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0838, 21 Jun 18

Mayville Schools Display Raunchy “Protest Art” to Middle Schoolers

Wow. From the Washington County Insider. Follow the link for videos of parents and others commenting. What the heck are they teaching in Mayville? Is creating protest art a positive and effective use of taxpayer resources? Apparently the teacher who sanctioned this thing so. She said that, “The fact that a discussion is happening is a positive outcome, as well as, a learning opportunity.” Really?



June 20, 2018 – Mayville, WI –  A piece of “protest art” by an 11th grader in the Mayville School District drew some harsh comments about what sort of education is being taught in the public schools in the small community of just over 4,900 in Dodge County.

Parents and taxpayers questioned the graphic nature of the piece that was part of a K-12 Art Fair held this past May at Mayville Middle School.


After the art fair in May calls were placed to School Board President John Westphal and District Superintendent Scott Sabol. Neither returned calls or offered a comment.


When two children from the Mayville Middle School came home and asked their parent about some of the words in the picture the parent said she tried to get a hold of teachers and administrators. Below is an email response from Mayville High School art teacher Sarah Heideman sent to a parent on May 23, 2018.

The school district’s Ted Hazelberg, also sent an email response to the parent on May 21, 2018.

From: Sarah Heideman <>
Date: Wed, May 23, 2018, 7:36 AM
Subject: Re: protest art – Invitation to view
Cc:, Scott Sabol <>, Bob Clark <>, Ted Hazelberg < >, John Schlender < >, Jessica Stortz <>

My student’s assignment was to create a talking conversation through a piece of artwork about something that they felt strongly about. The fact that a discussion is happening is a positive outcome, as well as, a learning opportunity. In the process, I apologise for not thinking about the placement and content for a younger viewer, since the show is over, I cannot fix it this year, but can promise in the future that these things will be addressed and learned from.
Thank you for raising the questions,
Sarah Heideman


0838, 21 June 2018


  1. NHolland

    The assignment was “a talking conversation through a piece of artwork about something that they felt strongly about”, NOT “creating protest art”. Once again the spin is in full effect as well as the twisting of words. “Apparently the teacher who sanctioned this thing so.” What?… Really! You printed the teachers statement and yet couldn’t keep it straight. Another fine example of what’s wrong with American society. You are willing to lie about and spin this story and use that spin and lies to be being critical of the teacher and student. How the heck do you know it’s protest art? Maybe this kid is into grabbing pussy, treat’em like shit and beautiful pieces of ass! Yeah, here it comes… Wait for it… Let the art burning begin!
    Scheunemann this is right up your book burning alley…

  2. Mike

    It takes at least two people for a “conversation”, and more than one facet of an issue. That piece of protest art only shows a one sided monologue.

    If the teacher defends this an example of a conversation it it is really telling about her level of political bias.

  3. NHolland

    I guess the artists interpretation of the assignment could be
    1) His/her conversation with the piece of art
    2) The viewers conversation with the piece of art
    3) The arts effective ability to stimulate conversation
    Apparently, the artist got an A!

  4. NHolland

    So far the art has stimulated “talking conversation” between three people. I think that’s really what was meant by “create talking conversation”… But hey, your interpretation of art is as good as the the artists interpretation or mine. Or wait, you are probably not into art…

  5. Ginny M

    Reasonably speaking, if the students in her class used the language you are witnessing on this piece, do you think the teacher would have addressed it? Just wondering out loud…

  6. Pat

    Appears the student was creating, through art, a dialog about the moral acceptance of the Presidents behavior by quoting the President own words. Chances are the piece of art would have never been created if there wasn’t the acceptance in the first place.

  7. jjf

    He’s your President too, Owen.

  8. Le Roi du Nord


    Excellent point.  If he wouldn’t have said those things nobody could quote him.

  9. jjf

    Fortunately there was video captured of the event.

  10. Ginny M

    Is Trump our president? Yes.

    Is this artistic expression? Yes.

    Does it matter? No. Because that is not the issue.

