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2213, 15 Oct 20

Wisconsinites Getting Back to Work

Great news.

Wisconsin added 23,800 total non-farm and 13,700 private-sector jobs in the month of September. Wisconsin’s unemployment rate for September was 5.4 percent, down from August’s revised rate of 6.3 percent.


2213, 15 October 2020


  1. Mar

    That is pretty good, much better than the national average.
    Can you imagine if Herr Evers lockdowns would have continued? The numbers would be much worse.

  2. Mark Hoefert

    I suspect we may see an uptick, considering that WI is experiencing it’s first real wave of COVID.

    Businesses have been shutting down temporarily due to employees testing positive.  In West Bend, in recent weeks, we have seen a bank branch shut down, Starbucks was closed the other day, there have been reports that Panera shut down.  In a different community it was noted that Culvers was closed.  Walgreens has had some shut-downs of short duration.

    Unfortunately, most of these businesses are not publicizing their shut-downs. But on social media reports are coming in where people have gone to certain places and found that they were not open for business as usual.

    And some restaurants are shutting down due to the 25% limit on occupancy mandate.  At that rate it does not pay to operate a dining room.

  3. Mark Hoefert

    I should say, an uptick in unemployment rate.

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