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2141, 30 Jul 19

Anti-Violence Activists Slaughtered in Chicago


Two women who campaigned against Chicago’s infamous gun violence, have themselves been shot and killed on a street corner where activists frequently stood to keep watch.

The anti-gun violence group Mothers Against Senseless Killings (MASK), confirmed Chantell Grant and Andrea Stoudemire were killed after a blue SUV pulled up to the corner, and someone in the vehicle opened fired into the crowd.

“People are tired of being afraid. We’re sick of being afraid. We live in these communities and then we somehow are penalised and punished for living here. If you’re poor, you’re poor,” said MASK founder Tamar Manasseh.

“But when women are killed, it’s not their fault. It’s not because they made bad decisions. It’s not they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time.”


Mr Grant, 26, was mother to three young children. Ms Stoudemire, 35, had two children. They were among a total of 48 people shot in the city over the weekend, eight of them fatally.


2141, 30 July 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    The killing fields…run by soft on crime liberals.

    About time these Democrat run sewers get cleaned up.

  2. Mar

    This is Obama’s turf but he never tried to help the inner city residents. When he did visit Chicago, it was to fund raise, mostly in the North side and lakefront.
    He could have made an impact if he would have gone visited the South side and other bad areas, but he refused. Obama had many failures in his presidency but this is easily the worst failure.

  3. Pat


    I understand what you’re saying, but how many times has the current President visited the South side and other bad areas?

  4. Mar

    Pat, at least he is addressing the problems.
    And while campaigning in 2016, he did visit some inner city areas. Detroit comes to mind.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    Trump gets labeled a “racist” for calling these Democrat problems out.

    It’s difficult to reform the Democrat urban slave plantations.

    Democrats get ticked when you lure their slaves away to a better life. Look how upset Democrats got when Republicans took their slaves away under Lincoln.

  6. Pat

    Mar, hopefully Trump will spend time in some of Chicago’s bad areas during one of his visits there. I’m sure his Africa Americans there would like to thank him for all he’s done for them. MAGA!

  7. Pat

    Kevin said, “Look how upset Democrats got when Republicans took their slaves away under Lincoln.”

    Oh so true 150 years ago. But fast forward 150 years and guess who the KKK endorsed for President in 2016? Answer: The same guy Putin endorsed.

  8. Mar

    Pat, why would he go to Chicago? I mean, it would be nice, Trump has no real connection to Chicago. Obama is from Chicago, was a community organizer there and represented them in the State Senate.
    Trump would be more at home in NYC, and I do hope he visits some areas there.

  9. Pat

    Mar asks, “why would he go to Chicago?”

    Because he has a Tower in Chicago? There’s the connection. Plus, he has fund raisers in Chicago.

  10. Merlin

    We’re in the process of finding out what happens when a POTUS publicly points out that a high ranking, lifelong Democrat presides over a rat infested Democrat-controlled city within his district. Will those ground-level urban dwellers understand the correlation between rat infested shitholes and the Democrat Party’s responsibility for them or will they simply take their cue from their representative’s outrage at having been outed? It happened to be rat infestation in Baltimore, but it could as well have been the violence in Chicago, or the rampant poverty and homelessness of Los Angeles or San Francisco. Pick a city, pick a malady… Democrats own them all.

    Sooner or later those urban dwellers are going to figure out who is responsible for manipulating their urban misery index… but then, I’ve been thinking that for decades already. Then again, Democrats have never faced a ball buster like Trump before. He managed to get the Dems to publicly own The Jihad Squad, so maybe he can get the urban dwellers to hold the Democrats responsible for their own misery indexes.

  11. Pat

    Someone’s been over indulging in the kool-aid.

  12. Jason

    Kool-aid indeed


    Someone has a “scheduling conflict”… awwww

  13. Merlin

    Let’s hope that “piling on” the Baltimore County Exec is whining about generates enough pressure to effect at least some street level change. Not the usual impulsive deflection, not the usual endless “dialog” until the news cycle changes, but actual solutions. Maryland Democrats have to be blind to not see the opportunity here.

  14. Kevin Scheunemann


    Hillary was endorsed by ISIS, radical Islamists, and Hezbolah

    And Hillary denounces them as much as Trump denounces the KKK.

    Candidates are not responsible for unwanted endorsements.

    Grow up.

  15. Le Roi du Nord

    “Hillary was endorsed by ISIS, radical Islamists, and Hezbolah”.

    Could you provide the press releases or the formal endorsements from those groups?  That should be an easy task for a smart guy like you.

  16. Pat


    That’s not a press release by any of the groups you mentioned. That’s fake news.

