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2108, 29 Jun 20

Court Rules in Favor of Election Integrity


MADISON – In a sweeping decision that took more than three years to come out, a panel of federal judges on Monday reinstated limits on early voting and a requirement that voters be Wisconsin residents for at least a month before an election.

The three judges also banned most voters from having absentee ballots emailed or faxed to them and told a lower court to continue to tweak the system the state uses to provide voting credentials to those who have the most difficulty getting photo IDs.

The unanimous decision by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago was mostly a setback for the liberal groups that challenged Wisconsin’s voting laws, but it did give them some victories. The appeals court upheld a decision that allows college students to use expired university IDs to vote and barred the state from requiring colleges to provide citizenship information about dorm residents who head to the polls.

Although there was a down side.

In one victory for those who brought the lawsuit, the appeals court agreed with Peterson that students could use expired college IDs to vote. And the appeals court also went along with the lower court ruling that said the state could not require universities to provide citizenship information about students living in dorms. (Such a requirement would violate federal privacy laws for students, the appeals court found.)

Monday’s decision also dealt with a separate challenge to the voter ID law that was heard by U.S. Judge Lynn Adelman in Milwaukee. The appeals court had already blocked a ruling by Adelman that would have allowed people to vote without an ID if they signed an affidavit. It gave a final reversal to Adelman’s decision with Monday’s ruling.


2108, 29 June 2020


  1. Mar

    Lynn Adelman: Tommy Thompson’s biggest mistake.

  2. Randall Flagg

    Meh.  You win a few (like the recent DACA and abortion rights rulings by SCOTUS), you lose a few.

  3. Mar

    As you said awhile ago, elections have consequences.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    Baby killing is not a win…except for monsters.


  5. Randall Flagg


    Men can walk away from a pregnancy at any time, and furthermore impregnate women against their choice (25000-30000 times plus every year).  Thus abortion is needed as an equalizer.

    Seems to me if your god didn’t want abortions to have such a concrete justification, she could have designed things differently and more equal.

  6. Mar

    I’m sure you have evidence of that.
    Not saying there are none, but not at that number.

  7. Randall Flagg

    I sure do Mar.  But tell you what.  If you think it is wrong, show your evidence that it is wrong.  But if you cant, and I show you it is right, you admit I was right.  OK.  Every time I ask you to.

    Or do you just want to withdraw your challenge?

    Even if it was only 1, that victim should no be forced to live with the results of the crime.  That would be like an arson victim not allowed able to rebuild their house.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann

    So you side with baby killing.

    no surprise.


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