Stuck is Stuck

It’s funny how often lefties can dish it out, but can’t take it. Democrat Amanda Stuck is running against Rep. Mike Gallagher. She issued this statement today:

“I have nothing but respect for those that choose to make their living through the arts. It takes a tremendous amount of talent and determination to make it such a competitive field. I fully understand that, despite their hard work and dedication, the majority of our artists are grossly underpaid and not in it for the fame or money,” said Stuck. “I find it curious that the Gallagher campaign has tried to paint me as an enemy of the arts when his record is nothing to brag about.”

Except that she doesn’t respect those who choose to make their living through the arts. She said:

“I don’t come from wealth and privilege like Mike Gallagher does,” Stuck says in the video. “I didn’t marry a Broadway star like Mike Gallagher did. I married a sheet metal journeyman.”

Stuck continues, “For most of us, Broadway is a street in Green Bay. It isn’t a place in Manhattan, like Mike Gallagher knows.”

She is clearly attempting to smear Mike Gallagher for marrying a “Broadway star” as painting her as a trophy of his “wealth and privilege.” Stuck completely disparaged the work that Mrs. Gallagher put into her career and the success that she has had. Stuck’s husband is a sheet metal journeyman. Awesome. I’m sure he works hard. So does Anne Gallagher, but somehow, Amanda Stuck thinks that Anne Gallagher is just a socialite whose career was given to her due to her “wealth and privilege. Stuck’s comments are demeaning to women and to people who work in the arts.

Stuck didn’t come to backtrack because of her own conscience that she might have overstepped. She was slapped back by the arts community itself. Even then, she couldn’t bring herself to apologize. She just feigned confusion about how someone could possibly misunderstand her point and pretend that she has respect for people who work in the arts. Clearly, she doesn’t.