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2018, 17 Nov 20

Dane County Bans Indoor Gatherings of Any Kind

Nuts to that.

Public Health Madison and Dane County issued on Tuesday, Nov. 17 an emergency order which prohibits indoor gatherings of any size. Outdoor gatherings are permitted with 10 people or less, with physical distancing.

Officials say this order goes into effect at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 18.


In-person games, sports, competitions, group exercise classes, meetings, trainings, movies, events, and conferences are all considered mass gatherings. Indoor mass gatherings of any people who do not live together are prohibited. Outdoor mass gatherings are limited to 10 people who do not live together, with physical distancing. The previous limit for gatherings was 10 indoors and 25 outdoors, with physical distancing.

This emergency order is in effect until 12:01 a.m. on Dec. 16 — \and continues to require face coverings and limit the capacity for most businesses to 50%, along with many other provisions.

Will the Leftist “fight the MAN!” radicals in Madison sheepishly obey this order?


When did we get to the point that we just accept that it is the role of some jackass health department bureaucrat to tell us if we can gather with friends and family in our own homes? About three months ago. Push back.


The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly…


2018, 17 November 2020


  1. Mar

    All I know, is that our county with no mask mandate and we are below the country with cases. Maybe about 30 cases a day, in the area the size of about the lower 1/3 of Wisconsin.

  2. MaxwellsEQs

    Our hospitals are full (the put up tents at the state fair grounds) our doctors and our nurses having been working overtime for months, how do you think our society should respond to the pandemic?



  3. MaxwellsEQs

    Our hospitals are full (they put up tents at the state fair grounds) our doctors and our nurses have been working overtime for months, how do you think our society should respond to the pandemic?



  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    Why do I have a nurse that works for me part time pick up more hours—full time hours in several spots—because she was laid off several times from the local Milwaukee Hospitsal she works at because of the overblown preparation to COVID?

    There is something not quite right with your doom and gloom statement.

  5. Le Roi du Nord


    Don’t hold your breath too long. I asked a similar question last week, and all I got back was snark and name-calling.

  6. Owen

    I’ve written several columns about what I think we should do. Here’s one in which I said:

    We need our government to pool resources to be available to swamp any potential outbreaks. We need our government to provide the latest guidance and recommendations. We need our government to provide legal reform to limit liability for people who might be sued because of the virus.

    Other than that, we need our government to get out of the way.


    You may disagree, but let’s not pretend that I haven’t said how I think we should respond.

  7. Mar

    And yet no one is not being treated. No one has been turned away from treatment. Nurses have worked overtime since forever, so that is nothing new.
    And how many patients have put in those hospital tents? Last they were opened, I recall less than 10, if any at all were admitted there.
    Nice try though.

  8. Tuerqas

    You may disagree, but let’s not pretend that I haven’t said how I think we should respond.

    Ditto, Le Roi what I don’t remember is if you ever answered it outside of links to what ‘Professionals’ have said and I have not seen many (any?) that did not include some sort of cut at Trump, i.e a political ad.  Well my doctor is a practicing medical Professional at the Aurora facility on S 27th Street (no political agenda) and his opinion is that there are only two ways to ‘get control’ of Covid.  People have to be inoculated with a vaccine or have to gain immunity through getting the virus.  Letting it catch fire a little at a time as we have been doing is actually keeping the virus more lethal.  Intensity of the virus itself lowers as more of the populace gain some immunities to it.  So if your answer isn’t fast tracking vaccines and slapping a disclaimer on it saying it has been tested, but not FDA approved, you are probably being at least partially mislead down a Dem rabbit-hole.  The whole argument on required masks for all has been a smoke screen in the first place.  Slowing down the virus while leaving the populace with no vaccine is actually preserving the deadliness of the disease.  I have seen nothing in all of your links that have suggested that the Democrats have any plan that includes fast tracking vaccines, which means 1 to 2 years before one will be available.  That is too long to stay home and stay safe.  That is the consensus of his peers as well except for two hardcore Dems who are too busy electioneering to practice good medicine.  His words paraphrased.

