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0807, 22 Jul 20

Marxist Movements Attack Police

Mark Belling has a good column today that goes into the atrocious reactions of public officials in Milwaukee and Wauwatosa as they cave to Marxist attack mobs and abandon their police. In part, he says:

Many Americans sincerely want racial justice, which is why we fight so hard to replace rotten public schools with outstanding private, religious and choice schools. It’s why we support law enforcement that tries to control high crime in minority communities. But this movement is unconcerned with those things. It is singularly focused on attacking police, shrinking their ranks and destroying the lives of people who try to serve their communities by becoming police officers.

This is true. I think many of us are shocked at just how many of our otherwise mild-mannered liberal neighbors truly hate the police and are willing to support the abandonment of law enforcement in their communities. Many of us are still firm supporters of law enforcement and our police departments, but we seem to be a shrinking percentage of the populace.

At the same time, I think many of us were equally shocked by how aggressively some of our police were willing to enforce unconstitutional lockdown orders and the crackdown on our civil rights in response to a health concern. As communities consider and enact further lockdown orders, I would remind those officers who would enforce them that the will erode support in the community from the few of us left who are still supporting them. If we see cops breaking up birthday parties and harassing old ladies to wear a mask, I could see myself agreeing that they are over-funded.


0807, 22 July 2020


  1. Merlin

    The Democrats are banking on being able to stifle their Marxist mob idiots once they’ve outlived their usefulness. The Marxists are betting that with a six month head start their momentum will be unstoppable. Bad odds all around.

  2. jonnyv

    Owen getting a little hyperbolic here. Most people are not abandoning police departments. Many are saying, “Hey, you guys have to do a lot. What if we reallocated some of your funds to different or new departments and let you handle the violent crime you are trained to.”  As the saying goes, when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

  3. Pat

    Well said, Jonnyv!

  4. jonnyv

    Of course there also has to be some sort of cognitive disconnect in conservatives on this issue. Because ALL you ever hear is that all govt agencies can’t do anything right, they waste tons of money, most things should be private, etc.

    But suddenly some on the left are saying that they feel the police departments can be better run, diversify job skills, and handle money better in different ways and conservatives have to twist themselves into some sort of logic pretzel to defend the police, their budgets, and their jobs.  Of which they would not do with ANY OTHER govt run agency.

    Are the police the ONLY gov’t agency that is run perfect in their eyes and can do no wrong? Or are people on the right just as resistant to “the other side winning an argument and taking a point” that they just have to immediately decry anything suggested by the left.  That type of stonewalling is exactly why Congress is getting almost NOTHING done these days, on both sides.

  5. Mar

    So, what duties should the cops give up? Liberals advocate that social workers should go on domestic calls. That’s a dumb ass idea.
    How about ticket riding for vehicle violations, another dumb ass idea.
    These are the two most violent areas where police officers are killed and injured.
    Child abuse cases? Right because child welfare does such a good job.
    So, what areas would you give take away from the cops?

  6. jonnyv

    Mar, the talking point is to take money and move it to more social services to help combat homelessness, domestic abuse/child welfare, etc. By attacking the root of the problem, this will eventually leave the police with more time to deal with other issues.

    This isn’t a quick fix. This isn’t something you will see returns on in 1 year, it could take 5 or 10 years to begin to tamper down these issues.

    Literally yesterday I saw a squad car race over to Walmart on S 27th St. in Milwaukee to deal with a one-legged homeless man in a wheelchair yelling at homeless woman and the two were jawing at each other and someone called the cops.

  7. jjf

    Some people have the racist idea that it’s important to show a picture of someone, so you can more easily apply your prejudices.

    So why exactly are these people Marxists?

  8. Mar

    Again, Jonny, what police services would you cut?
    And how long have we have pouring money into the homeless problem?
    I worked at the homeless shelter up in Wausau and it opened up my eyes to homelessness.
    Most of the homelessness is either self inflicted or voluntary. Forced homelessness rarely happens and is usually a very short term thing.
    Mental health is another issue but unless laws are changed and court cases overturned, there isn’t much you can do. If a person refuses to be treated or take their meds, all the doctors and mental health professionals put together cannot do anything.
    And why take the money from the cops? Why not the fire department? They deal with the homeless and mentally ill as much as the cops.
    Why not take money out of the mayors and alderman’s budget. They don’t do much anyways.
    So, why just the cops?

