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0639, 19 May 20

Lawless bureaucrats must be held to account

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty disgusted how high-level bureaucrats in Washington and Madison are never held accountable when they break the law. Shouldn’t losing their job be the least thing that should happen when they abuse their power and break the law? I think so and argue the case in my latest column for the Washington County Daily News today. Here’s a taste. Go pick up a copy!

What happens now? When a normal Wisconsinite is caught breaking the law, they are fined or jailed. When Palm’s illegal order was being enforced, Wisconsinites were being ticketed and arrested for doing things as simple as eating in a restaurant or playing basketball in a park. Will Secretary-designee Palm be held accountable for breaking the law?

Will her boss, Governor Evers, take responsibility for his employee’s blatant flaunting of the Constitution and the law?

So far, neither Evers nor Palm have indicated that they will accept any responsibility for violating the law. They will continue to cash their full paychecks and direct their opulent staffs courtesy of the very citizens they sought to oppress. They have committed to continue on without a modicum of contrition for their unlawful actions.

As an elected official, the voters will have to decide if Governor Evers should be held to account at the next election or sooner. But as an unconfirmed appointed secretary, the Wisconsin state Senate should immediately move to reject Palm’s confirmation so that the people of Wisconsin will no longer be subject to her lawless proclivities. She is clearly unfit for public service.


0639, 19 May 2020


  1. Mike

    A DA would not even need to start a John Doe investigation. This governor’s malfeasance is out in the open for all to see.

    Gov Evers made a statement that showed he was knew and understood he did not have the authority to unilaterally alter an election, then issued an EO trying to do something he knew was unlawful.

    WI statute 946.12(2) has something to say about that:

    946.12  Misconduct in public office. Any public officer or public employee who does any of the following is guilty of a Class I felony:
    (2) In the officer’s or employee’s capacity as such officer or employee, does an act which the officer or employee knows is in excess of the officer’s or employee’s lawful authority or which the officer or employee knows the officer or employee is forbidden by law to do in the officer’s or employee’s official capacity;

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Yes! Make these lawless liberals be accountable for once.

  3. jjf

    Oh, please do!  It’ll be wonderful for the next election if the WisGOP pursued this.  Forget what the polls say about the pandemic!  Be brave!

  4. Pat

    I definitely want the GOP to pursue a full blown investigation into this immediately.

  5. Le Roi du Nord

    I’m in as well.  If k and mike have evidence of criminal activity, let it out, file suit, get a conviction.

  6. Mike

    Le Roi, you should know that private citizens can’t sue people for criminal activity in this state. Criminal activity as to be prosecuted by a DA.

  7. Le Roi du Nord

    Lots of options out there for you, and you certainly can sue for damages. We’ll all await whichever route you pursue.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann


    So you defend the constitutional lawlessness?

    Why am I not surprised?

  9. Le Roi du Nord


    You shouldn’t be surprised, as I never said that. Not even close. I actually encouraged you to pursue enforcement of criminal activity wherever and whenever it occurs.

    Why must you be so dishonest?

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    Do you denounce these action described in Owen’s article?

    I see silence from you on it.

    Typical liberal bad actor pass?


  11. Mar

    In reality, all Owen is calling for is the incompetent and dishonest Palm not be confirmed. That shouldn’t be hard for the GOP if they had any guts.

  12. Le Roi du Nord


    I’m not going to waste my time teaching you to read. I didn’t say what you claim. Why must you lie ? Isn’t that one of your 10 big sins?

  13. Kevin Scheunemann


    I asked if you denounced the bad bureaucrat behavior in the article?

    Why do you resist denouncing bad behavior?

  14. Mar

    Oh, come on Kevin, you the liberal commandment:
    Though shall not speak ill of another liberal, no matter how badly they screwed up.
    Just look at Governor Cuomo in New York and how many thousand people he killed in nursing homes because of his policy of putting those with the Chinese virus into the homes.
    Not a peep from liberals.

