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2251, 11 Jun 20

West Bend Army National Guard Being Deployed


WEST BEND, Wis. — Approximately 35 Soldiers from the Wisconsin Army National Guard’s G Company, 2nd Battalion, 104th Aviation will deploy to the Middle East this summer.

Based in West Bend, the unit will mobilize in support of Operations Spartan Shield and Inherent Resolve.

The Wisconsin National Guard continues to maintain a high operations tempo with hundreds of Citizen Soldiers and Airmen deployed overseas including approximately 200 Red Arrow Soldiers with the 1st Battalion, 128th Infantry currently serving in Afghanistan and approximately 160 Red Arrow Soldiers from the 32nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team headquarters who deployed to Ukraine in fall 2019 where they are overseeing a group of multinational “partner and advise training teams” – or PATTs – based at the International Peacekeeping Security Center in western Ukraine. Approximately 150 Soldiers from the 829th Engineer Company and another 20 Soldiers from the 924th Engineer Facilities Detachment remain deployed to the Middle East. The 1967th Contracting Team also deployed to the Horn of Africa in the winter.


2251, 11 June 2020


  1. Mar

    Maybe on their way to the Middle East, they can stop by Seattle and kick some Antifa thug butts.
    Since the thugs say they are a new country, the Guard taking back US territory by force and well, sending a few to the County morgue, that would be icing on the cake. As Le Roi would say, it is the thugs own darn fault.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    agreed. They should make stop in Seattle and kick some liberal terrorist posterior.

    But liberals seem just fine with terrorists occupying Seattle.

    Awful. Just awful.

  3. jjf

    Does ANTIFA actually exist?


    I’ve been involved in progressive politics for the last 25+ years, including the last 15 in “radical Madison.”  I’ve never once heard of an Antifa meeting or any type of organizational effort.

    It’s existence and capacity to do anything is largely a myth generated by Fox.

  4. Mar

    Right, jjf, those who wave the Black flag, those who say they are from Antifa, the graffiti and the signs should be ignored
    It is possible Judi also is a liar or lives under a bridge or in a hole in the ground.

  5. jjf

    Is ANTIFA a club or a belief or an attitude?

    If it’s a club, where’s the clubhouse in Wisconsin, and who is the secretary, and what kind of snacks do they have at the meetings?  I’m all about the snacks.

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