  9. Randall Flagg

    The police have failed to “police” themselves.  They have let rogue officers continued unchecked for too long.  The “blue wall” of silence has protected and enabled monsters.  (Hmmm….sounds like a certain religion)

    They are now getting much deserved scrutiny.  Somehow that seems to bother Republicans……


  10. jjf

    But they like guns and they get to carry them every day, and they get to beat up the thugs and carry out the local prejudices, and they have cool vehicles and tacti-cool gear.  They’re like a local military!  What’s not to love?

    JonnyV is spot on with that assessment.

  11. Mar

    Gee Randall, you don’t think the same thing happens in other certain professions, like say, public education.
    They are just as bad or worse than the Catholic church.
    And still, jjf has not said anything intelligent.

  12. jonnyv

    Mar, I am totally FINE with taking money from the Fire Department too if they THEN don’t have to deal with other issues. Re-allocating funds is fine.

    And I don’t know all the particulars of the day to day of an officer. But like most govt run agencies, I bet there is a good amount of waste and redundancy in the budget if you dig. I have a solution, same one I have for the teachers. TAKE AWAY THE PENSION! Give them all a mild raise, and move them to a 401k, 403, whatever. Give them control of it.

    What I don’t understand is how anyone can look at how the current police infrastructure is run and say, “Yup. Things are going just fine. Nothing to see here.” And how can we constantly hear about the DOT, IRS, Education, FBI, DOD from people on the right SCREAMING about the waste and poor management. But when someone criticizes the police force, the right stand up and feels the need to defend them to the end. As if you are anti-American if you question how they are performing or if we can change the structure.

  13. Randall Flagg

    It sure does Mar.  Did you post that because you think that police should not be scrutinized because it happens in other organizations too?

  14. Jason

    >the two were jawing at each other and someone called the cops.

    Ironically, it was some Karen flexing her Liberal Privilege that made the call.

  15. Randall Flagg


    Another question:  why do you think organizations protect their own?

  16. Mar

    No, Randall. I wrote it to counter your hate.
    And I didn’t say the cops should not be scrutinized. They should be.
    But to take away police duties and give it to untrained people is not a good idea.

  17. Mar

    You’re right, Jonny, I think you can find bloat and redundancy in large departments and that should be gotten rid of. I have no problem with that.
    And there can be civilians doing some work police officers in some cities do. Like fingerprinting, filing and work in evidence rooms.

  18. Randall Flagg


    What hate specifically in that post?  Do you equate calling out organizations that hid monsters as hate?


  19. Randall Flagg

    Or is it like anytime Trump is criticized and the Trump cultists cry “That’s hate”?

  20. jjf

    Trump’s going to run a law and order campaign, crime and punishment.  The Fed goon squads kidnapping people from the streets – the right looks the other way.  It’s all about inciting the left.  Trump wants to smack the hammer down.  But they’re just tear-gassing a #WallOfMoms in Portland, which is going to make an easy Dem fundraising ad or two.

  21. Mar

    Oh, you can tolerate the Catholic church Randall?
    Based on your history of writing about the Catholic church, you show utter hate for the Church.
    Glad you changed your mind.
    And jjf still has not said anything intelligent.

  22. jjf

    Randall, be careful, there’s big piles of inability to read around here, don’t step in it.

  23. Merlin

    Second City Cop has a nice blog if you’d care for an overview of street level cops in Chicago. Very limited filtering. The comments can be brutal at times.

  24. jjf

    Why do so many Blogspot commenters appear as Anonymous?  Are they saying things they aren’t proud of?

  25. Jason

    Why the fuck are you asking us dummy?  God you are the atypical liberal.

  26. Pat

    “Why do so many Blogspot commenters appear as Anonymous?“

    I’m sure there’s one out there that has the guts to provide an answer.

  27. jjf

    Pat, it’s a perfectly legit question given that most of the commenters at Second City Cop (and Dad29’s blog for that matter) are anonymous.  As you can often see here, anonymity seems to breed poor behavior.  I like to think they’re more polite in person.

  28. Mar

    Who cares, jjf? You use your initials and you are quite uncivilized.

  29. Randall Flagg

    Now why would I hate the Catholic church.  I mean they only

    * knowingly ran an international pedophilia ring for decades

    * Moved predatory leaders to another location when the community found out what was going on, allowing the leader to continue preying

    *Worked with local authorities to insure predatory leaders were not arrested and charged

    * Had leaders rape nuns and then force them to get abortions

    * Fought against legislation to make it easier to prosecute their offending priests

    *Spent millions fighting the legislation, yet declared bankruptcy and hid money to avoid paying restitution to victims.

