Biden Stiffs Family of Man he Helped Kill for 20 Years

The whole Biden family is full of some really scummy people.

Joe Biden‘s brother wriggled out of paying some of the $1 million in compensation he owes the family of a young father killed in a horrific car crash more than 20 years ago – after creditors found just $29.16 in his bank account, can reveal.

Frank Biden has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from a series of executive positions he’s held at firms that appear to trade heavily on his family name – and is currently the pitchman for a large¬†Florida¬†law firm.

He also lives with partner Mindy in a smart $600,000 four-bed, four bath house in a gated community overlooking a golf course in upmarket Atlantis, Florida and the couple drive contrasting $40,000 black and white Range Rovers.

But when attorney John F. Hayter, representing the family of single dad Michael Albano who died tragically in 1999 leaving two orphaned daughters behind, garnished Biden’s Wells Fargo bank account in February, he found it almost empty.


Biden, 66, hasn’t paid a cent of the cash he owes the Albano family despite him having defaulted on a lawsuit filed against him for the death.

However, there’s light at the end of the tunnel for the Albanos as can reveal that the businessman has finally made contact with the family’s lawyer.

It’s the first time scofflaw Biden has made any contact with the Albanos – albeit through an attorney – having actively ignored repeated court orders and written requests to pay up over the past 20 years.