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2233, 06 Jun 20

COVID-19 Hospitalizations Decline Dramatically

Good news.


2233, 06 June 2020


  1. Mark Hoefert

    At least there will be enough ventilators for Wisconsin. 1500 on order, for $30 Million, for the coming “2nd wave” predicted by the experts.  To add to the current inventory of 1274, of which 322 are being used.

    But not to worry, won’t cost WI anything – the money is coming from the federal CARES program.


  2. jjf

    And which other graphs on that page make you feel good?

  3. Mar

    jjf, still wanting more deaths still? Man, your morbid.
    Why dont you be a man and admit you were wrong on just about everything about the Chinese virus.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    Are you still yelling the sky is falling?


  5. jjf

    Again, tell me what you see in the other graphs.  Good news?

  6. Jason

    Well Johnny, there was only one that I saw that was a curve…. and it was curved showing more availability for PPE than ever before. Not sure what you’re gunning for on this one… you have staunchly supported the lockdowns from day 1 to “bend the curve”. Weve been off lock down far longer than needed to see a “curve” and it has not happened. It’s been 13 days since Memorial Day and all the hand wringing that was predicted from that… it’s a bigger flop than a hardcore libertarian could have hoped for.

    So where have you moved your goalposts too, trollboy?

  7. jjf

    Extra credit for Jason:  What would the “number of cases per day” curve look like if the pandemic was over?

    Hardcore Libertarian.  It is to laugh.  I was taking the Libertarian presidential candidates out for beers before you were born because no one else would talk to them, much less take them seriously.

  8. Jason

    So that’s where you’ve moved your goal posts…

    >What would the “number of cases per day” curve look like if the pandemic was over?

    No longer “flatten the curve” to Pandemic Over.   Which will never happen, ever, should make you very turgid to be able to have yet another disease that will impact the sick and weak and poor far more than others.   More potential Dem voters as feeding their hate for non-impacted people is easier than having them know truths.

    Facts are facts and science is science.  The models you lauded were wrong, we’ve been off any “Safer at Home” quarantine far longer than needed to see a curve.  It’s not there Johnny, you can stay home if you want to, but you can’t make me stay home any longer.

  9. jjf

    I didn’t move any goalposts.  I’m just not pretending that it’s over.  If I ask you what a curve looks like, it’s not moving a goalpost.  Arguably, I’d say that you’re the one moving a goalpost, not me.

  10. Jason

    A month or more ago you were all about “Flattening the Curve” and not “Overwhelming our hospitals”.  If that’s all you care about – like you did back then – You are now happy that the curve is more than flattened, it’s curved sharply down.  You have changed your tune from that mantra.


    You do see that precipitous drop in the chart that Owen embedded right?  You’re not so stupid to not understand that curve is the one wanted, right?



  11. jjf

    Asking if you can interpret a graph is not changing my goal, is it?

    I see four graphs on that page.  Sure, it’s great news it looks like hospitalizations are down in the last week or two.  We’re right back to where were for much of April and May.

    I’ll wait while you summarize the other graphs.

    From my perspective, I have clients who are private clinics, and they’re all telling me stories about how they can’t find PPE and/or the price has gone up by many multiples.

  12. Jason



    Sure, PPE is at an all time high, and contradicts your colloquial personal experiences with your highly limited sample size (Mr Science, you’re not).

    The other two have quite a linear trajectory.  In simple terms for you, since you’re not a science guy…   no curve, which of course means your “FLATTEN THE CURVE” is not needed, even after 60 days of lock down, and nearly 3 weeks of removal of that misguided protection.

    So I’ll summarize your answer to my question…. you are so stupid to understand what Owen posted.  Stop moving your goalposts, dumdum.

  13. Tuerqas

    jjf, you mentioned taking Libertarians out for beers.  Are you a Libertarian or was that job related?  I was vice-President of the YLA at WBHS as a Freshman.  Not sure how old you are, but my first beer with a Libertarian candidate was in 1979. To be accurate, he took us out.

  14. jjf

    I didn’t say my anecdotes came from hospitals, which is what that graph describes.

    Linear trajectory.  Your words.  So cases are not decreasing?  Still going up?

    How did you know that I have a “Mr. Science” t-shirt?

  15. Jason

    Wow, look at this Owen.    The WHO now says that spread of Coronavirus is “Extremely Rare” by asymptomatic carriers.


    That was another big science-y reason the experts recommended social distancing and Lock-Down Quarantines.  All their models had calculus in them that these typhoid mary’s would silently spread Covid and kill the world’s grandma’s and grandpa’s.  More scientific and indelible proof that these experts and just throwing darts at a board.


    Johnny, want to loan Neil Fergeson your Mr. Science shirt?  Seem you both have a good neck beard so that’s a plus.  BTW, linear is Latin for “No Curve”.

  16. Jason

    >“From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual,” Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of WHO’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit, said at a news briefing from the United Nations agency’s Geneva headquarters. “It’s very rare.”


    I wonder if this means that the WHO and CDC will remove the recommendations for masks again?  Certainly this means that social distancing can be relaxed… right? Anyone disagree with the science now?

  17. jjf

    I welcome the progression of scientific knowledge.  Do you?  This is the way it’ll work.  Someone’s going to make a claim like that, someone else will try to prove or disprove it.  Don’t get too excited.  Be best.

    And you’re going to inform a two-time Latin Club president who also had etymology coursework at UW-Madison where “linear” comes from?  Do tell!

