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1341, 17 May 20

Vegetarians Cheer Meat Supply Disruption


Rosenbaum, 23, went vegetarian in 2017 and is one of about 16 million Americans to make the same choice over the past few decades. From 1971 until 2018, the percentage of Americans choosing meat alternatives grew from 1% up to 5%, according to surveys from Harris Interactive and Gallup.

Many vegetarians and animal rights activists believe the COVID-19 pandemic, and how it has ravaged the meat industry, could be a turning point in more Americans joining their meat-free ranks.

Americans eat more meat per capita than any other country.


Yanz noted her vegan diet amid the pandemic means she’s not experiencing the same woes as other consumers.

“I’m feeling no shortage of anything, except for toilet paper,” she said concerning the few times she’s gone to the grocery store. “We felt no shortage of meats or things like that; I never bought them in the first place.”

Me either. I still have 60 or 70 pounds of venison in the freezer. There’s a nice chili simmering on the stove now. Mmmmm mmmm.


1341, 17 May 2020


  1. jjf

    Those darn non-meat-eaters, they vex you so!

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    Liberals cheering misery of others. Typical.

    Awful. Just awful.

    How would you like me to cheer dandelion disruption, or whatever plant, granola eating thing Vegans nibble on?

  3. jjf

    But it’s OK when we take milk fat out of products for cost reasons, right?

    How do you know their political beliefs?  You think there aren’t any conservative vegetarians or vegans?

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    You still fail to address the liberals celebrating the misery  of others.   Conservative vegans don’t celebrate the misery of others and are not militant about their veganism.


  5. jjf

    Now you’re just making stuff up, Kevin.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    Want see the liberal vegan hate posts on my company FB page?   They are awful. Just awful.

    They are really upset about door sign, but took the chance to assault me with their miltant veganism anyway.

    Liberals are a very intolerant bunch.


  7. jjf

    I can imagine how you generalized that all vegans who attacked DQ on your page are therefore liberal and therefore awful – that’s just Kevin logic – but how did you determine the generalized actions of conservative vegans?

  8. Kevin Scheunemann


    I can see you are cheering meat shortage as well.

    Just celebrate your liberal elitism.

    Conservatives are not militant about this.

  9. jjf

    Amazing logic you’ve got there, Kevin.

    I must hate America, right?  Awful.  Just awful!

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    Start by denouncing vegans celebrating in this story.

    If you can’t, yes, you are part of the problem.

  11. MjM

    From the article: “Walch’s first creation, Smoky House Ribs, ….”

    Meat is stupid. But we form our highly processed plant protein goo to look like meat. And called it meat names.

  12. Tuerqas

    I’m feeling no shortage of anything, except for toilet paper,” she said concerning the few times she’s gone to the grocery store. “We felt no shortage of meats or things like that; I never bought them in the first place.”

    I see a potential problem in this statement.  Is she eating just canned and frozen vegetables?  All the Vegans I know go to the store a lot more than I do for fresh produce.  I suppose she could grow her own food, but to me that would have been important enough to be mentioned in the article.

    I do understand that the groceries she would buy when she does go to the store would not be in short supply.  They don’t taste as good…

    Randall Flagg, an interesting article, but the problems detailed in it have a lot less to do with conservative perceptions of Vegans, than with the power of the food industry over the FDA.

    I think most negative feelings towards Vegans fall into 2 main categories:  1) Most of the ones I know have an annoying feeling of superiority that they communicate every chance they get.  But really, most people have some reason(s) for feeling superiority over their friends and co-workers.  It is something to accept in others as you (should) hope that others accept in you.

    2) Many people get their feelings from the organizations that represent them.  I doubt too large of a percentage of people like and approve of PETA actions overall.  I find this stat comparison interesting:  The internet gives an estimated US Vegan population of 1.62 million, a vegetarian (Vegans included) population of approx. 8 million, and a PETA membership of 6.5 million.  Now this does not prove that all or even most Vegans/Vegetarians are PETA members, but I have to admit that I expected to see a much larger percentage of Vegans/Vegetarians than PETA members/supporters.  I don’t see that there is a large % meat eaters that actively support PETA.  I know a lot of people who eat meat that approve of parts of the PETA platform, but PETA’s extreme actions prevent them from contributing.  I am all for closing down inhumane super-factories that treat animals as objects, but any successful attack is going to be in closing down the special interests that support those big businesses, not a physical attack on one farm.

    One real basic foundation of conservatism is smaller Government, something that has been left in the dust by both conservatives and liberal representatives for decades.  That would reduce governmental power and not only is no one is fighting for that, Government has the public watching the 3 card Monty so raptly, that few have even realized that such concepts are not even on the table, just like the queen when the cards go down.

    I listen to faux conservatives(read Republicans) lament that smaller Govt would be in reach if only there were more Republicans in office, and I laugh and laugh…

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