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2217, 29 Nov 20

The Crime Pandemic


A few weeks ago, MPD confirmed to TMJ4 News Milwaukee had tied the city’s record of 165 homicides set back in 1991.

Studies show other U.S. cities are experiencing an uptick in violence as well.

Anti-violence advocates have said the Covid-19 pandemic plays a big role in the trend, creating unemployment, food insecurity and other uncertainties.


2217, 29 November 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    It is the leftist “Defund the Police” crowd empowering criminals!

    You side with criminals, this is what you get.

  2. dad29

    “Defund the police” movements were not significant until mid-year, while the crime spree began a lot earlier than that.

    One could argue that mayors and governors who licensed riots (see Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Madison, among LOTS of others) by keeping the police on a leash are just as much at fault as any disease.   Muzzling the cops had TWO effects:  more crime AND demoralizing the cops.  “Defunding” campaigns jacked up the volume on demoralization.

    The Covidoom argument is also shaky.  Murders for food?  Really?

    Far better theory:  it’s mostly about the drugs.  Remember that the first patriot President in 30 years has almost closed the southern border and reduced imports from Red China?  Both of those moves have reduced the supply of drugs; as a result, the gangs have been busy shooting each other over inventory.


  3. Tuerqas

    Ending the war in Afghanistan would have turned off a major source for heroine.  I am not holding my breath, though.  A pro-war Pres, an anti-war Pres and an apathetic (towards war in Afghanistan) Pres have all kept it going.  I wonder what they get out of it.

  4. dad29

    Umnnhhhh….you could be a bit more honest about Trump’s situation; it’s been revealed that Trump’s subordinates on the matter have slow-walked or flat-out ignored his demands to evacuate.  That was the reason that Trump fired Mattis and Esper.

    As to kickbacks or payola?  Nothing of that sort has been revealed about Trump, Obama, or Bush………yet.  Each of them except Obama appears to have played the conflict in perfect consistency with their general platform promises.  While it’s possible that Obama was on the take to keep the war going, it’s also possible that he didn’t really give a flying damn and found Pentagon resistance too much to worry about.  After all, he had several Muslim revolutions to assist.

  5. Tuerqas

    Would it be more accurate to say “Presidential administrations”?  You want me to say Trump cared but failed to get his own admin to get us out of the war?  Sure, if it pleases you, so amended.  Just so I don’t have to say he succeeded in any way in Afghanistan.  I never thought Trump was on the take for that personally, but I think the Executive office staff that would expedite ending the war is, and so were the admins before it.

    I agree that Mr. antiwar campaigning, Nobel peace prize winning Obama must have been most deeply in, or at least most hypocritical.  It took one briefing in the White House to silence him and any liberal talk about ending the war ever, even though that was the fear mongering campaign promise of the Dem Party in the 2006 and 2008 elections.  Not a peep in 2012.

  6. Mar

    “Anti-violence advocates have said the Covid-19 pandemic plays a big role in the trend, creating unemployment, food insecurity and other uncertainties.”
    Umm, ok.
    Or it could be thugs being thugs.

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