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2118, 19 May 20

DNC Convention May be Virtual

Aw, man… and the ANTIFA folks were ahead of the curve with their masks.

MADISON — Governor Tony Evers said Monday, May 18 a virtual Democratic National Convention is likely amid the coronavirus pandemic. The August event in Milwaukee was supposed to flood the region with $200 million, and pack the streets with 50,000 people — but COVID-19 means the event may go virtual.


2118, 19 May 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Milwaukee will be better off for it.

    Keep the child traffickers away.

  2. Merlin

    The Democrat elite are pretty much done with voters who can’t be herded into voting the correct way mucking up the process, but this is what happens when you invite every fringe lunatic into the tent and realize too late that the tent is full of lunatics. They created their own chaos.

    The end game here is no convention at all resulting in the “party” appointment of a candidate that is not brain-dead Biden and is not faux-Socialist Bernie. Voters will be sold a new anti-Trump savior. The WuFlu will be the excuse offered for absolutely shitting on Democrat voters and the sheep will remain docile, as always. They will not realize that TDS was the mechanism by which their own leadership robbed them of their collective voice. Hate is blinding.


  3. dad29

    Oh, yah.  This will play VERY well with the businesses which already threw a lot of $$$ into the pot figuring they’d be selling stuff like crazy during the Convention.

    Think the Marcus folks will ever talk to Barrett again?

  4. Mar

    Will they get their bribes refunded?

  5. MjM

    Here’s Babblin’ Joe practicing his acceptance speech.

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