    *Called those that brought the abuse forward to the public devils.

    *Still have not released the names of all the predatory priests

    *Had a policy of secrecy in abuse cases which was practiced up to and including Popes

    Sounds like a stand up organization, eh?  Probably would welcome Jeffrey Epstein as a pope.

  30. Randall Flagg

    Second City Cop has a nice blog if you’d care for an overview of street level cops in Chicago. Very limited filtering. The comments can be brutal at times.

    How do they verify posters are cops?

  31. Merlin

    Gee, why might Chicago street cops prefer to comment anonymously on a blog more than likely under constant surveillance by mayoral office dwellers and/or CPD political correctness internet patrols?

    Might also wonder why the FOP chapters favor the recently increased federal law enforcement help. Those union boys seem to be straying from the Democrat plantation. All is not well under the big tent.

  32. jjf

    Maybe they’re just people who like to pretend they are cops.

  33. jjf

    Or they could call people “Marxist” just because.

    I’m just so atypical !

  34. Merlin

    Second City Cop can make your eyes glaze over when they refer to command structure, departmental politics, neighborhoods, recent events, etc. in the language of cop-speak, which is almost always. Seems like it would be as difficult to troll SCC as it would an astrophysics blog. If you don’t fit it’s pretty obvious.

  35. Mar

    I agree Randall: 0p

  36. Mar

    But I call you racist jjf, well, because you are.
    Still waiting for those racist jokes you readily admit you tell.
    And still not an intelligent post by you.

  37. jjf

    Probable cause?  Who cares!  Is this Marxist, too?

  38. Jason

    Wow, Crespo sure is credible.

    >Look, you can’t possibly conduct arrests lawfully if you don’t know your conducting them in the first place.

    Cant use your and you’re properly. Good thing he didnt even try privilege… right Johnny?

  39. Randall Flagg


    Thanks for showing us Republicans objected to a use of an incorrect photo in the past, only to turn around and use the same technique.  Unbelievable hypocrisy.

  40. Randall Flagg

    Cant use your and you’re properly. Good thing he didnt even try privilege… right Johnny?

    Cant?  Didnt?  You should not be criticizing others Jason.

  41. Randall Flagg


    I am not a cop, never have been one, and easily understood the comments.  Looks like any other conservative blog comments out there.

  42. Mar

    “Thanks for showing us Republicans objected to a use of an incorrect photo in the past, only to turn around and use the same technique.  Unbelievable hypocrisy.”
    President Obama put the kids in the cages, President Trump got them out of cages.
    Careful Randal, you are getting close to jjf stupidity. Very close.

  43. Randall Flagg

    Thanks again Mar.  When I pointed out the Republicans are using an incorrect photo (one not even taken in the U.S.) you added the insight that they had objected to that very tactic in the past.

    Without your help, the Republican hypocrisy may not have been illustrated.  With it, their hypocrisy is clear.

    In the end, Both the Republicans and Democrats were wrong to use incorrect photos. Do you agree Mar, or do your standards change depending on whether a (d) or (r) is involved?  If they change, they really aren’t standards, are they?


  44. Jason

    >You should not be criticizing others Jason

    Normally, I don’t. Since Johnny was doing it yesterday I felt an urge to edify him. Thanks for your help though, constructive as usual.

  45. dad29

    ……..because MORE social workers will solve all the problems!!!

    And because any old civilian can make traffic stops using their very own Jeep b/c it has 4WD and stuff.

    K.  Now then, are there any well-thought-out suggestions?

  46. Jason

    >Now then, are there any well-thought-out suggestions?


    Hahahaha, from these knuckleheads?   I’m surprised Foust gave up on the trigger handling so quick.  Usually he’s worse than an autist with Tourette’s when he thinks he actually has a smart thought.    Poor little guy.

  47. Mar

    Randall, I think both sides use false information
    With me, i take it on a case by case basis.
    Will i defend President Trump when he is 100% wrong.
    But i also will not be bullied into saying Trump said something wrong when he ad libs when other side, you have Joe Biden who has a mild form of dementia and is afraid of his own shadow. And the left either dismisses what he says or excuses it.

  48. jjf

    Randall, some people can control their urges.  Others can’t.  Others just invent explanations as to why they can’t, try to explain why they insult, struggle to explain why they ridicule, why that’s the best they’ve got.  It’s just an urge!  Can’t help it!

