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2208, 12 Jun 19

It’s Still the Spending, Stupid

At the federal level too.

( – For the first time in the history of the United States, the federal government has spent more than $3 trillion in the first eight months of the fiscal year, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement released today.

The record $3,013,541,000,000 that the federal government spent in October through May of fiscal 2019 was $181,157,920,000 more than the previous record of $2,832,383,080,000 (in constant May 2019 dollars) that the federal government spent in October through May of fiscal 2009.


2208, 12 June 2019


  1. Mar

    Disgusting. Both parties and the president to blame

  2. steveegg

    Perhaps most-notably, the feds could have zeroed out the entire Department of Defense spending (of $439 billion) and still run a $300 billion deficit through the first 8 months.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    I blame DemOcrats.

  4. Mar

    Kevin, why? Considering the GOP has the Senate and presidency, I would think they are 2/3 to blame.

  5. Le Roi du Nord


    And for 4 of those 8 months the R’s had complete control.  k just has to blame someone.

  6. guinness

    The lead article says it all. The vast majority of our political representatives and leadership are to blame. It’s out of control and nothing is being done to fix it.

  7. Billiam

    I would argue that WE the people share some blame as the collective WE elect them and allow them to keep doing this nutty bs.

  8. guinness

    And why did WE do that? Because we get little to no history on candidates that we have to choose from. Additionally, it appears that a lot of liberals are running as republicans. Rinos need to be exposed to the voters. Almost looks like a planned takeover tactic. How do we identify and change that trend?

  9. Le Roi du Nord


    Just curious; which liberals are running (or ran and were elected) as republicans?  Isn’t it up to the voter to be informed?

  10. Billiam

    Guinness, We RE-elect them as well. So, we know if, as LRdN they followed through with their campaign talk. We see if they were full of crap or if they at least made an effort to follow through. This stuff doesn’t happen in a vacuum. For so long we’ve heard “Throw the bums out!” Yet, when crunch time comes they whisper under their breath “Just not MY bum.” There’s that, and the fact that it’s a fairly nasty business (politics) that doesn’t exactly attract a lot of ‘decent, non-narcissistic types’. Just my two cents worth. I think I came in under budget. :-)


  11. guinness

    I might be informed and you might be informed, but what about the vast majority of the voters? How many actually know about all of the names they’re automatically selecting on their ballots? And what information do we have readily available on each candidate? I look up whatever information I can find on them that show up on the ballot before I vote. A Rino may or may not be truthful in what they’re running on.

    So, who are the liberals running as republicans? I can’t list all of their names at this moment, but over the course of their holding office, I read about plenty of liberal leanings and agendas that verify that they do exist. Liberals running as republicans in republican voter districts aren’t going to publicize what they’re up to.

    If we had an unbiased mass media that simply provided accurate, factual information, more people could be better informed about a lot of things, but clearly we don’t have that.

  12. Le Roi du Nord


    So you make a claim, “it appears that a lot of liberals are running as republicans”, but can’t name a single one of those alleged liberals. And you can’t be bothered to research the candidates you can vote for.  Sounds like this is all your problem..

  13. Mar

    Le Roi, there are too many liberals to count that run as conservatives but rule as liberals.
    Watch whoever wins the Democratic primary for president run as a conservative. They’ll be liberal during primary and run as a conservative.
    It always happens.

  14. guinness

    I didn’t say I’m not researching candidates. I questioned how well informed the vast majority of the voters are. If I were someone who couldn’t be bothered to be informed, I wouldn’t be on this forum. I already explained this to you, but you conveniently choose to ignore certain details of what I write.

    Rinos? Several names and examples of what they are doing have been mentioned before on this forum. I’m not going to go back and make a list to dispel your allegation. If I took the time to give you a list of names, you would probably ask for proof. If I then gave you proof, you would either argue with that or ignore it.

  15. Jason

    > If I took the time to give you a list of names, you would probably ask for proof. If I then gave you proof, you would either argue with that or ignore it.


    And LeRoy the Troll is outed once again.

  16. Le Roi du Nord

    So none of you guys/gals can name one liberal that ran as a conservative and got elected.  Not a single one..  And you wonder why you aren’t taken seriously.

  17. guinness

    Nothing I’ve said matters, Roy. You’re right as usual.

  18. dad29

    Paul Ryan.  Tommy Thompson.  Whats-his-nuts Congressman from the Fox River Valley.  Mitch McConnell.  McPain.

  19. Le Roi du Nord


    At least you proved that claim….

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