    The issue at hand is whether or not it is appropriate for a middle school student to produce a piece of material with vulgarities and graphic obscenities on it. Outside of the taxpayer-funded institution? Yes. Within the boundaries of the taxpayer-funded educational institution? No. Why? Because teachers should be leading minor children through age-appropriate expression and discussing what that looks like.

    The issue is furthered by the question as to whether or not it is acceptable to display it to families with minor children at a public school event that is paid for by taxpayer dollars.  Answer: No.  That’s pretty easy.

  11. jjf

    Ginny, so you’re saying this could’ve been cured by replacing a few vowels with asterisks?

  12. NHolland

    First, language, all language even vulgar language serves a purpose. If the student is using vulgar language in context especially quoting vulgar language by a historic figure then yes the teacher probably would and should allow it. Or are you suggesting history be censored? The UW system is tax payer funded. Are you suggesting a twenty two year old college senior be censored? As for its public display… I think the teacher apologized for that and I’m agree with you on that one. However, isn’t any censorship really the resposiblity of the parents. And isn’t any perceived inappropriate use of vulgar language also a reflection on the parents. Oh and by the way… The first sentence of the article states “by an 11th grader” not a middle school student. I do think that makes a difference but with this piece of art I do believe it reflects what students of all ages are thinking.

  13. Ginny M

    The issue, again, is about minor children. An 11th grader is still a minor. Is censoring the place of the parent? Outside of the school day, absolutely., unless the parent is present at the school in some capacity. Consider this….the art was created under the guidance and direction of a government employee/teacher who, during the school day, is the authority figure entrusted by parents to set the very best example for children. That would include age-appropriate language for school activities and assignments.  Surely we can do better.

    A UW student who is 18 or older can say, do, create, etc., anything they like. The answer to your question, then, is no. I do not believe there should be censorship in a public university.


  14. jjf

    Does context matter? If there was a book that used those words, should it be banned from high schools?

  15. Major Booris

    jjf, you realize you’re speaking to a woman who tried to have books in the public library restricted a few years back, right?

  16. Ginny M

    Major Boots, incorrect. Labeled for parental identification so they could help their children make appropriate choices. No books were asked to be banned or “burned.” LOL

  17. Ginny M

    Also, here is the timeline of events regarding that issue for your reading pleasure.

  18. jjf

    Weird, because here’s a web page where someone says “we are requesting a “ban” on the The Perks of a Wallflower book.”


  19. Le Roi du Nord

    While I don’t live anywhere Mayville, and don’t plan to in the future, I really shouldn’t give a rats patoot about this issue.  Having said that I am very amused by the emphasis given to the perceived misbehavior and  negligence by the student and teacher respectively but none to the originator of the quotes themselves.  The actions of a student and teacher in small town WI have little effect on world events, but the words of the alleged leader of the free (at least for now) world certainly do.

  20. Ginny M

    Le Roi,

    Naturally, the words are extremely inappropriate and uncalled for..and offensive (to me, at least.) Again, this is not the issue. Not Trump’s words. Not Trump anything. It could have been Hitler for that matter. It is the presentation of something by a MINOR CHILD to other MINOR CHILDRE and the fact that he/she was not given age-appropriate guidance regarding his/her art work by his/her said teacher. We need to stick to the issue.

  21. MjM

    Now do Bill Clinton.

    Then do John Kennedy.


  22. Ginny M

    Actually, jjf…

    If you actually read the timeline you will note that we originally asked for some books to be moved or password protected. Later on in March we clarified our request and asked for some books to be moved out of the YA Zone and into the adult section of the library.

    This is my last comment on this issue as it is off topic and not conducive to the issue above. Again, I supplied the link to the West Bend Library issue above. Perhaps it could be revisited another day and another time, but it’s not the topic of the day today.

  23. Le Roi du Nord

    Sorry Ginny, but that is the issue.  We have a currently have a president that makes a mockery of the office, the responsibility, the respect, and the decorum incumbent on that position.  We also have a smart 11th grader Mayville that sees the irony and  was able to use it to express an opinion and commentary to start a conversation.  What ever happened to the expression of free speech guaranteed in the 1st Amendment?