    Me?  I can control my urges.  I guess I’m just so atypical!

    As for picture tricks, sometimes I think they’re deliberate – someone intends to deceive.  Sometimes I think it’s spotted but approved – who cares, we’re just trying to show police struggling with protesters.

    Sometimes I think the error happens because no one around them truly cares and they’re just motivated to score as quickly as they can – like the two Republican senators who posted pictures of Cummings instead of Lewis.

  49. jjf

    And because any old civilian can make traffic stops using their very own Jeep b/c it has 4WD and stuff.

    Speaking of trigger discipline and weapon handling Skeeeells by civilians…

  50. Mike

    Here is Michelle Malkin’s description of what happened at the 6th annual “Back the Blue” picnic in Denver. She has always been a huge supporter of the police but no more. Their permitted event was left to the mob while the police stood by and watched. The final paragraph:

    So the message is loud and clear. When push comes to bloody shove in End Stage America, under the rule of the anarcho-tyrants, we, the law-abiding, are the enemy. Those in uniform sworn to protect and serve will turn their backs on us because their bosses don’t answer to the public. They protect and serve the mob.

  51. Merlin

    The street game has escalated to violence as discourse. Sweet little Michelle is a veteran political word warrior not suited for actually taking her game to the street. Hard to believe she didn’t see this coming.

    Continued public speaking just might require armed personal security with a willingness to break heads in defense of their client. The politically hamstrung law enforcement officers present can always serve as witnesses to the acts of self defense. They’ve all been trained on when to activate those body cameras.

  52. jjf

    Malkin’s just promoting the new “anarchy” meme as laid by Trump.  It’s the new justification for the latest wave of expansion of Trump’s authoritarian power.

    You think his Fed goons aren’t part of his campaign strategy?  It’s OK to pull them from the borders now?  It’s OK to snatch people from the streets without due process?  Ah, I see…  it’s OK because we’ve properly labelled the bad guys beforehand.  Pay no attention to the peaceful protesters.  Focus on the one breaking the windows.  Use the one to label the rest.

    Pay no attention to the orange Federal tyrant…  Look, over there – it’s one of those anarcho-tyrants!

  53. Merlin

    I would think that if you’re currently employed as a domestic terrorist the easiest way to stay out of federal custody is to not be filmed committing federal crimes. Don’t show up on the evening news destroying federal property. Don’t show up on social media hyping your exploits. Don’t show up on some random dude’s video distributing riot materials to your fellow cretins. Don’t give federal law enforcement video evidence to use in obtaining an arrest warrant for your dumb ass.

    They don’t have to roll you up today. Or tomorrow. They can take you off of the street in broad daylight or out of your bed at 4 AM. They don’t have to explain any of the particulars to your crowd of malevolent little friends. The anarchists will get a chance to air their grievances and explain their felonious behavior to their lawyer and some sort of magistrate. And maybe their parents footing the bill for the lawyer.

  54. jjf

    Merlin, so why did you give up so easily on the rule of law and due process rights?

    Unmarked Feds can pick up whoever they want, tell you nothing, hold you for no reason, take you where they want… and no records, no nothing, and you’re cool with that just because you Want To Believe they’re only grabbing suspected bad guys?  Bad guys doing…  graffiti?  This is the hill upon which you will surrender your ‘Merican rights?

    Warrants?  Really?  Show me some evidence they’re using warrants.  That’s some tasty Kool-Aid you’re drinking.

    And here we go with “anarchists” again.  Do words mean nothing now?  One minute they’re Marxist, next they’re Democrats, next they’re anarchists, next they’re communists…

  55. Merlin

    Does that fertile imagination of yours require much medication?

  56. jjf

    No, I’m quite atypical.

  57. Mar

    Yes, jjf, you are atypical. You’re special. So special in fact, they had special classes for you.
    So special in fact, they had hall of a college named after you:
    “The jjf Hall of Trolling And Racist Comedy”.

  58. jjf

    Oh, I’m wrong about the Fed goons in Portland?  Show me how.

    Or I guess you can show me how smart you are by coming up with new inventions and insults.

  59. dad29

    Trolling, Trolling,

    Over at Owen’s Place,

    Wherever a pile of B.S. goes,

    It’s Jiffy!! on his pace.

    LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy is fact-averse.  The more facts, the less LeeeeeeeeeeeRoy.  But his li’l pal…..oh, well.

