Principal’s Untimely Resignation Linked to “Little Penis”


TOWN OF LISBON – Former Silver Spring Intermediate School Principal Mark Peperkorn’s resignation was connected to an incident where he allegedly read a finger puppet parody book titled the “Little Penis” to staff members and the superintendent, according to documents obtained by The Freeman via an open records request.

The open records request revealed that Peperkorn, who was the principal of Pilgrim Park Middle School, was at a meeting when he read aloud a book he had previously confiscated from a student.

Peperkorn took a position as principal at Silver Spring Intermediate School in the Hamilton School District and would have started July 1, but he resigned June 14.

A letter addressed to PPMS families states that he had accelerated his resignation in Elmbrook to May 31 due to “unforeseen circumstances.”


One staff member said the following: “He probably felt comfortable with his staff but in this day and age it is not okay. He has been well-respected in his former district and interviewed very well with us, so I hate someone’s complete career (to) go down the drain for reading a book. If he were to stay on, I would welcome and support him professionally.”

One staff member said Peperkorn had a box full of confiscated items that he shared with staff members during the meeting. As he pulled items out of the box, Peperkorn named whom the items belonged to, according to a redacted interview with a staff member.

Another staff member said the reading of the book wasn’t as offensive as Peperkorn stating the names of students whom the items belonged to as he removed them from a box in front of staff.

“However, mentioning students real names and their middle school misgivings was much more offensive. One of those students was one of my former special education students, so hurtful. I am also very good friends with another one of the other student’s parents mentioned in your precised jokes, so unprofessional.”