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0717, 29 May 20

Evers Administration Fails to Follow Law with Unemployment

Another instance of incompetence by the Evers’ Administration or intentional malice? I lean toward the former.

In a Thursday letter to Evers, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, said DWD has not provided its plan to abide by a new law created in April requiring that unemployment claims specifically related to the COVID-19 outbreak not be charged to an employer’s unemployment insurance account for the remainder of the year.

The state Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund is filled through payroll taxes on employers and used to provide temporary benefits for qualifying workers who lose their job. The amount an employer pays in taxes is directly tied to how much that business draws upon the fund.
Vos and Fitzgerald said in the letter the provision was meant to mitigate large tax increases on employers most impacted by COVID-19. The new law also aims to prevent employers from having to pay higher taxes as a result of pandemic-related layoffs or furloughs.
“The outrageous decision to break the law is made worse by the fact that in so doing, the department is making it even harder for the employers impacted by the health crisis to get their businesses open and bring their employees back to work,” Vos and Fitzgerald said in the letter.

0717, 29 May 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Awful liberals hurting the most vulnerable in society again.

  2. Merlin

    Definitely the latter. They’ve established a track record of ignoring law they find ideologically inconvenient and adopting petulant responses when slapped by the courts. Stop confusing malevolence for incompetence.

  3. Jason

    > new law created in April 


    But wha????   RandallFlunk posted the other that all they do is Gavel In and Gavel Out!  Is he lying or is   RF said that specifically regarding a discussion on DWD issues…  Hmmmm, he’s either lying or he’s an idiot.  I’m leaning toward both.

  4. Randall Flagg

    Does the law require them to have a plan?  Or just not to charge employers?  If it is the latter, the GOP is being Chicken Littles.

  5. Jason

    >Does the law require them to have a plan?  Or just not to charge employers?  If it is the latter, the GOP is being Chicken Littles.

    Spin the lies little doggie… I can make you dance.

  6. Randall Flagg

    OK, point me to the provision in the law that requires them to have a plan, and to have it by  a certain date.  If you can the GOP is correct in the letter that the administration is breaking the law.  If you can’t. the GOP is wrong.

  7. Jason

    I suggest you read up on Section 50 and 51 of Act 185 if you really want to.  It’s there, and what Vos and Fitzgerald are saying is they have no evidence that at the end of June that the DWD has done anything to ensure their system will comply with those terms in 50 and 51.  If they do nothing, DWD will indeed be in violation of that.

  8. Randall Flagg

    I already did.  Did not see anything about the DWD needing to come up with a plan, just that they need to comply with the terms by the end of June.

    So, what law are they currently breaking that would make Fitz/Vos’ claim that they are breaking the law true? Or are Vos/Fitz lying is saying they are breaking the law?  It has to be one or the other.

  9. dad29

    A whole 3 posts from Pfluggnut, and not a single “BUT TRUMP!!!!” yet.

    Maybe the needle skipped a bit on his vinyl, eh?

  10. Jason

    I’m sorry that you’re not comprehending that as of June 30th DWD will be violating state law, and since they’re so busy processing backlog and their antiquated system cant process paperwork fast enough, that its extremely unlikely they will be able to comply with state law.

    Let’s get back to the crux, since I like to see the little Democrat sycophants dance like bitches…. the crux is still the absolutely moronic statement of “just gavel in and gavel out” which would never have generated such a wide sweeping and comprehensive bill as Act 185, which you have stated – on record – as having read. Sorry, you’re full of shit, also on record. Dance little doggies, I do enjoy watching it.

  11. Randall Flagg

    I comprehend it perfectly.  If they do not comply on June 30th they will be breaking the law.  You reiterated that:  “that as of June 30th DWD will be violating state law…..”

    But both Owen and Vos/Fitz say they ARE breaking the law now.

    Owen:  “Evers Administration Fails to Follow Law with Unemployment”

    Vos/Fitz:  “The outrageous decision to break the law…”

    It’s a simple question, Jason.  Are they breaking the law NOW? If you can’t answer that, you won’t understand an explanation of gavel in/out.


  12. Jason

    You dont understand it at all, and your words prove that. If the DWD does nothing, by June 30th it will be too late. Tax bills to employers will be sent out.

    And no point in trying to twist more little doggie… the fact that this bill was written and voted on proves your “gavel in – gavel out” is indelibly wrong. Sorry you’re so dumb Randy Flunk.

  13. Randall Flagg

    If the DWD does nothing, by June 30th it will be too late.

    Thanks for agreeing with me that they are not breaking the law NOW, and thus the assertions by Owen and Vos/Fotz are lies.  But since you cannot be man enough to admit I was correct, and they are wrong, no gavel in/out explanation for you.

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