  60. Mar

    Well, Dad, we haven’t heard from Le Roi in the past couple of days.
    Perhaps he decided to into lying rehab.

  61. Jason

    >Bad guys doing…  graffiti?

    I’m not going to jump into the rest of your nonsense, because this right here shows how dishonest you’re being.

  62. Mar

    “Oh, I’m wrong about the Fed goons in Portland?  Show me how.”
    Arresting a thug lawbreaker is not being a goon.

  63. dad29

    Well, the Mayor of Portland, fresh from his Baghdad Bob coursework, stood in front of the fires in front of the Federal Building and said that he “saw nothing” which was criminal.



  64. jjf

    “Thug lawbreaker.”

    Are y’all deliberately ignoring the news reports from Portland?  You think they’re following the same legal procedures you get from the police here?

  65. Mar

    Show me where they are not, jjf.
    Or you can join the Le Roi Lying Club.

  66. dad29

    Break Federal law, get Federal attention.  And arrest.  And trial.  And prison.  Very simple, right?

  67. jjf

    So protesting on Federal property is a crime now?

  68. Kevin Scheunemann

    Marxists are just evil.

  69. Mar

    Yes, jjf, when thugs try to burn down a Federal courthouse with people inside, it is a crime.
    When you try to break in into a Federal courthouse, it is a crime.
    Still waiting for an intelligent post from you, jjf.
    Hope it comes someday. After all, Le Roi is 69 years old and he won’t be around that much longer.

  70. jjf

    Kevin, why are they Marxists?  Is that the same as anarchist, communist, Democrat, and thug?

  71. dad29

    A plea for ‘clarification’ comes, Kevin!!  This from a guy who opines that arson is ‘mostly peaceful.’

  72. jjf

    Conflating the peaceful demonstrations and the actual property crimes does what for you, Dad29?  Does it help Jabba the Wut’s performative authoritarianism?

    Sending in the Feds in unmarked camo to actively beat the peaceful and shoot the journalists conforms with your natural propensity and concern for subsidiarity, right?

  73. Mar

    And jjf makes another false statement.
    Welcome to the Liars Club, jjf.
    Now Le Roi won’t be so lonely.

  74. Jason

    >Sending in the Feds in unmarked camo to actively beat the peaceful and shoot the journalists

    And there kiddies is an actual example of “conflation”. Also how a weak minded simp uses the Google search engine to support his narrow-minded world view and harsh and hateful biases.

  75. Kevin Scheunemann


    They are Marxist because they are painfully ignorant and the lowest form of social human debris.

  76. Le Roi du Nord


    If being painfully ignorant makes you a marxist, you must be Karl Marx in the flesh.

    Hyperbolic generalizations don’t make you appear any smarter, but do put your intolerance on full display.

  77. jjf

    Le Roi, words can mean whatever he wants.  That’s just science.

    Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.

    Lowest Form of Social Human Debris.  He loves his neighbors.

  78. MjM

    DMOTP Jiffy wonders:  Is that the same as anarchist, communist, Democrat, and thug?


    Next question.

  79. jjf

    And MjM joins Kevin’s Love Thy Neighbor Dictionary Club

  80. Mar

    That’s ok MjM, jjf joined the Liars Club.
    Besides not having anything intelligent to say, he now has to lie on top of it.

  81. Le Roi du Nord


    Not very christian of k.


    Speaking of intelligence, where are the details on the passing of Justice Alito?

  82. MjM

    Mar sez:  jjf joined the Liars Club

    Joined?  He’s Nazi Nort’s gal friday.

    Go get us some coffee, Jiffy.

  83. MjM

    Nazi Nort wonders: Speaking of intelligence, where…”

    …. is Conner Sports?

  84. Mar

    Le Roi, tell us about that national holiday, Easter.

  85. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, I won’t. It’s a christian holiday appropriated from several earlier, non-christian religions/cultures, just like christmas.

    But since you are quick to call other uneducated or unintelligent, can explain this, “…though you have to wonder about the care Justice Alito got before he died” ?

    Now repeat after me, ” Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV”.


  86. Mar

    Sorry Le Roi, you’re lying again. You said Easter was a federal holiday.
    Better go back to lying rehab and get your money back.
    It didn’t work.

  87. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, here is what I said:

    “Better tell that to the Easter Bunny, Hallmark, and all the candy makers/distributors”.