  15. Le Roi du Nord


    Here is what I initially said: “I’m in as well.  If k and mike have evidence of criminal activity, let it out, file suit, get a conviction”.

    And you replied with: “So you defend the constitutional lawlessness?”

    How you could possibly imply that I “defend the constitutional lawlessness” indicates that you truly have some sort of mental defect, or don’t have much comprehension of the English language.  Either one would be a reason to seek help.

  16. Kevin Scheunemann


    By your unwillingness to denounce bad behavior toward the Constitution.

    Will you denounce Palm’s behavior, or not?

    Don’t complain if you are unclear, or silent in face of bureaucratic constitutional abuse.

  17. Mar

    Kevin, Le Roi and also jjf do support the illegal actions of the Wisconsin governor, Herr Evers.
    They did not want the Stste to open up. Le Roi is scared that some yahoo from Milwaukee will bring the Chinese virus to his town.
    jjf didn’t want the State to open up until there was a vaccine.
    They support the violation of citizens rights. They support a dictatorship in Wisconsin, as long as the leader is a Democrat and if a shut down hurt President Trump, well, that’s their goal.

  18. Kevin Scheunemann


    It is shocking when it comes to their utter dishonesty on matter.

    They squeal that you accuse them of supporting Palm’s lawless behavior….but yet when you ask them, 5 times to denounce Palm’s actions….nothing.

    Liberals cannot make a solid moral judgement outside the godless intersectional victimhood pyramid if their life was dependent on it!

    However, if you use a non-preferred PC term to describe their sick, godless, leftist religion, they get hyper moral on that like it was puppy kicking.

    It’s a very twisted morality. Constitutional lawlessness and baby killing…nothing. Acurately call liberalism a godless cult…gets a joker level crazy reaction like in the Dark Knight.

    There will be proof following this comment. They will fail to denounce Palm’s awful totalitarian behavior, but will sure serve me up on chopping block for what I just said. Messed up priorities, no question.

  19. Mike

    Once again Nord, The State prosecutes criminal behavior, not citizens. Citizens sue for civil damages. I am talking about criminal activity. as for evidence, read my statement. Evers knew and explained why he had no authority to unilaterally change the election, then issued an EO trying to do exactly that. The evidence is in his statements and actions. It’s up to a prosecutor to investigate, just like the Walker john doe.

  20. jjf

    Does telling us what we must think get you all excited?  And asking us to denounce something brings you over the edge?

  21. Le Roi du Nord

    “The State prosecutes criminal behavior, not citizens.”


  22. Kevin Scheunemann


    Just looking for hope you can openly oppose bad liberal behavior at some point.

    Seems clear you will excuse and tolerate awful liberal behavior.

  23. jjf

    Kev, it’s really fun to talk with you, so you can tell me what I think.

  24. Mar

    “Seems clear you will excuse and tolerate awful liberal behavior.”
    So, what is wrong with that statement, jjf?

  25. Kevin Scheunemann


    Looking for some courage from you to do the right thing…once in a great while.


  26. jjf

    Mar, what is wrong with this statement:

    jf didn’t want the State to open up until there was a vaccine.

  27. Kevin Scheunemann


    No courage?


  28. Mar

    That’s what you said in the beginning of this Chinese virus.
    Or was it your evil twin brother who hacked into your account and said this?

  29. jjf

    Mar, show me where I said that.

    As far as I know, I’ve been saying the same thing all along.  Same as what all the people in government have been saying all along, too.  Waves of lockdowns and liftings as outbreaks increase and decrease.

    How long has to pass, what else needs to happen to allow Evers and Palm to introduce a new lockdown?  Just how different does it need to be?

  30. Kevin Scheunemann


    So you embrace the constitutional violations?

  31. jjf

    Court’s gonna do what courts gonna do. I would’ve been happier if they’d split it and told the Legislature and Governor to play nice.

    Do you embrace a stacked Supreme Court?

