Evers Uses Taxpayer Funds for Politics

Notice the title? “Democrats.” Not “taxpayers.” Not “citizens of Wisconsin.” Not even “State Government.” Nope. “Democrats.” Evers is treating a legitimate act of government relief as if it is due to the generosity of Democrats instead of the generosity of all taxpayers.

Gov. Evers, Democrats, WEDC Announce Up to $1 Million in Nointerest Loans Authorized to Assist Kenosha Businesses

Eligible costs include clean-up, restoration, and repairs for businesses affected

MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers, together with Sen. Bob Wirch, Reps. Tod Ohnstad and Tip McGuire, and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), announced today businesses that suffered damage in Kenosha over the last week will be eligible for up to $20,000 each in no-interest loans to help cover repair costs.

7 Responses to Evers Uses Taxpayer Funds for Politics

  1. Kevin Scheunemann says:

    Looks like slush fund to Evers friends to me. Where are the liberals all outraged by this use of WEDC?

    Paging Pat.

  2. Le Roi du Nord says:

    What an amazingly blatant example of hypocrisy here, guys. Or did you forget about Foxconn already?

  3. jjf says:

    Le Roi, if we pressed them, they might be able to squeeze out a hedged “well I don’t quite agree with Foxconn…”

  4. Le Roi du Nord says:

    Maybe. But don’t bet on it.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann says:

    So WEDC is wonderful now?

    Will wonders ever cease.



  6. jjf says:

    Back atcha, Kev.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann says:


    I’m am fine with WEDC for development of new tax base.

    Not replacing what left wing terrorists burned down. I prefer we expunge keft wing terrorists before they burn the tax base down!

    There is a difference, but you criminal condoning hypocrite liberals wouldn’t understand that lawkessness is bad.

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