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1954, 07 Oct 20

Milwaukee Rejects New State COVID Order

Even Milwaukee is bucking Tyrant Tony’s order. Under this argument, Washington County could, for example, pass an ordinance that requires a signoff for businesses to open to full capacity and just rubber stamp it. Just sayin…

The City of Milwaukee will continue to enforce its current coronavirus capacity order for bars and restaurants, despite the order from Gov. Tony Evers’ administration to limit the businesses to 25% capacity starting Thursday.

In a statement, the Milwaukee Health Department said the Evers order permitted local municipalities to have more restrictive orders in place, and the city had determined its order fits that criteria.


Capacity limits are waived if a bar or restaurant has an approved COVID-19 safety plan. Those businesses receive a certificate or seal from the Health Department that shows they can operate safely.

Once the plan is approved, the bar or restaurant will be expected to abide by restrictions in its approved plan, not the sections of the city’s order relating to those establishments. Those with plans in place can operate without the current 50% capacity limit.


1954, 07 October 2020


  1. Merlin

    Somebody tell Evers it’s not cool to dump on the folks capable of “finding” the 40,000 uncounted, last minute votes you need to win an election. Not cool at all, dude.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Ouch, Barrett serving some shade on Evers.

    Sombody get Tom Barrett a recall Evers petition to sign!

  3. dad29

    Transparently odious, like most Democrat plots.

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