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1103, 04 Sep 20

Maskless Board Members Issue Fines For Failure to Wear Masks

Rules for thee

New York State Liquor Authority board have been slammed after board members failed to wear face coverings during a meeting where they issued fines to businesses breaking the safety rule.

The SLA chairman Vincent Bradley and commissioners Lily Fan and Greeley Ford did not wear face masks during Wednesday’s meeting.

The board members, who sat with distance between them, were reviewing bar and restaurant fines during the live-streamed meeting, Times Union reported.

A member of staff, who was also not wearing a face covering, enters the meeting at one point and hands papers to Ford, who stands up behind an unmasked Bradley to accept the documents.

Around ten minutes after the interaction, the board fined an unnamed organisation $1,500 due to ’employees with no masks’.


1103, 04 September 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Give feckless liberals a little power, this is the monster you get.

  2. Mar

    I’m sure they will use the Nancy Pelosi excuse, they were set up.

  3. dad29

    Or maybe the Pritzker Parry:  “…. that’s a disgusting revelation and you should NEVER ask about that.”

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    Or the trump gambit: “It’s a hoax! It’s a hoax!”.

  5. Mar

    The virus is not a hoax but the over the top reactions are a hoax.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    Hey, pay attention mar, trump says it is a hoax. Don’t you believe him?

  7. Mar

    “”Now the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus,” Trump said. “They have no clue, they can’t even count their votes in Iowa.”
    “This is their new hoax,” Trump continued, adding that attacking the White House’s response to the coronavirus had become the Democratic Party’s “single talking point.””
    Andi think this has played as the Democrats have politicized this and some of tactics Democrats and RINOs have used are hoaxes and continue to be hoaxes. And some of the Democrats treatments have been complete hoaxes and have killed thousands and thousands but yet you are silent about that.

  8. Le Roi du Nord

    Try again mar, you are contradicting yourself.

  9. Mar

    You’re pathetic Le Roi, but that is understandable since you have been wrong on just about everything with Chinese virus.
    And you continue to be wrong.
    Tell me a couple things you were right about the Chinese virus.

  10. Le Roi du Nord

    The trump virus has caused the death of 180000+ folks in the US. It isn’t a “hoax”. It didn’t go away when the weather warmed up. Hydroxychloroquine is of little to no value preventing or treating trump virus. Nor does injecting disinfectants or light. Masks help. And much much, more .

  11. Mar

    Oh Le Roi, how sad you have become.
    Reread what President Trump said.
    Now, you are saying is of little or no value. Before you said it never helped and it is dangerous.
    How do you inject light? But yes, some kind of lighting does disinfect objects.
    I never recall you saying anything about the heat, but that’s what science experts said would happen
    And it is debatable at best that masks help.

  12. Le Roi du Nord


    What part of “no”, “doesn’t”, and “didn’t “ don’t you understand?

  13. Mar

    What part of You, Le Roi, are a big liar and are very dishonest, don’t understand?

  14. Le Roi du Nord

    Geez mar, can’t you think of an original retort?

  15. Mar

    Gee Le Roi, I don’t recall saying that to you before. Can you show me where I’ve said that before.

  16. Le Roi du Nord

    Right mar, you didn’t, you copied it from me. Too bad your memory is soooo short.

  17. Mar

    Pathological Liar Le Roi lies again.

  18. Mar

    Le Roi, you still have not told me what you were right about with the Chinese Virus.
    And the Atlantic? Seriously?

  19. Mar

    And gee, Le Roi, I used 2 words you used, out of 10 words and you used quotation marks.
    Heck, did you patent those words?

  20. Le Roi du Nord

    Yes, seriously. Those are quotes by trump, easy to look up from other sources, or didn’t you even bother to look at the article?

    Believe you or trump? Never.

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