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2035, 10 Sep 20

Charlie Sykes Returns to Being a Democrat

This has been coming for a while.

In an interview with Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) longtime conservative talk show host Charlie Sykes said he’ll be voting for Joe Biden in November.

“I just think we have to end this particular segment of American history,” said Sykes.

It’s not often that you see someone move from liberal to conservative and back again. But it is 2020, after all.


2035, 10 September 2020


  1. MjM

    Sykes was never a conservative. And probably never a liberal. An aimless tool, he has, throughout his career, simply licked his finger, checked the wind, glommed on to whatever got him a job or in with “the right people”.

    Mark Belling hit the nail on the head 9 months after Sykes quit radio in Dec 2017: ““Some conservatives like Charlie seem more pleased with the approval of The New York Times, Isthmus, and the intellectual elite than of those whose political beliefs they purport to share. “

  2. Merlin

    Liberal media knows there are better turncoat tools available. I see late night commercial voiceovers for feminine hygiene products and reverse mortgages in Chuck’s near future.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Awful. Just awful.

  4. dad29


  5. jjf

    Oh, but while he was carrying water for the WisGOP he sure drew in the love and affection and ears of the faithful.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann

    Oh jjf,

    I praise any liberal when they do right thing….but a liberal doing the right thing is so rare these days.

    Many can’t even specifically praise police officers.

  7. dad29

    See, Jiffy, at one time he articulated mostly-conservative thought.  Now he’s just another enemy of the state.  He doesn’t do DB’s, either.

  8. Mar

    Well, Sykes didn’t vote for President Trump in 2016, so this isn’t all that surprising.
    It’s also clear Sykes really hates Trump, on par with Le Roi. Maybe even worse.

  9. Pat


    Do you “Love” Trump?

  10. Le Roi du Nord


    No, I don’t hate trump, nor you and your ilk. I have told you that numerous times. Read. Comprehend. Retain.

  11. Mar

    And Le Roi lies again.

  12. Mar

    Par, what is your definition of “Love”?

  13. jjf

    Dad29, where do your talents lie?

  14. Pat

    It’s the opposite of hate.

  15. Mar

    If you use that definition, then, no, I don’t love President Trump. Like, yes, love, no.

  16. dad29

    Sniffing out the rotting smells, Jiffy.

    Let me help you see.  My first comment on this thread was “Roots.”

    Now look at my blog entries for today, specifically the one titled “Trump Fires More Rounds…..” and see if you can figure out why Charlie’s “roots” have something to do with rotting smells.

  17. jjf

    You could rename your blog the “No comments” blog.  You have some experience with databases?  Something else?  Or just Jesuit gossip?

  18. Jason

    >You could rename your blog the “No comments” blog.

    wow, an attack from the professional victim. So much for being against bullying. So whats your intent with that comment Foust, does it make you feel better?

  19. dad29

    Jiffy has the “NOTHING HERE” blog.  You can look it up.

  20. jjf

    Jason, now that you’ve so keenly felt the pain that I’ve caused Dad29 by pointing out that 90%+ of the posts on his blog have no comments at all, I’m sure this whole event will cause you to re-examine your own actions and I’m sure you’ll decide to end your bullying and doxxing.

  21. Jason

    Ok good to know that in your twisted, pathetic, little mind that Bullying really is ok. That its justifiable. What a shitty life you have – based on how you act here.

  22. jjf

    Who knows, maybe I could work my way up to ridiculing people about their profession and their appearance!

  23. Mar

    Umm, you’re half way there, jjf.

  24. Mar

    Meanwhile Never Trumpers and liberal heads are exploding as President Trump, the counties of Israel, Bahrain and the UAE sign the new peace accord.
    And they are doing it maskless and not socially distancing.

  25. jjf

    Mar, did you just change the topic?

  26. Mar

    And Le Roi has nothing to add and no, I did not.

  27. Mar

    Gee, jjf, are you administrator of this blog?
    Just wondering for a friend.

  28. Le Roi du Nord


    I haven’t been in this discussion in a couple days, and then only to correct your errors.  I really don’t care about sykes, but am encouraged by his change in tune.  If only you could do the same, just think how happy you could be……

  29. jjf

    Is your friend a tall rabbit?

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