  9. Mar

    Tuerqas, when this pandemic, Le Roi wanted a shut down so severe, people could not travel…anywhere. because that 1 visitor may take it with them in the car and then spread it where they were going.
    So no travel, whatsoever.
    And he wanted a complete shutdown.

  10. Tuerqas

    People’s opinions revise all the time, I want to know what he suggests now.

  11. Mar

    Still waiting for the sociopath to give credit for the vaccines to President Trump and big pharma.
    I’ll wait.
    It’s not going to happen, though.
    But if the sociopath is as conservative as he says he is, then then giving credit where is due should be no problem.

  12. Tuerqas

    Still waiting for the sociopath to give credit for the vaccines to President Trump and big pharma.

    I don’t give any credit to Trump either, it goes to big pharma and I believe Le Roi is already on record as saying they should get all the credit.  Trump didn’t give money to big pharma to expedite a vaccine, nor should he have.  He shouldn’t be getting the blame he is getting either, but he deserves no credit for the vaccines produced.  Now if operation warp speed and its unrealistic plan were in place, Government had funded the vaccine research, we had found good success with low complications, the FDA was called to allow the populace to risk taking it without its approval, the vaccine were produced and already being doled out to hundreds of millions by their choice, he would deserve a ton of credit.

    But none of that happened except that big pharma deserves and received credit from him already.  So I think you will indeed be waiting a long time for any statement of credit for vaccines to Trump from Le Roi, or from anyone not drunk on Trump Kool-aid for that matter.

  13. Mar

    “I don’t give any credit to Trump either,”
    Well, that’s an ignorant statement.
    Did Congress develop the vaccine program? Did they get rid of some the regulations that stood in the way of developing the vaccine.
    Did the courts?
    Well, that leaves the Trump administration.
    Trump didn’t give money to big pharma for the development of the vaccine? You really want to go with that statement?
    You did more twist and turns than a Olympic gymnast on the balance beam not to give Trump credit.
    Really, I didn’t think you were that ignorant but I might be wrong. I guess you are one of those RINOs.

  14. MaxwellsEQs

    Good evening,

    Governor Ever’s went on television and said that he was concerned (to put it mildly), because the hospitals were filling up and the doctors were working around the clock. Are you saying that he is not telling the truth? Or do you think that he is telling the truth?

    Is the freedom to wear mask and have public gatherings more important than the hospitals filling up or do you deny that the hospitals are filling up? (not meant as a rhetorical question/it does sound pointed, but it is not meant to be so)

    If you do not believe the hospitals are overwhelmed, it would not be difficult to verify, you could simply call the receptionists at the major hospitals in Milwaukee and ask them.

    Thank you for your time,



  15. Mar

    “Are you saying that he is not telling the truth? Or do you think that he is telling the truth?”
    Umm, yeah.
    Masks don’t work.
    And again, show us where people are not being treated, Maxwell.

  16. Mar

    Please show me where masks work.
    I live in a county that has no mask mandate. It has the area of the lower 1/3 of wisconsin.
    We have about 20-30 cases a day that people are testing positive and our hospitals are not being overrun.
    Wisconsin has a mask mandate and the chicken littles say the hospitals are being over run and doctors are working around the clock, which most doctors, especially if they are on call.
    So, in the county where I live, are we superhuman because we don’t wear masks and we are not being over run by the virus?
    Or are the people living in Wisconsin have such terrible immune systems that they cannot overcome a virus?

  17. Jason

    One thing, we’re definitely colder since October than Arizona has been.   While Covid-19 is not as affected by colder temps as other viruses, I believe there is some effect.  Combined with humans being indoors more when it’s cold than warm is a driver for the Northern states to spike.

  18. Mar

    I understand what you are saying, Jason.
    Our summer is like your winter. People are outside much more than in July, August and September

  19. MjM

    Tuerqas claims: “Trump didn’t give money to big pharma to expedite a vaccine, nor should he have. …he deserves no credit for the vaccines produced. “

    That’s quite an ignorant statement, Mr. T. The US has already spent a couple billion supporting the finding/development/production of a vaccine.

    True, Trump, unlike some other prez, did not blindly ship out pallets of cash and gold. That’s because it wasn’t necessary. You can bet your ass “big pharma”, as you like to call it, began investigating CCPVirus long before 100 US cases were reported. It also wasn’t necessary because, while finding a probable vaccine is tedious, it’s not all that expensive.

