MLS Soccer Players Booed for Taking a Knee


Major League Soccer players from FC Dallas and Nashville SC were met with some boos from a small crowd after they took a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement before a match Wednesday night in Frisco, Texas.

The boos came as MLS for the first time allowed up to 5,000 fans to attend the game in the 20,500-seat stadium due to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing guidelines, with estimates showing a smaller number attending.

“You can’t even have support from your own fans in your own stadium,” FC Dallas defender Reggie Cannon said. “It’s baffling to me.”

Ohhh… so they can take a knee to show that they won’t honor America and the flag, but when fans show their disapproval of their actions, it’s out of bounds? Whatevs. If they insist on making their entertainment product a political statement, then they shouldn’t be surprised when people express opposing views.

On a related note, I still don’t get the stupidity of these sports teams. Their revenues are already in the toilet because of COVID and they still insist on pissing off a sizable number of what’s left of their fans. Those handful of fans paid good money to be one of the first ones to attend a game again and are greeted with players crapping on our country. How many of those fans will pay for another ticket anytime soon? These players can pound sand when they are whining about having to dust off their barista skills.