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1140, 29 May 19

Government Violates the Rules. Taxpayers Pay.

No accountability whatsoever and the taxpayers get the bill.

LODI, Wis. – Water utility customers in the city of Lodi will see their water bills increase by 35 percent in the next month or so.

This is happening because the City of Lodi went through with plans to build a $1.8 million project that was never properly approved by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission, which resulted in a reprimand from the PSC and a referral to the Department of Justice. Now, water utility customers are left to foot the bill.


When asked why the rules existed if the board can just override them later, Esser said the PSC has asked the City of Lodi to follow the rules in the future and that they increased the approval rate from $299,000 to $364,000 for any new applications in the future.


1140, 29 May 2019


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