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2009, 02 Jul 20

Couple Charged for Felony Assault

Looking at the video, this seems like a case where they were overcharged. I don’t see how a jury convicts them for felony assault for this. I expect it will be plead down.

It is a good lesson for concealed carry holders. We don’t see the alleged “bump” that precipitated the incident. The couple seemed to keep their cool pretty well as they got in their car and began to back up. It looks like, but is not clear, the mother and/or her friends got behind the car to block the couple in. That’s when it all went to hell.

The woman in the car got out and drew her weapon (much better control and discipline than the St. Louis couple). Given how we have seen several incidents of mobs surrounding cars and assaulting innocent people, perhaps the woman could be forgiven for overreacting. Context matters. But this was not a mob and there didn’t seem to be an imminent threat of anything except someone getting run over. By introducing a weapon into the situation, she escalated the situation unnecessarily. Judging by her yelling, she seemed legitimately fearful for her life, but her response was still inappropriate. She would have been better served by staying in the locked car and calling the police. As long as nobody tried to enter the car or assault them, it would have ended there.

In any case, as all of us watch riots and roving mobs assaulting people, people are going to continue to be on edge. Look for more of this to happen.


2009, 02 July 2020


  1. Jason

    This is a bad thing for good people in this country.

  2. Jason

    Personally I think (in my ignorant way) this escalated to a weapon being drawn – correctly – only when their escape was blocked. They tried to leave, as was wise, and their way was blocked, forcefully.

  3. jjf

    perhaps the woman could be forgiven for overreacting

    Weird, you didn’t say that about the other woman.

  4. dad29

    and their way was blocked, forcefully.

    Yah, but that didn’t constitute an assault requiring deadly-force countermeasures.

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