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1926, 04 Jan 20


Woman sues TripAdvisor after falling off runaway camel

Seems reasonable.

Breanne Ayala, 24, is accusing Massachusetts-based TripAdvisor and its subsidiary Viator of negligence and breach of contract for failing to ensure the camel tour company was operating safely, The Boston Globe reported on Friday, citing the lawsuit. The suit was filed in Norfolk Superior Court on Monday.

Ayala, who is from New Jersey, and her family booked a sunset camel tour in Marrakech, Morocco, through Viator. Ayala claims she and her family did not receive a safety briefing before the tour in January 2018.

A spokeswoman for TripAdvisor declined to comment on the pending litigation.

During the tour, one of the handlers told Ayala that the camel she was riding was pregnant and was about a month away from giving birth, according to the lawsuit.

The camel ran off from the caravan, causing Ayala to fall and break her arm. The handlers waited to call an ambulance until the tour company owner arrived an hour later, according to the suit.

Ayala underwent surgery in Morocco and was hospitalized for two days.

“What was supposed to happen didn’t happen, and I don’t think you can say, ‘It’s at your own risk, too bad,’” Ayala’s attorney Andrew Abrahamsaid.


1926, 04 January 2020



  1. dad29

    Gee.  I was told that young kids couldn’t pay their college loans AND rent an apartment, much less a camel in Marrakesh.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Are camel farts verboten in global warming religion?

    That might be the even bigger legal issue here.

  3. Mar

    I don’t think the lawsuit has merit. Yes, TripAdvisor told the lady about riding the camels, but did the lady also do due diligence in checking out the company?
    She’s not a camel jockey, so she should have done research on it.
    Why isn’t she suing the camel ride business instead? Sounds like they were the negligent ones, not TripAdvisor.

  4. dad29

    Mar, you should know the (Democrat) PI lawyer playbook 101:  Sue the MONEY, to hell with the rest.

    Lawn mower manufacturer Donut John’s makes a mower under which Democrat Whiner sticks his toe, un-shod.  Loses toe.  Donut John’s Mowers has about $28.00 net value.

    So sue Briggs & Stratton, which has TONS of money and the engine was on the mower, see, and so it’s all THEIR fault.!!!!

    Yah, no, I am NOT making that up.


  5. jjf

    You’re a regular Kreskin, Dad29.  How did you determine that the person was a Democrat?  And when you went looking for Republicans who hired personal injury attorneys, did you find any?

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