    What is expensive is testing, volume, and distribution.

    Since March, the initiation of Warp Speed, the Trump administration’s HHS and NIS has been giving direct material, medical, and clinical support to several companies. Call this “in kind contributions” if you wish. You and I have also been paying the cost of vaccine quantities needed for use in non-clinical, and clinical phase1, phase2, and phase3 trials of those vaccines.

    And once THE vaccine is picked, WTTP* will pay for the volume manufacturing and distribution, (and no doubt, application) to the tune of hundreds of millions of $, for the guarantee of a certain amount of doses. All that adds up to quite a bit of savings for the company’s, dontcha think?

    Quite an incentive, too. Three companies began Phase3 trials months before the original projected timeline of “late fall” for Phase1.

    *We The TaxPayers

  20. Tuerqas

    Really, MJM?  Color me educated, thanks.  I did not know Congress was Trump’s tool.  I thought Dems ran the House and I was pretty sure that allocation was introduced by them.  I know Congress made about 10 billion available to private companies for research, but I did not see that he was responsible for that request and if Trump was taking credit for that, why was it so rarely in the news?  You’d think he would have gotten a bit of mileage out of it.  I could have sworn that I read Pelosi took credit for it.

  21. Mar

    Maybe you don’t understand business too much, Tuerqas, but reducing regulation, reducing redudent rules, reducing bureaucratic red tape, sharing information is the same as giving a company money.
    Congress didn’t do that.
    But then maybe you just don’t understand business.

  22. Tuerqas

    There is definitely that consideration, I am not really a businessman.  And if regulations have been relaxed, I would credit that to the Trump admin.  I have not heard of the relaxations, that is all, my ignorance could easily be the crux here.  Can you point me to info on what regs have been relaxed?

  23. Tuerqas

    Mar, thanks so much.  The Commonwealth fund is a high grade source too.  So, why wasn’t this publicized better?  I know liberal led media won’t print anything pro Trump, but I read other sources generally that are a bit less politically motivated and I had not known this.  I think Trump lost because of Covid.  It seems like this kind of information could have made a difference.  F**king disinformation around elections pisses me off.

  24. Mar

    I do agree with you it was about Covid and a little about the tweets.
    You could have put up a banana with a D next to it and it probably would have, assuming that the election wasn’t stolen.

  25. Le Roi du Nord

    Interesting part of the Commonwealth Fund link:

    Under intense public pressure, the FDA issued an EUA on March 28 for the use of antimalarial drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine phosphate in hospitalized COVID-19 patients. But in April, the FDA issued a warning statement stressing the need for close patient supervision. Ultimately, on June 15, the FDA revoked the EUA for the unapproved uses of these products, as new studies showed greater risk and less benefit to COVID-19 patients. This particular episode has contributed to a prevailing sense of public confusion on whether these medications are legitimate treatments for COVID-19.

  26. Mar

    You still got nothing, sociopath.
    You are wrong but you are too full of gate to admit it.

  27. Le Roi du Nord

    Sorry mar, but those aren’t from me, buut from actual medical professionals.  If you have a better idea, one that works, feel free to share.  So far you haven’t.

  28. Le Roi du Nord

    Sorry, too many uuuuu’s.

  29. Mar

    Sorry sociopath, I already answered you but still are so filled with hate of President Trump that you refuse to acknowledge science.
    Sucks to be with you, a person who is so hateful.

  30. Tuerqas

    Le Roi

    And the hospital folks chime in:

    Geez, how would hard would we be crying if the max number of 9161 hospital beds in the state were filled with Covid?  Only 2,217 Covid filled beds didn’t sound that critical to me unless we cannot service the number of beds we have.  Interesting.  With more than that many beds still available, it sounds bad, but not critical yet.  Probably over extended in the bigger cities, but that couldn’t be, mainly responsible liberals live there don’t they?

  31. Mar

    Yeah, Tuerqas, his article was a joke. All it was about hospitals wanting more money.

  32. dad29

    new studies showed greater risk and less benefit to COVID-19 patients

    The ones that were UN-published after the fraudulent data was exposed?


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