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0742, 17 Nov 20

School Closings are Not About the Rona

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty has done a study which shows what we all anecdotally knew. Unions and politics are driving school closures. COVID is just the excuse. If you want to see systemic classism/racism, look to the public school system.

Diving Deeper: As the new school year approached in 2020, individual school districts in Wisconsin had to make important decisions about in-person learning or using virtual options. But how much did the local presence of the COVID-19 virus factor into these decisions? Research Director Will Flanders, author of Politics in the Pandemic: The Role of Unions in School Reopening Decisions, finds that factors other than the local presence of the virus appear to have played a much larger role.

  • Union presence predicts a school going virtual. Districts with a teachers union were more likely to go virtual than districts without a teachers union.

  • Political ideology predicts a school going virtual. Districts with a higher percentage of votes for President Trump in 2016 and 2020 were more likely to open, while those with a higher percentage for Hillary Clinton were more likely to remain shuttered.

  • COVID-19 cases in an area were not predictive. The per-capita rate of COVID-19 cases in an area was not significantly predictive of whether a school district would reopen or not.

  • Districts with more low-income children are more likely to go virtual. As the percentage of students in a district who are low-income increases, so does the likelihood that the district will have chosen virtual education for the fall.



0742, 17 November 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberals cheer the union control caring about everything but the kids.

  2. dad29

    *Cough*…….I mentioned–somewhere–that the Unions had it all planned out in early August.  All they needed was a case or two of Chinese Lung-Rot in a building and ………..*boom*

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