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1930, 20 Sep 20

Democrats Threaten to Pack the Supreme Court

This is very simple. There is no practical purpose to expand the court for the good of the American People. The only reason to do it is to change the philosophical center of the court one way or the other. It is about raw power.

Democrats have threatened to pack the Supreme Court if Donald Trump‘s nomination gets confirmed following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The president on Saturday urged the GOP-run Senate to consider ‘without delay’ his upcoming nomination to fill the seat vacated by Justice Ginsburg, who died Friday after a battle with cancer.


Several Democrats have vowed the party will expand the size of the court if they capture the Senate in November and Republicans have already pushed through a conservative successor to Ginsburg.

Joe Kennedy III, who represents Massachusetts’ 4th Congressional District and is the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, tweeted Sunday: ‘If he holds a vote in 2020, we pack the court in 2021. It’s that simple.’

Let’s think this through a few steps. Let’s say the Democrats win the presidency and majorities in the Congress, so they expand the court to 11 members, appoint two liberals, and shift the balance. What’s to stop the Republicans from doing the same thing the next time they are in control? Does the Republic then just keep expanding the Supreme Court every time a party gets in power? We still experience the sway of courts as elected officials from one party or the other gain power, only now it happens faster because they don’t have to wait for sitting justices to die or retire.

Is that better? Is our Republic better for it?

Nope. Do the Democrats care? Nope.

Let’s hope this is a passing tantrum and more thoughtful people step to the front of the Democratic Party.


1930, 20 September 2020


  1. jjf

    Yeah, but raw power is the only thing the Trump-ys respect, right?

    Is our Republic better for it.  You make me laugh.

  2. Mar

    Most of us conservatives respect civility but liberals don’t.
    Especially here, with a few exceptions.

  3. Mar

    If anyone is to blame for this mess, it is Ginsberg.
    She could have resigned with dignity and honor in 2014 or 2015 but she choose not to
    Obama could have filled the seat with a younger and healthier liberal.
    But Ginsberg decided to hang on until she went over the rainbow bridge.
    So, if the liberals are pissed, blame Ginsberg.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    Democrats are whiny babies.

    If they do that, when Republicans gain control, what is to stop Republicans from doing same thing?

    Even Ginsberg told NPR the court should stay at nine justices. What happened to “honoring her wishes”? Liberal hippie hypocrites!

    This is a function of liberals depending too much on the god of government for your lives. If the USSC is the rnd all and be all of your life, you depend on government fae too much….like a slave. Yet the liberal slaves want to give slavemasters more power in Washington if you listen to the radical leftists. Bunch of self torturing massicasts in the liberal cult.

  5. Le Roi du Nord


    You are a laugh a minute. “Conservatives respect civility”, ha!! I have ( and others ) been called murderers, communists, morons, idiots, accused of drug and alcohol abuse, etc., none of which is true, by the self-proclaimed “conservatives” on this site. You wouldn’t know civility if it bit you.

    “Resigned with dignity “, well so could have Alito.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    And now accusations of “slavemasters”.

    They just can’t help themselves.

  7. Mar

    You are an example, Le Roi, why us conservatives highly dislike liberals.
    You constantly lie, deny the lie and then blame others for your lies.
    You are just like most other liberals around. Dishonorable, unable to trust you, hateful, uncivil etc.
    Then you get the liberal thugs who riot, loot, treat cops like crap, but worse.
    I can respect liberal opinions but I cannot respect liberals as a whole due to their behavior.

  8. Mar

    Yes, liberals are slave masters. They want minorities to stay put on their liberal plantation.
    Why do you think Senile said if, you as a Black man, don’t vote for him, you ain’t Black.
    Why do you think when Blacks become independent, they are called Uncle Toms.
    But I am sure Le Roi, you support Black and minority conservatives, not their political positions perhaps, but certainly their right to be free from harrassment for being conservative.
    Right Le Roi?
    I don’t recall you saying what Biden said was racist. Do you believe that was racist, Le Roi? That if you don’t vote Democrat, you ain’t Black.
    Anxious to hear your opinion.

  9. penquin

    If you’re judging an entire group of people based on the actions&words of a small handful of those people, how is that not considered “bigotry”?

    Asking for a friend…

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    Then denounce the bad acting liberals like Pelosi, AOC, Shumer, and you would not be on big cult.

    Liberals love the radicalism, nearly all of you secretly cheer the insane incivility.

    Denounce the insane packing the court radicalism, if what you say is true.

  11. Le Roi du Nord

    And more demands for denouncing . Some things never change.

  12. Kevin Scheunemann


    I can’t help it that you purposely fail to stick up for good and fail to stand against bad.


  13. Mar

    Still waiting for your opinion Le Roi, about Buden’s blatant racism.
    Silence is deafening.

  14. Mar

    That should be Biden’s racism.
    I know jjf won’t have opinion on it because he supports Biden’s position.

  15. Le Roi du Nord


    I don’t have to brag about my support for good on a blog. I do it real life.

  16. Le Roi du Nord


  17. Le Roi du Nord


    As is your silicon trumps racism, misogyny, disrespect of handicapped, military , etc.

  18. Mar

    Looks like Le Roi is showing that he is a racist now.
    Way to go, Racist Le Roi.

  19. Le Roi du Nord

    Apologies, that should be “your idol trumps’”….

    How so mar, what racist statement did I make? You are projuagain.

  20. Mar

    Silence is golden, Racist Le Roi.
    You support Senile Joe.
    Senile Joe makes racist statements.
    You refuse to give your opinion on his racist statements.
    Senile Joe+Le Roi= Racist Le Roi

  21. jjf

    Mar, here’s the problem with your use of that term.  You want “racist” to tar anyone who’s ever said a racist thought.  You want it to be a permanent mark, one that encompasses all they ever do into the future.  Is that what you’d like to apply to everyone who’s ever said any thought that could be judged as a racist thought?

