesses can’t afford the army of lawyers and accountants to meet the burden. Big business always supports more regulations because they get a seat at the table to create the rules and it squeezes out competition.
The fact that Goldman Sachs and Walmart support climate change regulations does not mean that it’s good for us. In fact, for the lefties who have spent their lives demonizing these companies, why would you trust them now?

0759, 03 December 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Complete truth.

    Going through a new store building process, one is $50,000 in just on engineering and architecture to get a facility approved, and West Bend is a very cooperative municipality in the process relative to a liberal hell like Madison or Milwaukee.

    The net effect is:  only large players can do it.

    Having just received approvals on new DQ building and all the effort and investment it took, even when I have a franchisor essentially decides all materials, design, and specs, it was still very difficult to keep up with the process.   I can’t imagine what someone has to deal with as an independent having to decide materials, design, and specs….to say nothing of designing a consumer menu in the process.    This is a major reason non-chain restaurants tend to be “existing building” occupiers, mostly, in downtown areas.    It is challenging enough to try and find a menu that consumers want without alll the other issues in play.    When you add liberal destroying regulation to the mix, it is very difficult for those outside franchise chains to keep on top of it all.

    Liberalsim, and the salivating, foaming, liberal need to regulate the heck out of everything, is death for business ownership and innovation.

  2. MaxwellsEQs


    I think that you are 100% correct. Big business supports regulations, precisely because economies of scale make it easier for them to comply with the laws as compared to small businesses.

    Having said that, we need to do something about climate change. The West Coast suffered from massive fires this summer and this year there were so many hurricanes they had to start using Greek letters to name them.

    I think the amount of government regulation should be proportional to the size of the business. This is something other countries do. For example Sweden and Germany have regulations that require companies with over 500 employees to have a certain number of employees on the board of directors. The employees are always a minority on the board, but because they are on the board they are know about all of decisions that are made.

    This is a way to regulate corporations without giving the government a bunch of power. Instead the employees have the power.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    West Coast suffered horrible Forrest Fires from poor managenent of Forrests by liberal politicians!

    Its absurd to link climate change and CA fires!

    When a fire happens in a City started by liberal arsonists, it’s a “peaceful protest”. When fire is started by a liberal arsonist in a Forrest, it’s “Climate Change”.

    Some science we have here.

    Give me a break.

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    “West Coast suffered horrible Forrest Fires from poor managenent (sic) of Forrests by liberal politicians!”    Wrong

    “Its absurd to link climate change and CA fires!”    Wrong

    “Some science we have here.”   Well certainly your “science” has failed you again.

    The word you want is “forest”.  Or did you mean a proper name, like Forrest Whitaker?

  5. dad29

    We’ll solve climate change just as quickly as the FedGov defeats the flu.

    How about them masks, eh??

  6. Le Roi du Nord


    Were you not so ideologically hidebound, you would have noticed that I didn’t make any comments regarding arson.  And you haven’t provided any proof of the errors by you that I pointed out.  And you still haven’t.  Typical.

  7. Mar

    ““Its absurd to link climate change and CA fires!”    Wrong”
    And the mental midget is wrong again.
    Most of the fires are started by faulty electrical equipment or human started. Nothing to do with climate change.
    Then put houses on the side of a mountain, not allow logging, poor fire management and finally, stop making fighting forest fires a big business.
    None of which have nothing with climate change.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann


    Mar beat me to the punch.    You clearly said the CA wildfires were “climate change” with your “Wrong”.

    So arson is “climate change” now?

    Do tell.


  9. Le Roi du Nord


    I made no claims about how the fires started, nor about arson. Were you curious, and not so blinded by ideology,  you could see that for yourself.  You guys got caught in another case of making stuff up to suit your needs.  No one in surprised.

    What you also missed is that some of the serious fires are not in forested areas, but rather shrub/scrub.  But those facts wouldn’t serve your purposes.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    Mnay of the CA wildfires were arson.    How is that “climate change”?

    I said the fires were NOT climate change.

    You are retreading your insanity?

  11. Le Roi du Nord


    Who cares how they start, the issue is why are they so common, and so serious.  Geez you guys are small thinkers…

  12. dad29

    Why sure!!  PG&E starts fires with its poorly maintained power lines, or Torchy McTorchface goes out to light up a few 100’s of thousands of acres, and it’s GLOBAL WARMINGCOOLINGCHANGE that actually makes it happen.

    I understand that.  Makes all the sense in the world.


  13. Le Roi du Nord

    Too bad you don’t make any sense.

  14. dad29

    No, LeeeeeeeeeeRoy…….it’s not me.

    By the way, is that your 13-year-old posting under your name?

  15. Mar

    “By the way, is that your 13-year-old posting under your name?”
    Boyfriend or girlfriend?
    I highly doubt the sociopath could be a father of children that young.
    Or give birth either, to someone that young.

  16. Kevin Scheunemann


    So why is liberal arson “climate change” in the forest, but “peaceful protest” in the City?

    Does this mean you support both kinds of arson?

  17. Jason

    >the issue is why are they so common, and so serious.