    Shameful. Just shameful.

  17. Pat


    Candidates are not responsible for unwanted endorsements, but it’s telling who’s publicly endorsing and voting for a candidate. And the KKK aligned themselves with Trump and the Republican Party. I don’t believe for a second that everyone who voted for Trump is a racist. I do think most all racists did vote for Trump though. I know conservatives that freely admit they are racist. I doubt you fall into that group.

  18. Kevin Scheunemann


    Even so, KKK is maybe 15 to 20 idiots today. Far from the KKK clam bake of the thousands that attended the 1924 Democrat convention.

    KKK generally loves Democrats all throughout history. Today, any KKK member loves Democrat abortion stances eliminating black babies.

    As Nord would say, show me press release.

    Probably just some Democrat operatives trying to get back to shameful roots of Democrat Party.

  19. Le Roi du Nord

    Good job Pat, calling his bluff.  Let’s see if he crawls away, or digs a deeper hole.

  20. jjf

    Very very few people openly admit to being racist, especially if being asked in any sort of public context.  Some might admit racist beliefs in private.

    Instead, let’s consider whether someone is anti-racist.  Do they fight against racist ideas, do they support policies that work against racism?

  21. Jason

    >What about Moscow Mitch’s backyard

    Stupid pat, it’s not about blame, it’s about being declared racist for pointing it out. Since you pointed out Appalachia, you must be racist…. at least according to Cummings you are. Try again, numbskull.

  22. dad29

    Democrats have never faced a ball buster like Trump before. He managed to get the Dems to publicly own The Jihad Squad, so maybe he can get the urban dwellers to hold the Democrats responsible for their own misery indexes.

    Yup.  This is fun to watch.  Trump is squashing the (D) people like bugs, and getting a lot of applause from minorities who have to live in (D)-controlled rat-infested, drug-drowned, s***holes.

    That’s why the Socialist/Communist Party (NBCABCCBSCNNMSNBC) and the Democrat stooges are pulling out the RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYcist card.  They are losing every damn day, every fight.

    Buy popcorn futures!!

  23. Kevin Scheunemann


    That is not a press release, just future NY Times editor slumming it.

    Nice try.

  24. Mar

    Pat, most liberal policies are racist. They love keeping minorities down in the liberal plantation. Liberals say that minorities may not have a conservative view point. They are against school choice and vouchers, keeping little brown, black and poor white kids from getting better education, they want more people dependent on government and so much more.

  25. Pat


    Really, some right wing propaganda from Dinesh D’Souza. If I told you to watch a Michael Moore movie, honestly, how seriously would you take it?

  26. Pat


    The official KKK newspaper stated it’s endorsement of Trump. Did you not see that?

  27. jjf

    They don’t call him Distortz Dnewsa for nothing.

  28. Pat

    Mar says, “most liberal policies are racist. They love keeping minorities down in the liberal plantation.”

    I guess you can say that if you believe minority’s to be mindless cogs incapable of free choice and thinking for themselves.

    What is the Republican Party doing to attract minority voters? They can’t continue to survive appealing to a declining base of aging white men.

    Approximately 6,700 baby boomers die every day. That means about 5 million baby boomers died since Trump was elected in 2016. Most of those baby boomers were white. Certainly, they were not all Republican or Conservative, but a very high percentage were. However, let’s suppose only half of those old white people were traditionally minded, that would still mean Trump’s voter base has dropped by 2 ½ million people since 2016.

    When those baby boomer voters die, they are being replaced by new voters who do not look like you and do not think like you. They have different cultures, different values and different gods. That is why traditional Americans have difficulty winning elections and those that do win, do so by increasingly small numbers.

    Democrats, Republicans, or any other party looking to increase their voter base, need to recognize who the working class really is. They are people of color, women, and white people between the ages of 18 and 35.

  29. Kevin Scheunemann


    So truth about Dinesh’s documentary on Democrat party (can you dispute any facts in his movie?) (The only party to own slaves, party of black code, party of Jim crow, party of Klan at its height, and party the had most votes against civil rights act) Must be dismissed as right wing propaganda…

    But an unwanted Klan endorsement from future NY Times editors must be accepted as Gospel?

    Interesting, jerky, double standard you have there.

    Watch it, it will open your eyes.

  30. Kevin Scheunemann


    That is racist.

  31. jjf

    Explain, Kevin. Why is it racist?