    Let me guess.  You think Hagedorn was off-base, because you’re a Constitutional scholar, too.

  32. Kevin Scheunemann


    So you do support rogue Palm’s actions?

    Why can’t you just say that?

    Own the shameful liberal actions.

    Stop being embarrassed by your ideology in perfect action an execution.

  33. Mike

    “The State prosecutes criminal behavior, not citizens.”


    That’s right Nord, Criminal court filings in WI are always “State of Wisconsin vs …


  34. Le Roi du Nord

    True mike, as in State of WI vs John Doe. Mr Doe is an individual.

  35. Kevin Scheunemann


    Do you denounce Palm’s lawless actions?

  36. Le Roi du Nord


    I denounce dishonesty, lying, willful ignorance, bullies of all stripes, Bears, Yankees, and people too hide-bound by ideology to learn anything new.

    Take your pick.

  37. Mar

    Yep, Kevin, I told you he supports unlawful dictatorships.
    But if Scott Walker would put the state in a lockdown, he would be leading the charge against Walker.

  38. Mar

    Mike, it’s too early in the morning for Le Roi to think. You have to wait to let his Geritol kick in before he gets it.

  39. Le Roi du Nord


    I never said that. You are lying.

  40. jjf

    But Le Roi, do you embrace your denouncing?  Do you willfully denounce your awful embracing?

  41. Pat

    Bhwaaaahaaaahaaaa! That’s a good one!

  42. Mar

    Le Roi, you may have not come out and said you like dictatorships, but your writings and beliefs sure support it.

  43. Kevin Scheunemann


    But do you denounce Palm as a bully? Her dishonesty? Her willful ignorance of WI Constitution?

    I don’t think you do.

  44. Mike

    Nord, “John Doe” is the defendant, the state is the plaintiff in an action brought by the state thru the DA. Criminal cases are only brought to court by the state. This actually refutes your assumption.

  45. Le Roi du Nord


    This is what you said:  “The State prosecutes criminal behavior, not citizens”.

    John Doe, Bill Smith, scott walker, donald trump, etc., are all individuals and may be citizens,  and can be prosecuted for criminal acts as defined in state statutes.  Your statement (above) is incorrect.   Spin that however you want. And if you think you have irrefutable evidence that Sec. Palm committed a criminal act, go to the DA, DoJ, etc. and get a indictment, trail, verdict and a sentence/penalty.  I encourage you to do so.


    No, because you are exaggerating what occurred.  No surprise.

  46. Le Roi du Nord


    I denounce denouncing as prescribed by kevin.

  47. Kevin Scheunemann


    Then what do you denounce of Palm’s actions, if any?

    (Keeping your hypocrite lecture above in mind).


  48. Le Roi du Nord


    You won’t get me tangled in your silly word games.  We disagree, both on the facts, and in our political opinions.  And you are the last person on earth (the much older that 6000 year old earth) to lecture anyone on hypocrisy.  Grow up.

  49. Kevin Scheunemann


    If you will not denounce Palm’s lawless, anti-constitutional actions, that must mean you must like her actions.

    Stop blaming others for your moral weakness in opposing tyrannical action.

    You have no one to fault, but you, for your tolerance of awful behavior.


  50. Randall Flagg

    ‘Nothing is easier than to denounce the evildoer; nothing is more difficult than to understand him.’


  51. Mike

    John Doe, Bill Smith, scott walker, donald trump, etc., are all individuals and may be citizens,  and can be prosecuted for criminal acts as defined in state statutes.

    Right, because they are defendants prosecuted by the state. Those individuals didn’t bring a complaint to the court, the state investigated them or brought them to court.

    Evers public statements and EO’s are there for all to see, but it’s up to a DA to bring charges.

  52. Kevin Scheunemann


    The challenge is: to get godless liberals to even RECOGNIZE basic evil. We cannot reach an understanding if evil is constantly ignored, tolerated, or dismissed.

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