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1228, 27 Sep 20

Biden is Caught Lying About Academic Record

Again. And this time because he was pandering. Again.

Joe Biden said last year that he kicked off his academic career at Delaware State University, a historically black university, but the institution has now denied that claim.

The Washington Times reported that a spokesperson for Delaware State University said the Democratic presidential nominee was never a student at the school, but he did make two appearances for commencement speeches.

‘Vice President Biden did not attend DSU,’ Carlos Holmes, Director of News Services, told the publication.


1228, 27 September 2020


  1. Mar

    Maybe Senile Joe thinks he is Black?

  2. Merlin

    Biden’s ability to think today is less than yesterday’s, but still better than tomorrow’s. Stress accelerates the deterioration. His brain ought to be tapioca by November 3rd.

  3. Jason

    Dont worry, I’m sure our Northern Hick Leroy thinks this is less egregious than Trump talking about Revolutionary War airports.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    Nord cheers Biden’s trans-racial identity…even though others are punished for pretending to be black.

  5. MjM

    “Biden is Caught Lying About Academic Record AGAIN.”

    Corrected it for you, Owen.

    But how do we know for certain ’ Joe is lying?

    Easy. DSU was founded in 1891 and as BJB told everyone yesterday he’s been in the senate 180 years, since 1840.

  6. Randall Flagg

    It is what it is.

  7. Mar

    So, turns out Senile Joe is dumber than Le Roi,jjf and Pat.
    Senile Joe had to repeat the 3rd grade. Do you realize how dumb or lazy you have to be to repeat 3rd grade?
    Stupid Senile Joe.

  8. Pat

    “So, turns out Senile Joe is dumber than Le Roi,jjf and Pat.“

    My trans boyfriend has already been shown to be twice the man as Marble, and now Biden shown to be twice as smart.

  9. Jason

    >It is what it is.

    Perfect answer Randall.   That’s the absolute very best of what you can say to summarize the Democratic Party.

  10. jjf

    And the GOP – it was what it was?  What’s it now?

  11. Jason

    >And the GOP – it was what it was?  What’s it now?

    It’s going to appoint another great Supreme Court Justice.   Go R’s.

  12. Le Roi du Nord

    Well, I know that the Brits didn’t have airports in the 1770’s, that WWII didn’t end in 1917, and that Keith Hernandez wasn’t a murderer. So I am smarter than trump AND mar !!

  13. Tuerqas

    It is not hard to see why so many Democrat officials lie like that.  The whole party can’t just be seen to sympathize with causes or believe the Professionals, any mere Republican do that and be called a liar and poser just for the sympathy.  No, Dem officials have to BE black or Indian, etc, and they have to BE the professionals that they are telling their followers to believe.

    “Trump failed!”  Did the fully autonomous Dem Governors and Mayors of the major cities they run completely do any better?  Did they have a local plan for outbreaks?  No, because the Government has never been responsible for preventing outbreaks of diseases.  Trump failed?  None of them failed except in not having a plan to take freedoms away via mass disease.  And I approve that they did, but am saddened that so many citizens want them to control us ever more in every way Gov’t has so far imagined.

  14. Mar

    Right Le Roi, and you think Easter is a national holiday.
    At least I don’t have to lie to make myself look smart, like you do Le Roi.
    Maybe one day you will come up with an intelligent post where we can actually debate an issue.
    But I’m not sure that day will come.

  15. Randall Flagg

    >It is what it is.
    Perfect answer Randall.   That’s the absolute very best of what you can say to summarize the Democratic Party.
    Swing and a miss interpreting the meaning behind my statement.  Care to try again?

  16. Le Roi du Nord

    And now the trump campaign, with quotes from the man himself, is bragging about how well trump did in the debate. Clue: it hasn’t taken place yet.

    How do you “conservatives” defend that? Senility? Ineptitude? Or just more bald-faced lies?

  17. Le Roi du Nord

    Based on what I have seen so far, trump was (is?) wrong.  Waaay wrong.

  18. Jason

    When Joe slipped up a week ago and referred to his team as the Harris-Biden Administration… the only way he could accomplish anything more than reheating his oatmeal. That was reinforced in spades tonight without doubt.

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