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2211, 12 Aug 20

UW System Still Has $1.33 Billion in Reserves

Methinks they can sustain a bit more “austerity.” 

By Ola Lisowski

The University of Wisconsin System holds $1.33 billion in reserve balances, according to a new audit report. Of the fund, $866.6 million is made up of unrestricted balances, and $468 million is restricted balances.

The audit, released by the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau on July 30, shows total program revenue balances have increased by 0.8 percent since the previous year, when the system held $1.32 billion total. While restricted balances increased from $417 million to $468 million this year, unrestricted balances fell from $906.9 million to $866.6 million.


2211, 12 August 2020

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Greed. Greed . Greed.

    This is what liberals do. Take from others and hoarde.

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