  22. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, I support Joe Biden, you know the candidate that can talk in complete sentences, doesn’t mock a deceased military hero, or handicapped people, who doesn’t encourage people to break the law by voting twice, who doesn’t lie about the seriousness of coronavirus, and who doesn’t brag about grabbing women by the %#€£•. You know, that guy.

  23. Mar

    jjf, Le Roi refuses to give his opinion on Biden’s racist, so his silence is fair game.
    And Biden has said many racist things in the past, supported Robert Byrd, didn’t want school busing among other things. Hell, Kamala Harris pretty much Biden was a racist.
    But again, Le Roi refuses to give his opinion about Biden’s racist statement, which is fine. But no one can be offended if we conclude he is a racist by his silence.

  24. Mar

    So, Flickr is now news, Pat?

  25. Pat

    Lying Hateful Drunken Marbles,

    No, Flickr is not a news site. It’s a site that people upload photos to share. It’s not intended to be a news site. But then again, I think you knew that.

  26. Mar

    Then what’s the point? Putting photoshopped pictures out there to show people your ignorance?

  27. Pat

    Lying Hateful Drunken Marbles,

    Put them out there to show what some of the cult looks like.

  28. Pat

    The New York Post is a right wing fake news source.

  29. Mar

    It’s better than Flickr, Twitter and if you read the article, it was an actual study.
    But nice try and thanks for playing.

  30. jjf

    I’m left with the impression that I’m talking to a brick wall.

  31. Pat


    You are. It’s a cult.

  32. dad29

    And y’all think we CARE about your opinions?

    Best get a reality-check.

  33. jjf

    Is that what you learned in your Catholic schooling, in your learning about morality since then, Dad29?

  34. Pat


    No. And guess what we think about your opinions?

  35. Pat


    Being the good Catholic you are, what are your feelings about the Church doctrine on social justice??

  36. Le Roi du Nord

    Hey mar, if it “is fine“, why does it bother you so much?

    And no, I’m not a racist, and you , nor k, can prove otherwise.

  37. Pat

    I think Dud picks and chooses what kind of Catholic he wants to be. I suppose you could call him a Trump Catholic.

  38. Mar

    Le ROI, why aren’t you proud you are a racist? Why are you not proud you are a hater? Why are you not proud you are a liar?
    I mean, you are good at all these things, so stand up and be proud of your accomplishments.
    Wait, you say you don’t hate, are not a liar and not a racist?
    Does that mean you’re just a racist, liar and hater here?

  39. Mar

    I like Dad’s opinions.
    He doesn’t trill you some liberals here

  40. Le Roi du Nord


    Because I’m not a racist. Because I’m not a hater. Because I’m not a liar. I’ll leave all that to you. See, that was easy, and truthful.

  41. Pat

    It’s over there.

  42. Mar

    Bahahaha Le Roi, you’re really funny and delusional today.

  43. Merlin

    Democrats are exceptionally unhappy that elections have consequences. So much so that they seem to be willing to completely abandon the concept of a structured representative democracy. Court packing would require Democrats to win elections and follow an established legislative process to achieve the dream. Same goes for their threats of adding additional states or abandoning the electoral college. This is not likely to ever happen for them and they know it. Voters keep getting in their way and they find the effort required to sway voters to be intolerable.

    Their threats to “burn it down” are an open admission that they’re willing to abandon our representative democracy in favor of whatever new system brings them power. Their threats to use violence and intimidation to achieve their desires really should be taken at face value. There’s no reason to believe they’re bluffing.

  44. Le Roi du Nord

    But mar, unlike you, truthful.

  45. Mar

    So, Le Roi, you say you are truthful.
    But still racist. But still a hater.

  46. Mar

    If the GOP was smart, the GOP Senate should not hold confirmation hearings for whoever President Trump chooses.
    If they don’t do that, then turn off the TV cameras.
    Prevent the hearing from becoming a circus, from both sides.

  47. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, you are making that all up. Why is the truth so upsetting to you?

  48. jjf

    then turn off the TV cameras.

    That’s the Make America Germany Again spirit, Mar!  Screw this government transparency, let’s have secret hearings!  The public can’t handle the truth.

  49. Jason

    There’s Foust with his Drama again.  Our very own Drama queen.  Keep going Mar, you seem to have hit a nerve in LeRoy and his slutty girlfriend.

  50. Pat

    Marbles girlfriend to the defense again.

  51. jjf

    Jason, do you think our world would be better if they turn off the cameras?  Or would you rather talk rushingly and entertainingly and dramatically

  52. Jason

    >Jason, do you think our world would be better if they turn off the cameras?

    In reference to the circus show that a new SC nominee hearing would be?  Do you think it’s better or worse?  Remember the Cavanaugh bullshit show?  What did you do this day 35 years ago as a Freshman in highschool?  Just a shitshow with no benefit to anyone in the world.  I dare you to disagree.

  53. Pat

    “What did you do this day 35 years ago as a Freshman in highschool?“

    If I was sexually assaulting someone I’d probably remember.

  54. Jason

    >I’d probably remember.

    Spoken from experience.

  55. Pat

    Thanks for taking time out from spooning with Marbles to give an idiotic response.

  56. Jason

    >give an idiotic response.

    More experience.  Pat you’ve hit your stride.

  57. Pat

    Yes, you do have more experience.

  58. jjf

    I’m sure Mar and I would agree that “boof” meant something other than what Kavanaugh pretended it to mean, under oath.  So he’s a lying liar who likes to lie, right?

  59. Pat

    I denounce his lies.

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