Ozaukee County Cancels Fair

From the Washington County Insider.

A portion of the announcement reads:  “We will not be utilizing Firemen’s Park this year for any events, we will not have food vendors or any shows which the public can attend.

“The Fair Board met this week and decided to limit this year’s Fair to the judging of 4-H and Open Class exhibits and holding the traditional livestock and small animal auctions. Attendance will therefore be limited to those necessary events and will not be open to the public.”

The Ozaukee County Fair Board of Directors cited “recommendations from the health department” as its primary reason for canceling the 2020 fair.

Vendors said they had been informed of the closure earlier this week.

We are quickly learning which people are “can do” and which ones are “wont’t do.”

10 Responses to Ozaukee County Cancels Fair

  1. Kevin Scheunemann says:


    They should have learned that Covid does keep crowds down as in July 3rd Fireworkd example from Kewaskum.

    There was little excuse to cancel.

  2. Randall Flagg says:

    Or they should have invited Trump.  As we saw in Tulsa, that also keeps crowds down :)

  3. Le Roi du Nord says:

    So if the crowds would be smaller perhaps that was a sufficient fiscal reason for cancelling the fair.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann says:


    Fairs are about profiting? Since when?

  5. Le Roi du Nord says:

    Well k, if they loose money they won’t even around for very long. Ask your fair board.

  6. Jason says:

    Is your money a little loose or very loose Leroy?

  7. Le Roi du Nord says:

    Right on there j, I made a mistake and I apologize. I hope I didn’t cause you any further mental distress.

  8. Randall Flagg says:

    Le Roi:

    Jason might not know what ‘apologize’ means.  Trump and his supporters never apologize.

  9. Randall Flagg says:

    Oh, and they never admit they were wrong either.

  10. Mar says:

    You hit the stupid pills again, Randall?

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