  32. Mar

    Pat, the GOP and Trump specifically, are targeting inner city areas and minority churches. They are lowering the unemployment rates and knocking people off welfare because they are getting jobs. The GOP is going after illegal immigration because that affects low income neighborhoods and affects jobs. They are talking to Black pastors and the GOP are not ignoring the inner cities like they have in the past the the Democrats are doing now.

  33. Pat


    That’s wonderful. When did they start? How are they doing?

  34. Pat


    From the latest Fox News poll;

    “The president’s lowest marks are on race relations (32-57 percent), where more voters disapprove than approve by 25 points. He was underwater by 22 points in October 2018 (35-57 percent).

    Over half, 57 percent, don’t believe Trump respects racial minorities, including 73 percent of non-whites.

    Some 34 percent think the president does respect minorities, down from 41 percent in 2017. That decline is mostly due to a 14-point drop among Republicans (68 percent now vs. 82 percent in 2017).”

    It doesn’t appear the plan the GOP and Trump has to win over minorities is working at this time.

  35. Pat


    So, what do you think the GOP and Trump should do to increase their ranks with people of color? I’m honestly being serious in asking this.

  36. Mar

    I realize it may turn your stomach,Pat, but you should listen to Trump speeches.

  37. Pat

    I have, and my stomach didn’t turn.

    Now, in your opinion, what do you think the GOP and Trump should do to increase their ranks with people of color?

  38. Mar

    Keep what they are done, talk about the bad things about the inner cities.
    Trump put out an interesting proposal: take money from illegal immigration and put it towards the inner cities.

  39. Pat


    Sounds like a winning strategy. I don’t see how a well thought out plan like that could possibly fail.

  40. Mar

    Pat, I used to teach at the old North Division High School and spent many times at homes of my students talking with the parents of my students and the parents appreciated the attention I gave them because no one else did. Same in Vegas, when I taught in the inner city there.
    Most of the people of the inner cities are good people and they just want someone to listen to them. The Democrats haven’t been doing that, the Dems do listen to the poverty pimps who prey on the citizens of the inner cities.

  41. Pat


    Who are the poverty pimps.

  42. Pat

    I had to look up the term, “poverty pump”, as I honestly never heard that term before. I found that the term “poverty pimp” is a term only used to describe liberal black leaders.

  43. Pat

    It’s a shame that Will Hurd will be leaving Congress. I enjoyed listening to what he has to say during his time in the House. Another great loss for Republicans.

  44. Mar

    Pat, poverty pimp can be anybody who exploits, steals from or otherwise keep people down in poverty. It doesn’t matter what color their skin is. It could be politicians, religious leaders, community organizers, charity workers, professionals, and others.

  45. Pat


    I’ll accept that. What’s the solution to that problem?

  46. Mar

    I don’t know, to be honest with you. You throw them in jail and you have 5 more to take their place.
    It would take a while revolution, to be honest with you. Better education, more independent thought, term limits,jobs, moral leaders of the communities need to step, to name a few.
    What do you suggest?

  47. dad29

    How about MARRIED PARENTS?  The most reliable predictor of teenaged problem children are fatherless homes.

  48. Kevin Scheunemann

    Embracing Christian values and morality.

    Quit rewarding out of wedlock childbirth.

    Quit encouraging perverse lifestyles outside marriage of God’s design.

    Quit confusing biological gender as something more than the 2 DNA possibilities.

    Quit being soft on crime and dumping criminals back into vulnerable communities.

    I have more, but liberals already exploded with those few points. If we continue to embrace godlessness as a way of life, our evil nature wins everytime.

  49. Pat


    There’s not one solution to this very complex problem. And getting the partisan divide to work on the solutions necessary to successfully accomplish will be impossible, at least in today’s environment.

    Peter Edelman wrote a very good essay on the subject.

    The Brookings Institute wrote a report, including their thoughts on Edelman’s essay, and expressed their thoughts on the subject matter titled, “Family Matters: Improving Inner-city Neighborhoods“

    Both are very good articles.

  50. Le Roi du Nord


    Yet adultery and lying are acceptable behavior for your public officials, right? Your hypocrisy and double standards know no bounds

  51. jjf

    I look at Kevin’s list, and it’s amazing…  it’s all things those Other People need to do.  There’s nothing that needs correcting on his side!  All “they” and “them.”

    In his world, the majority doesn’t oppress the minority…  they’re oppressing themselves!

    His blinking racism detector only points at other people!  There’s no racism in the GOP, it’s all in those Dems and their policies!

    Come to think of it, Kevin has not yet explained his recent reference to “the black community” and what that term means to him.

  52. Pat

    I particularly like the, “Quit being soft on crime and dumping criminals back into vulnerable communities.”

