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1234, 22 Jun 20

DPI Issues Guidance on Reopening Schools

If you’re curious, you can scroll through the 84 pages of “guidance” here.


1234, 22 June 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I declined at mention of 84 pages.

  2. jjf

    Too much like solving real problems, eh Kev?  We’ll just leave it to the union thugs and overpaid staff to handle this one, and then you’ll be back to complaining about them in no time, right?

  3. Mar

    From what I gathered, DPI is pretty much demanding a 4 day school week. One to give school staff time to clean the school and the other is to give staff a whole day plan.
    This is BS since schools can be cleaned at night and on the weekend and staff do not need a whole day to plan for the week.
    Most parents don’t work 4 day work weeks.
    And that also means that the school year will either be lengthened or the school day will be lengthened. Either way, I am sure the teachers will have their hand out to increase pay and benefits.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    It is all crap.   There will be efforts to comply the first week or two and human nature, being what it is,  will go back to business as usual by Oct. 1.

    Let’s stop pretending and just go to business as usual.



  5. jjf

    Just a hoax by the Democrats, I know, I know.

    So, have you heard of anyone you know who’s died of the ‘rona yet?

  6. Mar

    “So, have you heard of anyone you know who’s died of the ‘rona yet?”
    No. I know you are terribly disappointed in that.

  7. Mar

    Here’s a neat trick.
    Put any 3 digit number in Google and then type in new cases and see what you get.

  8. jjf

    Mr. Two Post, what’s your point about the numbers?  With all the locations in the world, with all the likely numbers of new cases per day, with all the days that’ve happened…  you’re surprised to see you get hits on the googles?

  9. Mar

    Actually, I am surprised, jjf, you actually were able to Google it. I mean, if you cannot handle a database, how can you use Google?
    There was no real point, just kind of interesting about the number of articles written about the Chinese virus. Probably, mostly, to scare people.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann



    But I did have a relative die in a truck accident doing hero work of getting food and supplies to people that needed them.   He worked extra because drivers were so short.

    And since there are very few liberals in Wyoming, they did not lie, and reclassify his death as COVID 19…


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