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2034, 01 Sep 20

Orange Man Bad in Kenosha


“We’re not going to let anyone smudge my nephew’s name,” said Justin Blake, as Trump held court elsewhere with local law enforcement and criticized the protesters who had taken to streets after the shooting.

“We don’t have any words for the orange man in the White House,” Blake added.

Um, yeah you do.

Meanwhile, back at the block party, Blake’s uncle Justin had one parting comment for Trump from a family and a community still grieving over the horrific injuries to one of their own.

“Keep your disrespect and foul language away from our family,” he said.


2034, 01 September 2020


  1. Mar

    No one is going to smudge Jacob Blake’s name.
    Well,Jacob did a pretty good job smudging his own name himself.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    I am shocked by the father continuing to speak out. If this was my son, I’d be so embarrassed by the evil, disrespectful, awful son that I raised, the only thing I would be doing is apologizing to the officers, and the world, for my horrible parenting. Then I would apologize to the women my son sexually assaulted. I would then apologize for my son rejecting the Christian values I thought him.

    But I guess we revere crminals now as heroes, like Nord.

  3. Mar

    Who cares Pat about about 1 person.
    Thousands and thousands came to out to support him.

  4. Pat

    Exactly how many thousands of people came out to see Trump’s photo op?

  5. Mike

    The aunt of the minor he raped spoke out for justice for her niece. She said the police should have shot him 50 times for what he did to her niece, but since he survived she hopes he spends a long time in prison.

  6. Mar

    If you can read the WTMJ web site, you should be able to figure that out Pat.
    Stop being lazy.

  7. Pat

    The article I provided a link to was about something completely different than the narrative you’re attempting to shift to. It wasn’t out crowd size. It was about creating a false narrative for a photo op.

  8. Mar

    You asked me a question bozo and I answered.
    Are you playing dumb on purpose or are you really that dumb?

  9. Pat

    You acting like an asshole doesn’t change your attempt shift the narrative of the TMJ article.

  10. Mar

    It was a stupid article from a stupid person.

  11. Pat

    Calling it a stupid article by a stupid person doesn’t make it less true.

  12. Mar

    Actually, it does.
    If you had bothered to the read the article, which you did not, you would have read that the former owner owned the property and building. The owner of the business is just a bitter renter.
    The property owner is the one who lost the most and had every right to be there.

  13. Pat

    You really have a problem with comprehension don’t you Mar. It’s no wonder you’ve been unable to hold a job for any period of time.

  14. Mar

    Still doesn’t explain why you are still at Mendota, Pat? How long a time have you been committed there for?

  15. Le Roi du Nord


    It’s obvious, trump lied in an attempt to shore up a flagging campaign. Also obvious is mar supporting the lie.

  16. jjf

    Mar, first the rape jokes, now the Mendota jokes.  You are a sensitive cultured fellow!

  17. Pat

    “You are a sensitive cultured fellow!“

    Well, after all, he is an ardent Trump enthusiast.

  18. Kevin Scheunemann


    You are disgusting with your Red Herring.

    Left wing terrorists are bruning cities to the ground and Trump is drawing atttention to it becuase the sewer left wing media ignores it.

    Awful just awful.

  19. Le Roi du Nord


    If I have this right, and it is not clear what you mean, you are claiming that the media is ignoring the disturbances? Amazing claim, certainly not borne out by the evidence.

  20. Mar

    Le Roi, you mean the fiery mostly peaceful protests CNN commented on?

  21. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, whatever k was talking about.

  22. Pat

    Trump’s drawing attention to his America.

  23. Mar

    As was, Le Roi.
    I actually listen to NPR and they pretty much ignore the rioting and looting.

  24. Le Roi du Nord

    And NPR is the only media source out there?

    BTW, here in WI they have had lots of coverage.

  25. Pat

    It was wall to wall coverage in Wisconsin. Probably not as big of a deal in Arizona.

  26. dad29

    No coverage of Green Bay disturbances until the Banta heir was arrested.

    No coverage of the continuing Wauwatosa disturbances unless you’re listening to Belling on WISN.

    Those are two that we know of.  Think there are more?

    So yah:  the “news” is ignoring a lot.

  27. Le Roi du Nord

    The Green Bay market, both TV and radio, and the P-G covered it.

  28. Le Roi du Nord

    Are all you trumpsters going to vote twice, or will you denounce that illegal activity?

  29. Kevin Scheunemann


    Trump did not say that.

    You take him out of context again.

    You do more to denounce a twisted liberal interpretation of a Trump statement on voting and problem with mail in ballots than you do specific unrepentant, criminals.

    Awful.Just awful.



  30. Le Roi du Nord

    He sure did, k. Were you curious you could look it up. But you aren’t.

    BTW: trump is trying to walk back his comments once he found out it was illegal to encourage voting twice.

  31. Mar

    “And NPR is the only media source out there?”
    National conservative talk shows and they get boring.
    No local shows in our area.

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