    I guess it would be more acceptable to “dump” criminals in non-vulnerable communities like, Kewaskum? I heard there are Christians there just chomping at the bit to reach out and help rehabilitate.

  53. Pat


    I did respond to you. It appears my response is awaiting moderation.

  54. Kevin Scheunemann


    Embracing Christian values rejects adultrry and lying. Sorry if I had to spell that out for you. It is obvious to Christians.

  55. Kevin Scheunemann


    Don’t dump criminals any where near population centers unless they have family willing to take them in and be responsible for their reform.

    If criminal does not have that, deport them (preferably to a thug socialist nation like Cuba) until they can show track record of behaving in civil society.

  56. Kevin Scheunemann


    I see you want t to continue the urban decay…”nothing to see here” is your godless message of destruction.

    Typical Democrat.

  57. Pat

    Thoughts and prayers go out to the people of El Paso.

    Awful. Just awful.

  58. Le Roi du Nord


    Yet you continue to bear false witness, and wholeheartedly support a president that is a chronic liar and adulterer, and a WI SC justice that is an adulterer. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  59. Kevin Scheunemann


    I have and do denounce those activities.

    If you liberals want to impeach Trump. Have at it. Bring on President Pence.

    What do you expect me to do, be totally disrespectful to President like radical liberals omar, Talib, and AOC?

    Thanks to your guy Bill Clinton, adultery is not an impeachable offense.

    Get over yourself.

    When have you denounced adultery of any Democrats? I have a huge list.

    I thought adultery in your godless worldview was just dandy…a ” none of your business” policy?

    Does your warming religion have something against adultery because of extra carbon emission?

  60. Pat

    WOW! Someone just became unhinged.

  61. Kevin Scheunemann


    Not really. Just tired of Nord’s false accusation I defend Trump’s adultery. I have denounced it over and over again and many times I have said I welcome President Pence…

    Trying to probe if Nord denounces adultery as much as I do.

    Trying to take a kind approach to his false witness comments.

  62. Le Roi du Nord

    Go ahead k, call trump out for lying as well, or would that look bad in light of your propensity for being less than truthful.

    Adultery is still illegal, and I’m a law and order guy. You, not so much .

  63. Kevin Scheunemann


    Which lie?

    Some of you liberals are a little crazy and think truth is a lie.

    Willing to discuss anything specific. And if it is a lie, I will denounce it.

    So please stop your false witness.

  64. Kevin Scheunemann


    And if we want to prosecute adulterous sleeze… let’s do it…starting with state legislarure.

    There may be a whole lot less Democrats…

  65. Le Roi du Nord

    Any one of the 10,000 +. Go ahead, cleanse your soul.

  66. Kevin Scheunemann


    You will have to point, because you liberals seem to focus on Trump rather than the sewer way your party runs big cities.

    To me, your focus shift here is a lie on your part, by omission.

  67. Pat


    Come on man. Everyone knows Trump doesn’t lie. Sure he says stupid things. And he intentionally makes misleading and false statements. And he makes up alternative facts. And he misspeaks constantly. But lie? Surely you jest.

  68. Le Roi du Nord


    Start with explaining the locations of the airports that the revolutionary army captured during the revolutionary war? Include facts. Then perhaps a rundown of all the times he told us about the health care program he had ready to go. And how China is paying for the tariffs. And how Mexico is paying for the wall that is already built. And you could explain the science behind your 6000 year old earth. And of course facts would bus bonus. Thanks.

  69. Le Roi du Nord


    You may be right. But in my world details and evidence still matter. So we’ll have to see where the deflections lead us. I’m sure it will amusing .

  70. dad29

    Lemmeeseeheah, LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy.

    World-Champion Lie:  “You can keep your healthcare.”  Followed closely by “You can keep your doctor.”

    Pretty Stupid Statement:  “….all 57 States…”

    Current Lying Champ:  Joe Biden!!

    Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Biden claimed that the nation’s economy and soul are “collapsing” because of Trump:

    You can find that at CNS News

    Does Trump exaggerate, make stupid errors?  Yup.  But only Obama lies like Hell about what REALLY COUNTS.

  71. Kevin Scheunemann

    Nord, Pat,

    Get an exact quote, not your 2 year old interpretation of what president said.

    Then we can have an adult conversation.

    I’m more interested in Democrats just tearing Obama apart at last debate! Obama went from liberal messiah to being thrown out with garbage at debate.

    Aren’t both of you crying over the Democrat racism against the best Democrat president ever?

    Or do you ignore shameful liberal racism on display this week?

    Get with the serious peoblems!

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