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2118, 28 May 20

Evinrude Ends Production

Another iconic casualty.

BRP, the parent company of Evinrude outboards, announced last night that it is discontinuing production of Evinrude engines. In its press release, it stated that the COVID-19 pandemic obliged it to stop production immediately. BRP President and CEO José Boisjoli said, “This business segment had already been facing some challenges and the impact of the current context has forced our hand.”


2118, 28 May 2020


  1. Mar

    And liberals l ik e Le Roi and jjf jump for joy as more unemployed people are taking one for the liberal. More deaths and unemployed. Yea!!! Right Le Roi and jjf?.

  2. jjf

    Mar, there you go again, imagining things, and then using them to tell yourself you’re right.  Why?

    In another situation, wouldn’t you say it’s the free market at work, that it’s creative destruction?

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, that is far from the truth. Why must you lie? Does it make you feel more significant? I have owned several Evinrude motors over the years and always liked them. But they have been on the ropes for years, and no one should be surprised that BRP finally pulled the pin. There large HP models are great, but they didn’t make their smaller models , just rebranded someone else’s.

  4. Mar

    Le Roi, I am not lying. You want the lock down to continue. You know people will lose their jobs and you are just fine with it.
    You hate the President and want everything bad to happen so he won’t be elected.
    Why must you lie?

  5. Mar

    Le Roi, I actually read what you write and maybe you forget what you wrote in the past.
    But your words and posts have meanings. You may not exactly have said you are happy these workers just their jobs but in previous posts, that is your sentiment.
    But I suppose it was their own darn fault for being employed in the first place.

  6. jjf

    Just like clockwork, Mar invents more positions for other people, then runs with it.

  7. Mar

    “In another situation, wouldn’t you say it’s the free market at work, that it’s creative destruction?”
    If the Chinese virus had not had happened, then it yes, it would have the free market.
    But why was the factory shut down in the first place?
    We had several factories in our city stayed open, probably illegally, and had no cases of the Chinese virus in them. So, why couldn’t Evinrude stay open?

  8. jjf

    It’s May, Mar, and you still pretend to not to understand.

  9. Mar

    Understand what, jjf, that the science was wrong? That factories can actually function with no cases of the Chinese virus happening and no one getting sick?
    It seems like you are the who was wrong and you don’t understand actual facts.

  10. Le Roi du Nord


    The problem is your complete and utter failure to even attempt to comprehend the written word. And I’m sure that the same problem would surface were someone attempt to have a face to face conversation (yes that is the correct word) with you.

    And no, that is not my sentiment. You are lying.

  11. jjf

    Try, Mar.  Just try.

    Why was the factory shut down in the first place?

    Why couldn’t Evinrude stay open?


  12. jonnyv

    Virtually every major business that has gone under seems to have “underlying issues”, or “previous problems.” I am sure there are smaller businesses where that isn’t the case, certainly. But when you read this story, this was a struggling business segment that couldn’t survive. And even without Covid, probably wouldn’t have survived another few years.

    I hope that everyone affected by this finds employment elsewhere soon.

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