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0620, 27 May 20

Federal Money Is Flowing

And everybody is lining up at the trough. As I said before, you can’t push this kind of money out of Washington without corruption and fraud taking a sizable share.

Nearly one out of every five Covid-19-related federal contracts for $1 million or more went to companies that had never won a contract with the federal government before the crisis broke out, according to a CNN analysis of procurement data. While some of the first-time contractors have substantial experience in the Personal Protective Equipment industry, others are small firms with no record of producing or procuring medical equipment, CNN found.
The vendors who’ve won multi-million dollar deals range from a California firm whose previous products include a vodka bottle with an LED screen, to an Ohio tampon manufacturer that has shifted part of its production line from menstrual products to face masks, to a company registered by a former Trump administration deputy White House chief of staff less than two weeks before it was awarded its first contract.
Already, some have failed to deliver: two of the seven largest contracts given to companies that were new to federal contracting have been canceled after the suppliers didn’t deliver promised respirator masks. And questions remain about the quality of equipment delivered by other vendors, including the company formed by former Trump administration aide Zachary Fuentes.

0620, 27 May 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Typical centrailized control liberal corruption.

  2. Randall Flagg

    Trump is a liberal Kevin?  Now that is something I have not heard before.

  3. Mar

    “Trump is a liberal Kevin?  Now that is something I have not heard before.”
    Another moronic statement.
    The federal bureaucracy is very liberal.
    Too bad for civil service laws. If it were not for them, I am sure President Trump would fire most of them.

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