  24. Kevin Scheunemann

    Just proves public schools are turning into a filthy sewer of immorality and disrespect.

    This school district should be defunded completely if it continues in its cesspool.

  25. Kevin Scheunemann

    Does anybody think for a minute if this was about Obama’s, it would have not already been shut down staff and administrators fired and students expelled?

    I demand the same punishment as liberals would have for insulting Obama this way.

  26. Le Roi du Nord


    Did Obama ever make those kind of statements using that kind of language?  If you thinks, show the proof.  I have been around since Truman and don’t recall any president talking like that.  Not even Nixon was close.

  27. Paul

    You’re not in a position to demand anything. Have a Geritol.

  28. Kevin Scheunemann


    He completely flipped on the immorality of marriage outside God’s design.

    Making fun of Obama’s embrace (Or “protesting”) of immorality on that front would not have been tolerated for one minute.

    The whole school district would have been fired.

  29. Ginny M

    Kevin: “Just proves public schools are turning into a filthy sewer of immorality and disrespect.” Well said. All the more reason school choice has a bright future. Parents can do so much better with their educational choices. SO much better.

  30. dad29

    Obama is a lying Communist.  Using him as an example of “good government” tells us that you, NordSki, are almost as depraved as that pissant is.


  31. Le Roi du Nord


    So you can’t prove your point, but sure attempt to deflect.  Deceit and lack of truth don’t help your cause.


    Well, if Obama is a lying communist what does that make trump? A lying…., narcissist, buffoon, flip-flopper…?  Certainly not a conservative.

  32. Le Roi du Nord


    You condemn the parents and public schools for the kids work, but are unwilling to offend others on this site with a full throated condemnation of the person that actually said them.  What kind of role model talks like that?  The kid should be applauded for pointing out the hypocrisy of the alleged conservatives, and the school praised for its position on censorship and free speech.

  33. Pat

    This is a very teachable moment for parents and their children. The simple explanation is, these are the words of the President, they are unacceptable, and they should not look at the President as an example of good behavior.

  34. jjf

    Ginny, perhaps you should clarify your language, then, because above you said “No books were asked to be banned” when I could easily find a moment on your timeline when you had in fact wrote that you wanted a book “banned.”

    Dad29, how might we measure “good government”?  Number of indictments?

  35. Mark Hoefert

    The simple explanation is, these are the words of the President, they are unacceptable, and they should not look at the President as an example of good behavior.

    From what I know, they are the words of citizen Trump, not of President Trump. How does his behavior as President compare to other Presidents when it comes to setting examples?

    Like Lyndon Johnson, who reportedly stood naked in front of reporters on Air Force 1 while answering their questions.  Who peed on a Secret Service agent who was shielding him from view.  (“That’s all right son. It’s my prerogative.”).  Had brought a bunch of young ladies from Texas to work at the White House who could not type, and had a buzzer installed to warn him when his wife was appearing. (re his predecessor: “Why, I had more woman on accident that he ever had on purpose”).  Sat on the toilet with the door open carrying on conversations with Cabinet members.

    Of course, then there is the presidential example set by Bill Clinton – made a mess on an intern’s dress while his secretary was sitting right around the corner.


  36. Pat

    This is a very teachable moment for parents and their children. The simple explanation is, these are the words of of Donald Trump, some of which were spoken as candidate Trump, which are unacceptable, and they should not look at Donald Trump as an example of good behavior.

    Is that better, Mark?

  37. Mark Hoefert

    The simple explanation is, these are the words of of Donald Trump, some of which were spoken as candidate Trump, which are unacceptable, and they should not look at Donald Trump as an example of good behavior.

    Is that better, Mark?

    Only better if one includes that sometimes people have done and said things they should not have, so be careful what you say and do, as those words and actions could have consequences in the future.  And that despite what you may have done and said in your past, current and future actions count. There is power in redemption.

  38. Pat

    So far Trump has shown no redemption. He’s still a terrible example for our children.

  39. Kevin Scheunemann


    Obama’s immorality was worse than Trump.

    He normalized immoral behavior. Clinton normalized wife cheating.

