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2201, 05 Jun 20

Buffalo’s Entire Emergency Response Team Resigns

Can you blame them?

Fifty seven officers have resigned from their positions on a Buffalo police squad in support of two colleagues who were suspended after they were filmed shoving a 75-year-old peace activist to the ground, causing him to crack open his head.

The two officers were suspended without pay and are now under criminal investigation after footage showed them knocking Martin Gugino to the ground and leaving him with critical injuries in front of Buffalo’s City Hall in upstate New York on Thursday night prior to the city’s 8pm curfew.

The Buffalo Police Benevolent Association told the Investigative Post that all members of the department’s Emergency Response Team have since resigned.

‘Fifty-seven resigned in disgust because of the treatment of two of their members, who were simply executing orders,’ PBA president John Evans said.


2201, 05 June 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann


    I would not want to be a police officer under weak on crime liberal leadership which hurts minorities.

    Being part of liberal racist machine is an awful thing. It can be tiresome to constantly explain to liberal politicians that evil is bad, and ignoring criminal evil is worse.

  2. Pat

    “The officers haven’t resigned from the Department – only the Emergency Response Team they were on.”
    “ All officers who resigned from ERT will remain on the job in their regular duties”

    They more than likely were ordered by their union to take that action.

  3. Merlin

    I would be very interested to hear Mr. Gugino, peace activist, explain why he thought it was a good idea to interfere with an advancing line of riot police. Without his explanation it seems like a rather senseless action. After that maybe the mayor could offer an apology for the rough treatment as he hands Mr Gugino his citations.

  4. jjf

    Clearly he should’ve been carrying an AR, Merlin.  That would’ve stopped ’em.

  5. Pat

    The mayor is not firing the two officers, though they are suspended and charged with felony assault.

  6. dad29

    interfere with an advancing line of riot police.

    He is a crisis actor.

  7. dad29

    And……there’s more to this old asshole than reported, until today.

    See Conservative Treehouse.  He’s a subversive with tech-tricks, too.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann

    there are limits to liberal activist BS. Even this mayor knows he cannot govern without support of police….unless he want lawless anarchy….which some radical liberal thugs cheer.

  9. jjf

    Tech tricks!  On noes!  When tech tricks are outlawed, only outlaws will have tech tricks.

    So which part of this means it makes sense to knock him to the ground like that?

    You must love bullying.  Tell me you love bullying!  Awful!  Just awfuuuuul.

    And it’s Sunday, so don’t forget your sexism.

  10. Mar

    The old thig was told to leave. He refused. When the cops started to move, he refused to move, so the cop moved him. Can’t help if he is ornery and uncoordinated.
    But as Le Roi would say, it’s his own damn fault. The old man put himself in that situation. Bad decision making.

  11. Merlin

    Mr. Gugino was trying to scan for the unit’s tactical frequency?

  12. dad29

    Yup, Merlin.  Far more to this subversive bastard than some want to admit.

  13. Pat

    Was your source James Okeefe?

  14. Merlin

    Well, if he was on the job then his employer should be on the hook for a worker compensation claim. And a bonus for the outstanding flop seen around the world.

  15. jjf

    What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

    Such a laughable conspiracy theory.  Go on, go on!  Tell me more!

    Tell me how his phone needed to be so close to the police to do the “scanning” for a communications medium critical to police work?

    What’s the use of a communications medium that only reaches a few feet?  Bluetooth doesn’t reach around the corner.

  16. Tuerqas

    What was he doing with his phone jjf?  Actually captureware tech does need to be close to its target.  In general, it cannot focus on a single source save by proximity.  Stand in Time Square with your captureware program on, and you will get too much mashed up data and nothing will be organizable into a coherent source. (There may well be software that does it from a greater distance, but it is not public knowledge that it even exists)

    I am not saying that is for sure what he is doing because we have no statements on file from the two police or Gugino, but with his history, online presence and beliefs detailed therein, it seems pretty clear he is not trying to hand a helmet back, the mainstream media explanation.  Well, that and the fact that he never proffered the helmet.

  17. jjf

    Is there any evidence to support this conspiracy theory?  Capturing what, exactly?  Some RF reading device connected to his phone?  Software installed that did some kind of scanning?  Or was he just using the camera to get close enough to read badge numbers?

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