Election Results

A few thoughts jump out at me as we finish counting the votes:

  • Trump’s weakness in the suburbs was real.
  • Trump has rebuilt a new coalition for the GOP that includes more working class people, Hispanic people, and black people. The GOP should continue the effort in that direction.
  • Republicans did pretty good across the country. With expectations of a Blue Wave, Republicans held their own in the states, made gains in the House, held the Senate, etc. In Wisconsin, the Republicans still control the legislature and the congressional delegation remains the same (with an unexpectedly close race for the 3rd CD). This tells us what we already knew: the US is pretty evenly divided right now.
  • In Wisconsin, Trump increased his turnout and Biden dis MUCH better than Hillary Clinton. It shows what a weak candidate Clinton was and how much the Left hates Trump.
  • I noticed last night that the rioters teed up when it looked like Trump was going to win… and then held back when the race shifted Biden’s way. That means something.
  • As for me, I am going to go to work, run some errands, spend time with my family, and get on with life.
  • We need to make sure that all the votes are counted and that any fraud is found and prosecuted. Irrespective of the outcome, we, as a people, must have confidence that our elections accurately reflect the will of the people.