Push to Strip Police of Non-Lethal Tools Will End in Blood

And that’s the point. The Left is trying to keep police from using non-lethal tools because it leaves the police with two choices when the riot gets out of control: lethal force or retreat. More often than not, the police will retreat and our society will continue to be destabilized. If the police use lethal force, then all the better – in the minds of revolutionaries – more martyrs for the cause. This is all about tearing down society so that it can be rebuilt into something else.

The Charlotte protest was one of the dozens around the country during the past few months where police unleashed tear gas on peaceful protesters. Tear gas has commonly been used as a defensive tool by law enforcement to make rioters disperse.

But during the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies have sometimes been using it offensively, including against peaceful protesters, children, and pregnant women, without providing an escape route or piling on excessive amounts of gas, witnesses and human rights advocates say.

Law enforcement officials say tear gas, if used properly, is an effective tool for crowd control.

Without it, “the only thing left to do is physical force — shields and batons,” said Deputy Police Chief Jeff Estes of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Estes said he’s been exposed to tear gas and pepper spray many times.

“So, I know the effects. I would rather have that than see what we’ve seen in other places where people who are violently assaulting other people have to get hit with sticks and shields,” Estes said.