    Hey mister “big” thinker… how about using scientific terms for “common” and “serious” if you want to really discuss it. If you just want to use specious and layman’s terms like that, you’re not worth talking to. It proves that your mind is made up and you don’t have the fortitude to clearly stake out your position. Go hide in the shadows some more little boy.

  18. dad29

    Somewhere, there’s a concrete driveway that needs finishing…..

  19. Jason

    More like somewhere there’s a shovel that needs leaning next to a driveway that needs pouring.

  20. Mar

    “the issue is why are they so common, and so serious”
    So, La Doofus opines it has to be climate change.
    Congratulations on passing on what your liberal minders told you what to say. You must have gotten a participation ribbon for that.
    Here are the facts:
    Firefighting tactics have changed. They are relying more on airplanes, helicopters and fire engines than boots on the ground, like the Hotshots.
    Firefighters are spending more time protecting houses that were built in places where they should not have built.
    Poor forest management.
    Lack of logging.
    Lack of fires, creating a huge amount of fuel for the fires to consume.
    Finally, fighting wildfires is a huge business and a lot of people and organizations make a lot of money fighting these fires. Some people do not mind seeing these big fires, though they do not like the loss of life, they don’t mind seeing these big fires.

  21. Mar

    Show us, sociopath, 1 fire that was caused by climate change.
    Show us, sociopath, where officially, climate was listed as contributing factor. Show us the fire report that says that as fact.
    Not opinions, not theories but actual fact.

  22. Le Roi du Nord

    Geez, use your heads for something besides a megaphone of ignorance.  Nobody with any sense claimed, and I certainly didn’t, that climate change started the fires.  And I used the words fairly simple words like “common” and “serious” so you could comprehend those concepts.  Looks like those terms were still too sophisticated for you small thinkers.

    And for the really foolish, there is this:

    “Finally, fighting wildfires is a huge business and a lot of people and organizations make a lot of money fighting these fires. Some people do not mind seeing these big fires, though they do not like the loss of life, they don’t mind seeing these big fires.”     Absolute nonsense.

  23. Jason

    So Dummy Mc Saggybottom has nothing, as always.  What a turd.

  24. Mar

    “Absolute nonsense.” So says the sociopath.
    Of course, if he talked to his fire chief buddies she claims she knows, she would know differently.
    But those friends are a delusions in her mind.
    But let’s look at facts:
    Firefighters fighting the fires get paid a ton of overtime.
    Hotshots are called out.
    Mutual aid fire departments are called out and get paid quite of money to respond. Smaller volunteer fire departments get much of their budget this way.
    Private helicopters and planes are used and pilots, crew and ground staff are used.
    Non-firefighting companies are hired. Caterers are hired, truckers are hired, custodians are hired, cooks are hired, hotel rooms are rented, fairgrounds and other large spaces are rented, fuel is purchased, food is purchased locally, restaurants are used and much more.
    So, the sociopath is wrong again.

  25. Le Roi du Nord

    And yet more nonsense.  I can’t help you folks, your ignorance is bliss, and you are wallowing in it.

    But let me get this straight: you claim that because firefighters et al  are paid so well, wildfires are a business enterprise?


  26. Jason

    >And yet more nonsense.  I can’t help you folks, your ignorance is bliss, and you are wallowing in it.

    Do you ever stop to question why it is that you think everyone around you is ignorant and spews nonsense?   It’s like if you’re at a poker table and you can’t tell who the patsy it, it must be you.


    Come on Mr Science, Mr Facts,  put your position on this in plain and clear terms, and not soft feely words like “common” and “so serious”.   You look like a complete jackass at this point.

  27. Le Roi du Nord

    Well, for starters, there is the ignorance spewed by the likes of you.  But you were already aware of that, so why repeat it?

    And, as I said, I used simple words for the simple minded.  If I get even more technical you will whine about that.

  28. Le Roi du Nord

    Try this.  If still baffled by the big words, use your on-line dictionary.

  29. Mar

    Sociopath, why are you commenting on this or any other post?
    You have no expertise nor do you have anything to do with fighting wildfires. By your own admission, you should just shut up.
    Now go play with something that is comparable with your intelligence. I would suggest an amoeba but on the evolutionary and intellectual scale the amoeba family clearly outshines you.

  30. Jason

    >And, as I said, I used simple words for the simple minded. 

    Well, thanks for admitting that your simple minded.  Refreshingly honest from you!

  31. Mar

    Still got nothing, sociopath. You are not involved in climate change, so go play with your little friends. Those finger puppets and blow up doll.

  32. Le Roi du Nord

    So what is this supposed to mean?

    “You are not involved in climate change, “

  33. Mar

    Nope, you are not allowed to comment per your own rules.
    Unless of course you lied again.

  34. Le Roi du Nord

    More nonsense.  No one knows, nor cares, what you are talking about.  Maybe you could join up with rudy g. spreading more lies and misinformation….

  35. Mar

    Quote from the sociopath “But since I’m not (nor are you) involved in the budget process in Seattle, I won’t speculate further on their motives.  Nor should you.”
    Are you involved in fighting wildfires out West? Nope.
    Do you set policy for fight wildfires out west?
    Do you set the budget for wildland fire departments and agencies?
    So, follow your own rules and shut up.

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