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1255, 20 Jun 18

Kelda Roys Support Increases 100% in Latest Marquette Poll!!!

It is interesting how different the results from the party activists at the convention was from a poll of registered Democrats. There appears to be a disconnect.

The last time the Marquette Law School Poll was conducted in early March, former Rep. Kelda Roys received less than 1 percent support from registered Democratic voters.


Since March Roys has garnered national attention with a campaign video in which she was possibly the first candidate for office in American history to breastfeed on camera.

Roys also won a straw poll at the state Democratic Convention earlier this month and on Wednesday announced the endorsement of Emily’s List, a national organization that supports female candidates. The group backed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, who went on to win the state’s Democratic nomination.

But in the Marquette Poll she only received 2 percent support.


1255, 20 June 2018


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