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2111, 01 Oct 20

Democrats Discourage Voting by Mail

Good. We want every vote to count and the surest way to do that is to show up in person and vote.

For months, Democratic Party officials concerned about the safety of voting in person during the coronavirus pandemic promoted voting by mail, and rank-and-file members have responded, requesting, by large margins, more mail-in ballots than Republicans in several states that will help decide the 2020 election.

But as President Trump has waged a war on the legitimacy of voting by mail, even while planning to do so himself, many Democrats have had a change of heart and have decided to cast their ballots in person.

The shift in focus was signaled at the Democratic National Convention when former first lady Michelle Obama warned in her speech that “we have got to vote for Joe Biden like our lives depend on it.”


2111, 01 October 2020


  1. Mar

    Well, now, this is one huge flip flop.
    I guess President Trump wins again.

  2. jjf

    Flip-flop?  Uhm, kids, they didn’t say “don’t vote” they said “everybody vote.”

  3. Mar

    jjf, I hope everyone votes, if they are qualified to vote.
    But the Democrats said they need to vote by mail and now they say to vote in person
    That is one huge flip flop. Bigger than Shaq’s 23 shoe size.

  4. Tuerqas

    They probably finally realized that their base is not composed of older people long used to using the mail.  And the young people they count on to actually win elections are lazy and not eager to use mail when email is the primary source of communication they have known all of their life.  Now instead of spending 15-20 minutes to go out and vote, you are asking them to learn a new thing, hand-write their ballots and then still travel some distance to a post box or office?  Laziness is the biggest fight to win when going for young voters and old-fashioned mail was not the way to suck them in.

  5. Mike

    Does that mean the Dems are supposed to vote in person after voting by mail?

  6. dad29

    email is the primary source of communication they have known all of their life

    For anyone under 30, it’s texting–and for many OVER 30, too.

    The problem with the “yout’ vote” is this:  they DO NOT VOTE.  Countless (D) pols have done their damndest to win their votes–and never got them.

  7. Mar

    “For anyone under 30, it’s texting–and for many OVER 30, too.”
    But I still talk to people most of the time, on the phone or in person.
    I must be an old dinosaur.

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