  88. dad29

    Jason, there is not enough time in the week to unpack the bundle of lies coming from the insurrectionist/Marxist crowd in Portland and regurgitated whole by their local FanBois.

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time–ancient R&B wisdom.

  89. Mar

    Lying again Le Roi. What a pathetic person you are.
    We were talking about Federal holidays when you said Easter was a Federal holiday.
    So pathetic but a Liar just has to lie.

  90. Le Roi du Nord

    You forget what these “….” mean?

  91. Mar

    Yeah dummy, look above those “…” and see what were talking about.

  92. Le Roi du Nord

    Before you call other folks “dummy”, take a look in the mirror. There is the face of the guy that thinks Keith Hernandez is a murderer, and that Justice Alito is dead. Pot, meet Kettle.

  93. Mar

    I guess,Le Roi, in your sad and pathetic way,you admit you were wrong.
    I accept your apology.

  94. Le Roi du Nord

    Sorry mar, but I didn’t admit I was wrong.  You made that all up.  Now go along and look up the obituary for Justice Alito.

  95. Mar

    Le ROI, if brains were dynamite, you wouldn’t have enough to blow your nose.

  96. jjf

    Another glorious round of civil discussion here on B&S.  I haven’t heard some of Mar’s insults since fourth grade!  See, they make his arguments stronger!

    And today we learn that Dad29 takes a great deal of moral guidance from 1970s TV theme songs.

    Crimes?  What charges?  You think they’re actually telling people what they’re charged with?  And who is “they” in this case?  They don’t ID themselves.  Just thought crimes, right, and you’re hoisted from the street.

  97. dad29

    Easter was not “appropriated,” but discussing that only works with someone who has intellectual horsepower stronger than that of a chipmunk.

  98. Mar

    Gee, jjf, maybe if you and Le Roi would have honest discussions, maybe we can take you guys seriously.
    You are very uncivil with your lies, racism and trolling.
    My humor might be at the 4th grade level, but that’s 5 grades above you and Le Roi’s ability to carry on an intelligent conversation

  99. Mar

    Le Roi, I admit when I am wrong. Yeah, I get names mixed up sometimes and my grammar isn’t great. I admit that.
    You refuse to ever admit you are wrong and then you lie on top of it, even when you are caught.
    But, I guess you are the typical liberal. Just lie until people either believe you people think you are crazy.
    Just saying, crazy old man.

  100. Le Roi du Nord


    For someone who claims to have been a teacher for 20+years, and in the medical professional for 4 decades, you sure aren’t very “professional” with your interpersonal behavior.  Calling others uneducated, stupid, liars, or worse, doesn’t enhance your credibility, nor your ability to carry on what you might think of as an “honest discussion”. If you act in a civil manner, others might great you the same way.  But when you always blame others for your shortcomings you’ll get what you deserve.

    No grow up, and grow a pair..

  101. Le Roi du Nord


    “Easter was not “appropriated,”.

    It sure was.

  102. Mar

    Le Roi, with your lying, false pontificating and your hatred, you should try your hand at being a comedian. Most people won’t find you funny but I am sure the folks at Antifa and NPR might.

  103. Le Roi du Nord


    As I have told you numerous times, I don’t hate anyone, not even you.  You, I pity, but I don’t hate you, not even a little..

    If calling folks names makes you a big man, even if only in your eyes, have at it.    Far be it for me to judge your little pleasures.

  104. Mar

    Gee, Le Roi, if you were just an honest person, maybe I wouldn’t have to point out your lies.
    No Le Roi, I’m not insulting you, I’m describing you.

  105. Le Roi du Nord


    Your juvenile insults directed at those that disagree with you don’t constitute an “honest discussion”, but rather your insecurities, and an unhealthy dose of immaturity. Sort of like your idol in the WH.

    It may be too late to suggest that you act like an adult, so I won’t.

  106. dad29

    Since you maintain–regardless of facts–that the feast was ‘appropriated,’ why don’t you tell us from whom?  Be specific.

  107. dad29

    Jason, didn’t Jiffy inform you that it is immoral, illegal, un-Constitutional, and unprofessional, not to mention just plain Orange Man Bad, to be a Fed and drive an un-marked van?

    Like, man, c’mon.  They should wrap those Enterprise rentals or something.  Spend a little money here.  Make it look really cool to make Jiffy happy.

  108. Mar

    Le Roi, I can have an and open discussion with people who are honest.
    Which of course, leaves you out.