    Oh noes, I’ve given you more material to add to your research folder about me!  Doxxing gets you excited, Jason?  Lube up!  No neck beard here.  I trim to two fingers above my Adam’s apple on a regular basis.  Everything else is #3.

  18. Jason

    >And you’re going to inform a two-time Latin Club president who also had etymology coursework at UW-Madison where “linear” comes from?  Do tell!

    I just did, since you seem to think “Linear” supports your “Flatten the Curve” you’ve been preaching and proselytizing here about for almost 3 months.   Sorry bub, it doesn’t.


    Oh you also go on about your private business and clients, and yet your reddit history shows you’re most active between breakfast and lunch… odd, wonder if those are in your billing hours?   Working hard I see.

  19. jjf

    What drives you to dox someone, Jason?

    And I’m the one who has too much time on their hands?

  20. Jason

    Awww, its amazing how quickly you flip from being a two-time Latin Club president to victim!

  21. Mar

    jjf, when this started, it was all about the hospitals and being overwhelmed, that was your main concern.
    That never happened and you were wrong.
    Now you are talking about cases.
    Who cares about the number of cases? It’s the number of hospitalizations that is most important.
    And if the medical people are short of PPEs, then have them run down to the local convenience store or Home Depot or Walmart. They have plenty of masks for sale.

  22. jjf

    Jason, you get a thrill from being a bully.  Where’s Paul?  Ask him how his repeated doxxing of Owen turned out.

    Mar – I’m glad hospitalizations are down.  However, if cases are still climbing, it can lead to more hospitalizations again, right?  Watch all the numbers.  Call me when we stop climbing.

  23. Jason

    We all have our vices Mr Science Latin Club President. You love bragging and trolling, I love talking down to you trolls.

  24. jjf

    Classic bully behavior, Jason.  Get zapped by facts or science, turn to the personal insults instead because hurp-derp.

    I didn’t say I was a victim.  I merely asked you why you were doing what you were doing. Dig deep, show us on the doll where they touched you.

    You learned it in grade school, I assume.  Hit ’em, then tease them and ask them why they’re crying.  Good job!  You’ve come a long way, we see.

    Meanwhile, Owen is busy posting all morning.

    Hey Mar, how’s Arizona doing?  See any headlines that need ‘splaining?

  25. Jason

    What zapped me? My fingers are sore showing you how your neck beard buddy and now disgraced and unemployed Ferguson was so very very wrong. And you’rebusy bragging about being the president of the Latin Club instead of addressing anything. Then crying about Paul and dressing up dolls. Also busy showing us he doesn’t really understand computers. Poor widdle Foust, it’s been a rough day… maybe tomorrow will be better.

  26. jjf

    Jason, you are a bully.  Why are you a bully?  What makes you that way?

    You actually just said “widdle.”  What’s next, “why are you crying, are you a widdle baby?”

    Yeah, I really don’t understand computers – but you do!  And you’re bigger and stronger and smarter and more mature than me!

  27. Jason

    And there’s what 2 years of Latin Club and even some etymology coursework at shining start UW-Madison gets you kids.  Called out for the last 3 months of correct us unscientific fools for questioning and doubting the “So called experts”.   When the so called experts start back tracking and revising things, there’s Big Johnny, unwilling to admit his science was wrong, unwilling to admit the experts were wrong, instead bragging about bookcases, reading ability, and anything else other than the topic.


    Hey, I went through those charts like you asked… you want to talk about that, or just the “mean” words I added?  You want to talk about the WHO being wrong?  Want to talk about the CDC being wrong?  Want to talk about how Italy has found approximately 57% of their population has Covid antibodies?

    No?  Didn’t think so.

    Typical big mouthed liberal troll, “blah blah Racism”, “blah blah Sexism”, “Oh no I was found out to be a fraud – you’re a bully and I’ll pick on meaningless subtopics and avoid the real meat”.  I’ll coin a new phrase for you Johnny, you’re an Online Vegan – no meat for your dainty persona.

  28. Mar

    “I’m glad hospitalizations are down.  However, if cases are still climbing, it can lead to more hospitalizations again, right?”
    You are probably wrong. They are doing more testing, which means there will be more cases. But that doesn’t equate into more hospitalizations since most people are asymptomatic or minimal symptoms.

  29. dad29

    The WHO now says that spread of Coronavirus is “Extremely Rare” by asymptomatic carriers.

    Must be 12 hours later, because WHO walked that back.  It’s now 40% instead of “rare.”


  30. jjf

    Yeah, Jason, tell me all about it.  Let’s analyze it all minute by minute.

    I apologize if the bookcases made you feel bad.  What about them made you feel bad?

    Sure, if you want to talk about your doxxing and why it makes you feel better, sure, share with us.

    Bring on the facts.  It’s always better than some armchair instant experts thinking their ideas are valid simply because they’re contrary.  Remember when the whole virus was just a hoax?  Oh, yeah, we don’t stick to that contrarian opinion, did we?

  31. jjf

    Mar, did you spot any Arizona virus news in the headlines lately?

  32. Mar

    Yes I did. And as I have said many times, our governor is an idiot.
    There are many more cases of the virus but there is a lot of more testing as well. But the hospitalizations have been stable.

  33. Mar

    So, more information came out since I read about it in the morning.
    So, hospitalizations are also going up.
    Ok, if it is an emergency, then get some field hospitals set up. Get more hospital equipment from other states.
    Instead, the governor and the health department are sitting on their collective butts and wringing their hands.

  34. jjf

    Mar, why do you think the numbers are changing?

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