    If kids did school project on Clinton and Obama immorality, not only is everyone fired the kids are expelled.

    Their would be liberals shipped in rioting in Mayville right now as well.

    You don’t get it Nord.

    Trump should get the Clinton “it’s a private matter” treatment and we should stop exposing kids to perversion.

    But it’s ok to be an immoral cesspool as long as one is a liberal…

  40. Le Roi du Nord


    I get it just fine; you have Obama, and grovel at the feet of trump.  And you are always, everytime, 110% sure you are right. I have understood that for a long time.

    “we should stop exposing kids to perversion.”.  I agree, impeach trump.

  41. Kevin Scheunemann


    I’m all for President Pence!

    However, we should exact the liberals revenge that would have happened here if it was Clinton or Obama immorality exposed to fire and expel everyone in sight …in fairness!!!

  42. Paul

    Go back to gumming dinner, gramps.

  43. MHMaley

    Trump let this genie out of the bottle .

    Acting offended by those statements being repeated by the youth of this country after you voted for the dope is ridiculous .

  44. Kevin Scheunemann


    “Clinton let the genie out of the bottle”.

    There, I fixed that for you.

    Funny, no liberal denies what would happen if a student exposes liberal immorality of a liberal president! It would be met with cries of intolerance!

    Liberals love immorality, why are we protesting Trumps personal immorality? Shouldn’t liberals be cheering without exposing themselves to children?

  45. Pat

    Rationalization is the second strongest human drive.

  46. Kevin Scheunemann


    Sorry to bother you with coherent thought from the incoherent liberal double standards on “tolerance”!

    Would students be allowed to expose the immorality of Obama’s flip flop on gay issues and higher VD rates among gay population?

    Of course not, people would be fired!

    So I appreciate your compliment when I make sense of liberal incoherency and double standards!

  47. Pat


    I’ll wait for a coherent from you on the subject.

  48. Pat

    coherent thought

  49. Kevin Scheunemann

    I don’t get it,

    Liberals cheer exposing middle school students to course perverted talk, BUT

    I put a sign up at DQ trigger warning about possibility of God and patriotic USA expression…liberals collectively lose their minds in this country and several other countries. (Including Mark Manley….interesting how tolerant he is at perversion circulating at a middle school!)

    So I should have mixed a little liberal immorality language in my sign to make it OK?

    Duly noted!!!!

  50. Kevin Scheunemann


  51. Pat

    I don’t get it,

    Conservatives voting for a person who says these things and exposes all children to unacceptable behavior, and then rationalizes their acceptance of it. Good lesson for your children.

  52. Kevin Scheunemann


    When the other choice is literally Satan incarnate, you go with the sinner.

    We are electing a political leader, not a priest.

    I was not happy Trump won the primary either.   I wanted Scott Walker.

    Republicans chose the sinner and we either supported him, or vote for Satan…I mean Hillary.

    You need to get off your horse on this.

    Even George W who was a good Christian had his faults with drug abuse in the past.

    Why are you expecting an unreasonable level of piety in the candidate?   That standard eliminates almost every liberal and 75% of republicans from the field.

    Who are you going to vote for if nobody is qualified?????

  53. Kevin Scheunemann

    But by all means, I would agree President Pence would be a great thing!

    He may be the last qualified candidate, ever, for Pat.

    I look forward to President Pence, and you praising his piety.

  54. Pat

    “Why are you expecting an unreasonable level of piety in the candidate?”

    Are you saying Trump has a reasonable amount of piety?

  55. Le Roi du Nord


    Check out George Will’s column of 6-22-18.  Even he is fed up with the current administration and the republican congress.  Great read.

  56. Kevin Scheunemann


    I never claimed Trump has any piety on personal issues.

    He has accomplished quite a bit on political issues.   While certainly not perfect, he has certainly got more done on taxes and regulation than George W ever did.    I also enjoy the complete befuddlement he has the liberal establishment in…I find that strike at the center of immorality in this nation to be refreshing, even if it is done by someone with moral failings.

