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1306, 25 Jun 20

Band Abandons Racist Name In Favor of Sexist Name


The Dixie Chicks have quietly changed their name, dropping the word Dixie, and rebranded as The Chicks on Thursday.

Natalie Maines, Martie Erwin Maguire and Emily Strayer changed their band’s social media handles to The Chicks but released no statement about the new moniker.

The group also declared their support for the Black Lives Matter movement by debuting a brand new music video for their anthem, March March, which features scenes of protests throughout history.


1306, 25 June 2020


  1. Pat

    What does the “A” in Lady A stand for?

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Only half repenting wokesters.

    This will end woemrse than Jimmy Kimmel.

    Love it when the woke liberals eat each other in virtue signaling.

  3. Mar

    They are way old to be Chicks.
    Old Grumpy Codgers would be better.
    Even Le Roi can relate to that.

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    Don’t know much about that group. It isn’t my style of music.  But I will admit to being the age age that I am, 69.  It is certainly better than the alternative.

  5. MjM

    A southern man don’t need them around, anyhow.

  6. Mar

    The band is your usual Trump hate group.

  7. Le Roi du Nord

    Obviously you have listened to them more than I have, mar.

  8. Merlin

    MjM for the win.

  9. Mar

    I think I liked 1 song.
    But they really are not known for their music but known for the hate filled speech against conservatives.

  10. Le Roi du Nord

    One of those “grab ‘em by the p@$$y” conservatives?

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