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2205, 18 Jul 19

Anti-Manspreading Chair

Seems uncomfortable.

Laila Laurel, from Norwich, won a major award for the seat which is crafted so that men sit with their legs closed.

She said the “concept” chair was inspired by her experiences of men “infringing on my space in public”.

But since the award, she said: “I have received a lot of explicit messages from men who seem to be under the impression that I hate all men.”

The University of Brighton student said this “couldn’t be further from the truth frankly”.


She also made a second chair intended for women which encourages sitters to push their legs apart.

“I don’t take myself too seriously, because for I really want my work to be both important and thought provoking, whilst also being engaging and funny.

“I think humour is a really interesting tool in order to tackle social issues.”


2205, 18 July 2019


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    More cascading liberal PC cancer.

  2. Jason

    What about the people that “man-spread” because they have a sense that it’s the correct thing to do?  How could that be a “social issue”?  It’s an individual’s presentation whether at birth or later in life, and how can anyone say it’s wrong?   This isn’t very PC of Laila Laurel!

  3. steveegg

    Encouraging upskirt shots to pwn Teh Maan, or something.

  4. MjM

    Or, sit the other way, use the backrest like Harley bars, and ENHANCE your Manspread.

    Born to be wild….

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