  109. jjf

    Dad29, there’s the van (did I even mention that?) and then there’s the uniforms.  And then there’s whether they’re following the legal protocols that you and I think should be taking place when they lift you while you’re walking down the street.  Trump says he’s ready to deploy 75,000 troops within the USA and you’re not the least bit concerned, hmm?

    Mar, you’re honest and civil, right?

  110. jjf

    Le Roi, maybe those behaviors are the reason that Mar isn’t working in those sectors any more.

  111. dad29

    The uniforms/vests all have “POLICE” (or similar) markings, no matter what you read in Pravda.

    Perhaps you have a better method of ‘lifting them…….walking down the street’?  Dragging them?  Knocking them down?  Asking for the next dance?  Or are you objecting to taking people in for questioning–which is perfectly legal, BTW?

    75K TROOPS?  Or some large number of Federal agents?  I’m sure you have a cite for “troops” outside of The Daily Worker, right?

  112. jjf

    Troops, Federal agents, police, officers, Homeland, people, Border Patrol, Blackwater hires…  Who knows what we should call them.  Are they armed?  You think their camo says “police”?

    troop /tro͞op/ noun plural noun: troops

    1. soldiers or armed forces.

    Says CNN Pradva:

    President Donald Trump said Thursday that he’s willing to send as many as 75,000 federal agents into American cities to quell violent crime, a recent campaign theme for the President.  Speaking in a telephone interview on Fox News, Trump began by saying he was ready to dispatch “50,000, 60,000 people” into American cities. But eventually he upped the figure to 75,000 — but said it would require local authorities asking for help. “We have to be invited in. At some point we’ll have to do something much stronger than being invited in,” Trump said.

    Hey, if you can point to a source that can explain who they are and where they’re coming from, I’m all ears.

    Because you’d think it would be important to know what those “up to 75,000” (people) were doing before Trump sent them out to help with his campaign.  Or it might be interesting to know if they’ve been properly trained to do this job of correctly arresting people, or if they’re just excited to be all tacti-cool’d-up and helping out with the batoning and tear-gassing of the ever-so-dangerous Wall of Moms.

    He’s only going to do it if he’s invited?  And what about all the cities who’ve already said they don’t want them there?

    Remember back in 2014 when an armed group occupied a Federal building for 40 days and vandalized the property and they didn’t even get tear-gassed or shot with rubber bullets and they were allowed to have snacks sent in?

  113. Jason

    Both your links you quoted do not say troops. Nice ad-lib on your part. You think it strengthens your position, but it undermines it completely. But then it’s what you always do, every day.

  114. jjf

    Doop derp doop dee doop.

    But hey, these are Marxist protesters!  Or thugs!  Or communists!  Or ANTIFA!

  115. Jason

    Posting at 10:42 PM and again at 10:44 PM? Get some self control dude. Oh and way to show us how you can Google for your opinion and get results. How boorish of you.

  116. Mar

    “Mar, you’re honest and civil, right?”
    Compared to jjf and Le Roi, I’m a saint.

  117. Mar

    jjf, just come out and say it. You support these racist, cop and United States hating thugs.
    You fit right in. You are a racist and you hate the US.
    You just you were many years younger so you could join in.
    But with your walker and no one to change your diapers, it’s just not possible for you to be a thug.

  118. Kevin Scheunemann

    Not one denunciation against ignorant Marxism from our local lefties. Not one defense for the police against these evil Marxists.

    Shows these local lefties are:

    1.) Fail to support police against these thugs.

    2.) Fail to denounce these Marxists running police down.

    The local libs demonstrate their awfulness by failing to do both these things.

    Instead, they run interference for Marxist cancer in their treasonous positioning.

    Awful. Just awful.

  119. dad29

    Jiffy’s cite at Fortune mag-a-rag fails to support ANY objection Jiffy has made, although it does run one side of a story given by a poor, poor, little victim of Orange Man Bad Brutality.   FYI, there are 73,000+ employees in the IRS, a portion of which are armed.  It’s not hard to find 75K Feds who pack as part of their jobs.


    And on another topic, we are still waiting for LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERoy to tell us which culture(s) were ripped off by Christians who celebrate Easter.


  120. Le Roi du Nord


    I told you once, you forget?

  121. Mar

    Oh oh, Le Roi is playing his lying game again.

  122. Kevin Scheunemann


    Then say it:

    “I am sorry for not openly supporting police better against these evil, liberal, Marxist thugs. These Marxist thugs,are lawless evil and should be punished. I supoort there arrest.”

