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1115, 20 Jul 20

Teacher Unions Bully to Extend Summer Vacation


Teachers unions in the state’s five largest school districts are calling on Gov. Tony Evers and the state’s top health and education leaders Monday to require schools to remain closed for now and to start the school year online only, arguing the threat from the coronavirus remains too high for students and staff to safely return.

The unions voiced their concerns in a letter to Evers, Superintendent of Public Instruction Carolyn Stanford Taylor and Department of Health Services Secretary Andrea Palm, saying the virus is “surging across Wisconsin” and that the state has among the fewest restrictions in place to contain its spread.


Evers, a former educator and state superintendent, has been a top recipient of teachers unions’ political spending.

One must recognize what is going on here. First, these unions are advocating for more money and less work. On the tail end of the push for online learning are demands for massive new spending on public schools to buy new online platforms, training, bigger classrooms, smaller class sizes, etc. It’s the same old push for more spending that they always do. Follow the money. They paid for a governor and they are now demanding tribute.

Second, these unions are terrified that if they abdicate their duty to educate children, the private and suburban schools will step in to fill the void. Many of those suburban and private schools are planning to actually open and educate kids. Parents see that and actually care about their kids’ education. So instead of minding their own business and focusing on their local districts, the unions are pushing to a statewide mandate to prevent families from having a choice. I hope that all of the parents in these five districts are paying attention. The teachers in their districts, as represented by their union, don’t give a crap about their kids’ education. Irrespective of whether or not there is a statewide mandate (which would be unconstitutional), parents are doing a disservice to their kids to keep them in these school districts.



1115, 20 July 2020


  1. Mar

    I think some extra money is needed to reconfigure the classrooms, purchase PPE supplies and sanitizers.
    But the teachers do not deserve more pay, if anything, they deserve less as they are doing less work.
    And if they are going virtual, then the logical thing is to lay off at least 1/3 of the teachers as the schools as they are not needed.

  2. jjf

    Bullies?  Wait, are we talking about the Feds grabbing people off the streets in Portland?

  3. Jason

    Liberal Priviledge in plain view for all to see.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    This is awful. Just awful.

    May be time to voucher every kid up and abandon structural public school system.

  5. Mar

    I guess in jjf world thugs and criminals should be allowed break federal law with no consequences.
    Typical Antifa and liberal extremist thinking.

  6. jjf

    Inability to spell, in plain view for all to see.

  7. Jason

    Ok Foust, spelling critique when you have nothing else.  Thanks, we all knew it was coming.  We all now see your Liberal Privilege.

  8. dad29

    Ah, the old “Dindoo Nuffin!!” defense from Jiffster.

    Could there be two sides to the Portland fables?

    No doubt there are.  But you won’t find both of them in the NYT, which is now as credible as Alex Jones–or maybe even less so.

    Short story:  toss a Molly, or a firework, or a brick at a cop–get apprehended.  Cross state lines for the purpose of riot–get apprehended.

    Fail to obey lawful orders–get rubber bullet in the face.


  9. jjf

    Maybe we can use the state unemployment staff solution for this, too!

    All those legislators doing nothing but still getting paid?  We can ask them to be subs in the schools after the teachers get sick.  Robin’s got the PPE!

  10. jjf

    Dad29, that fascism is so tasty when you’re the one wielding the club, isn’t it?

  11. gedwards111

    I don’t get it.  As soon as the school year is supposed to start, if the schools are closed, and the teachers aren’t teaching, isn’t that time for a layoff?

    If there is no work for you at your job, your laid off.  Or at the very least reassigned to department that does have work.

    I know, just like the state government employees that aren’t still back to work they will still get paid, but it’s not right.  Or fair to the taxpayer who is laid off and still has to pay their taxes.

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