    Trump is a brute, but you have to be among the ravenous immoral liberal wolves in DC, the liberal media, and Hollywood.   Trump has turned out to be the best fighter we could imagine because he is willing to stoop to the tactics of liberals to beat them back.

    Again are looking for a President, or a priest?

    I super ticked when Republicans nominated him and barely choked out a vote for him.   He is now our President and worthy of our respect.  We may not always like the way he does things (I didn’t like how things were done many times when Obama was President, but I gave Obama the proper respect), but we should not disrespect him.   when it came to Obama, I strongly disagreed with him on many things, but I never called for his removal for his political embrace of open perversion when he flip flopped on marriage.

    Pat, get over it.   He is our President, that willl not change.   What I am interested in is the local reaction here.   Had these teachers/students done this to Obama on immoral perversion of gay marriage (which is a legitimate political issue), they would all be fired/expeled right now.   Should be the same result when it is done to Trump.


  57. Pat

    “He is now our President and worthy of our respect. “

    Respect is earned.

    “What I am interested in is the local reaction here.”

    That’s what my original comments addressed. I said it was a great teaching moment for parents and children. It’s a good thing it’s created dialog.

  58. Kevin Scheunemann


    Had the kid did this about Obama’s reversal on immorality of gay marriage, it would not have been a “teaching moment”. Making fun of Obama’s (or Clinton’s) immorality as president would have been met with firings and expulsions!

    That is my problem. Instead, we celebrate the perversion with middle school kids simply because you hate the president.

    I want the same punishment exacted that would have been if this was done to Obama’s or Clinton…

  59. Pat

    Your example is a straw man argument.

  60. Paul

    George Will is a geriatric dinosaur who should be worried more about Preparation-H. Sort of like the Nazi troll.

  61. dad29

    There’s a lot of substance to the theory that middle-school teachers are actually middle-school kids with age saggy skin and wrinkles.

  62. Le Roi du Nord


    “Making fun of Obama’s (or Clinton’s) immorality as president would have been met with firings and expulsions!”

    More assumptions on your part.

    Maybe impeachment should be initiated as with Clinton?Whaddya say, get all the facts out?

  63. Kevin Scheunemann

    People are punished in public school all the time for calling out immorality of gay lifestyle.

    Why aren’t teachers/administrators being punished for calling out heterosexual immorality?

  64. MHMaley

    2 thoughts :
    “Beware the man who knows what God thinks “
    “ When Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the American flag and will be carrying a cross “

  65. Kevin Scheunemann


    I see you do not want to deal with punishments metered out for opposing gay immorality, but you oppose the Presidents heterosexual immorality in public school liberals celebrate!

    Their is a liberal public school religion and it celebrates sticking up for certain immorality, and punishes others for calling out immorality that is protected inside the perverted liberal lexicon!

    What I beware is the “gotcha” shifting sands of filth in public school system that seems to change from year to year among liberal activists!

    Christianity is consistent in absolute truth, unlike man made perversion.

  66. Kevin Scheunemann


    Bring on President Pence! I fully support a morally upright president is what this liberal cesspool of a culture needs. Trump is not going to be impeached or removed. So quit teasing us all with unicorns.

  67. Le Roi du Nord

    “Christianity is consistent in absolute truth”.    Ha, Ha, ha, ha haaaaa…..

  68. Major Booris

    Your 7:04 comment is incoherent word salad even by your standards, Kevin. Have your morning coffee before posting, OK?

  69. Kevin Scheunemann


    What don’t you understand?

    In public school, pointing out gay immorality gets you fired and expelled.

    Pointing out hetrosexual immorality clearly get you an award and a “that-A-boy” from Pat.

    If pointing out sexual immorality in a middle school gets you punished, shouldn’t we punish the students, teachers, and administrators pointing out the sexual immorality in this story?

    Why are the participants literally getting award from the liberal sphere on this one?????


  70. Le Roi du Nord

    “In public school, pointing out gay immorality gets you fired and expelled.”

    Proof??  More pretty big assumptions.

  71. Kevin Scheunemann


    I already liked to it above:  (you ignored it because you want to be blind to liberal acceptance of immorality in schools)

    Page 12 and on under “Pro-homosexual discrimination”.