    If you can’t agree to that, you are, again being dishonest about this.

  123. jjf

    And here I thought you guys were upset about my use of the word “troops.”

    The story is even reaching CBS Sunday Morning, so now Grandma and Grandpa will learn about it.

    So if they put “POLICE” on their camo, it makes them look like Officer Friendly?

  124. Le Roi du Nord


    I have repeatedly told you, and others here, that I am a law and order supporter.  And as I have told you numerous times as well that you don’t get to tell me what to say, when to say it, or how to say it.  Are you so arrogant that you feel that you have the right to tell others what to do?

    Now will you denounce trump for his disregard for the legal process in pardoning folks like flynn, stone, and his support for maxwell?  Or is that sort of criminal behavior OK in kevinworld?

  125. dad29

    Not on this thread, LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy.  Can you read your own posts?

  126. Mar

    Gee, General Flynn got pardoned?
    That’s news to me.

  127. Mar

    And President Trump supports Maxwell?
    Maxwell House maybe.
    Just Le Roi being Le Roi.
    A liar being a liar.

  128. Kevin Scheunemann


    You tell us you are law and order but fail to denounce and criticize the Marxist criminals attacking cops!

    You are either a coward or hopelessly dishonest.

    I’ll give you one last chance to agree with my statement.

    Or we will have to brand you dishonest.

  129. Le Roi du Nord

    Correct mar, I misspoke.  The charges, guilty pleas, and conviction against flynn were dismissed by DoJ at the request of trump.  While it technically isn’t a pardon, it allows an admitted felon to walk free.  If you are OK with that, shame on you.  I’m not.

    And yes, trump wished her (maxwell) “well”.  Let’s see how long it takes for him to interfere in that mess.

    What is the common thread in these two (and stone) ?  They know things, bad things, about trump, and he is willing to intervene on their behalf with the legal system to keep them quiet, at least until after the election..

  130. Le Roi du Nord

    Wow k, should I be eternally grateful and forever subservient to you for giving me “one last chance”?  You are arrogant and self-delusional beyond measure.

  131. Kevin Scheunemann


    Just trying to help you not side with criminal Marxist evil while stupidly claiming to support law enforcement.

    You look like a horse’s posterior while defecating.

    Even police officers say you are acting against them by failing to denounce Marxist criminal evil.

  132. jjf

    While we’re at the corrections, can anyone tell me why these protesters are Marxists?

    You look like a horse’s posterior while defecating.

    Wow, so Christian of you!

  133. Mar

    If, Le Roi, you are proud of how the government went about hiding evidence, lying, going after an innocent man, then shame on you.
    And why would President Trump interfere with Maxwell? Unless he did it at the behest of President Clinton.

  134. Le Roi du Nord


    You can’t help but play the role of the unimaginative 2nd grader, can you?  Demanding that others bow to your demands, giving us a “last chance”, petty and juvenile name calling are soooo mature ! Will you ever act like a rational adult?


    If you are referring to flynn, then why did he plead guilty twice?  Innocent folks don’t do that.

    BTW, there is no President Clinton right now, and hasn’t been one for 20 years.  You really need to stay current.

  135. dad29

    They know things, bad things, about trump, and he is willing to intervene on their behalf with the legal system to keep them quiet, at least until after the election..

    Assigning Democrat actions and motives to Trump again, eh?  Certainly you have SOME idea of what “bad things” they know, LeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy.  Just like you know all about Easter.  (Still waiting, champ.)

    BTW, Stone did not get a “pardon” from Trump.

  136. Mar

    “BTW, there is no President Clinton right now, and hasn’t been one for 20 years.  You really need to stay current.”
    Gee, you mean the reporters who call him Mr. President are wrong?
    I give the guy some respect and still get crap for it.

  137. Le Roi du Nord


    Maybe you can explain how former President Clinton, out of office for almost 20 years, would have any sway over the legal system of 2020?

    Yes, you deserved it.

  138. Mar

    President Clinton had a “special” relationship with Maxwell and Epstein. And yes, he still has influence.
    So, expert Le Roi apparently knows more about respect than journalists.
    Way to go Le Roi. Go teach courtesy at a local journalism school. They’ll appreciate you

  139. Le Roi du Nord


    The issue isn’t about respect to former President Clinton, but how you think he can influence the legal system 20 years later.  So explain…..

  140. Mar

    Le Roi, is Hillary in prison?
    Enough said.

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