    I want the same result here.

  72. Le Roi du Nord

    I didn’t ignore the liked(sic) because that organization is just as biased and unbalanced as you.

    “The Family Research Council (FRC) bills itself as “the leading voice for the family in our nation’s halls of power,” but its real specialty is defaming gays and lesbians.”

    Source: Southern Poverty Law Center

  73. Paul

    Oh. The SPLC that had to pay out a couple million for defamation and is facing dozens of similar suits.

    Boffo example, gramps. Log off and go to the early bird special.

  74. Kevin Scheunemann

    SPLC are you kidding me…those guys are so leftist they make Obama look conservative!

    Don’t come at me with “biased source” nonsense and then quote SPLC as an objective source!

    You just want to avoid the obvious….

    Bring up gay immorality in school and criticize that….fired, suspended, expelled, excoriated and dripping, foaming liberals in your face!

    Bring up hetrosexual immorality concerning a President liberals hate….it is award, congratulation, and tripping all ovr themselves how wonderful the project is!

    Admit it…hateful liberal double standard!!!


  75. Le Roi du Nord

    If you guys/gals say so, it must be true.  How dare I contradict k and little p.

  76. Kevin Scheunemann


    I am disappointed at your inability to direct the double standard in public schools:

    Expose homosexual immorality in public school:   punished to full extent by liberals.

    Expose hetrosexual immorality in public school of president:  celebrated and rejoiced by liberals.

    I want equal liberal punishment here!

  77. Le Roi du Nord

    I guess when your idols are George Rekars and Jush Duggar you are really pretty conflicted.  But hypocrisy has never been an obstical for youe, ever.

  78. Kevin Scheunemann

    Oh Nord,

    Don’t even know who George Rekars is.

    Josh Duggar has had his sins in the past, it seems he is repentant, so I take him at his word, unless his actions prove otherwise.

    What does that have to do with the double standard immorality cesspit in Mayville School district you refuse to acknowledge?

  79. Paul


    Idiot fossil. Time to cut off the internet for gramps.

  80. Major Booris

    “Josh Duggar has had his sins in the past, it seems he is repentant, so I take him at his word, unless his actions prove otherwise.”
    – K. Schuenemann, regarding child molester Josh Duggar

    “Castration. And then a pay per view execution benefiting victim, would be my plan for this piece debris.”
    – K. Schuenemann, regarding a child molester who is not Josh Duggar

  81. Kevin Scheunemann


    The latter was a 23 year rapist that trapped a 13 year old off the street at random and brutally raped her!

    Josh Dugger had touched some girls when he was 14 and 15. What he did was reprehensible, but I hardly think, given his minor status at time, that the same punishment is in order.

    In our society, the age of responsibility is 18.

    Are you some kind of monster Nord, wanting to castrate and execute 14 year olds?

  82. dad29

    Are you some kind of monster Nord, wanting to castrate and execute 14 year olds?

    Only SOME 14-year-olds, Kevin.

  83. Kevin Scheunemann

    What does your conflating a brutal rapist on the lam for 18 years for his crime and a young teen who touched some girls (no sexual intercourse or rape) have to do with the immoral double standards of the Mayville public schools????

    Your lack of outrage at the public school double standard on the call out of gay immorality and heterosexual immorality is beyond shocking.

  84. NHolland

    Scheunemann says “just proves public schools are turning into a filthy sewer of immorality and disrespect.”
    Yet the words used are from his champion Donald J Trump.
    The twisted logic of an insane egomaniac… And I’m not talking about Trump, although the show does fit.
    Hypocrisy at its best!… Just look at the statements from the B&S support group. It really is comical!

  85. NHolland


  86. Kevin Scheunemann

    Donald Trump’s personal life is an immoral sewer.

    However, when one comments on immoral sewer of homosexuality in public school, people are punished harshly.

    Why are they not punished here? Why is it appropriate to expose little kids to this and watch liberals celebrate it?

    We should abuse exposing the crime heterosexual immorality the same as the crime exposing homosexual immorality.

    Or are you against fairness, again?

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